Company Background

J.R. Reed+ Associates, LLC is a marketing & advertising firm in Louisville, Ky. They specialize in online media. Their services include website design, website production, website maintenance, performance analysis, custom reporting, e-mail marketing, hosting, programming, application development, marketing, social media consulting, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).


LouTour is a corporate networking group where a group of friends and business associates come together to play golf once a week. On the 20th anniversary of the golf league, J.R Reed+ Associates wanted to send a professional email to the group. Uplers was hired to create an email template which included creative font treatments, supportive graphics and layout ideas to make it more visually appealing.

The Challenges

Since 19 years primary method for communication was via email newsletter for which they were using plain email with logos in the header. Now they wanted to their email newsletter to look more professional.

As emails were content heavy, so goal here was to design and develop a new email template to make it more compact and spice it up with golf related imagery sprinkled with the text content. Suggestions regarding fonts and color schemes were also to be considered while designing.

The template was to be reused to update information frequently. What the recipients should receive was a professional looking email design with present information, which includes scores and hole prize winners of the golf league.

To increase number of active participants for the upcoming golf league.

The Solution

As per their guidelines, we provided them the email designs for reference and customized the design and coded the template in a way that they can modify the content from the ESP independently to update the information on daily scores, hole prize winners.

We assisted in producing and integrating an advanced responsive email template directly into their MailChimp account. We also created a MailChimp template overview video for their guidance, so they can customize independently as per their needs.

I searched online for vendors who design professional email templates. Uplers was one of the top search results. Within seconds of being on their website, I was sold on their design abilities. Their portfolio, and their site itself, was very impressive

James Reed, CEO.

How monks designed the template

Email template
  • Preheader (in one line showing the context of the mail)
  • Header (editable, generally the placement of the logo followed by background colour)
  • The hero image of the template with title on the image and sub title below it
  • Introductory text and Sub text of the purpose.
  • The body content which is divided into four sections (which includes the information about the event, winners, daily scores)
  • Footer

Design conditions to be taken care of in the overall email template

  • To define the priority of the content
  • Graphic Composition
  • Typography, Spacing, Alignment & Measurement
  • Color theory

Communication with every member of Uplers’ team was professional, courteous, and quick. They were very responsive and attentive to my need,

James Reed, CEO.

Note: This case study was created for our earlier brand EmailMonks.

Uplers have the expertise both in Designing & Development for Email Templates & Landing Pages

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