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Pocket Guide to Salesforce Einstein GPT: Everything You Wanted To Know About The World’s First Generative AI for CRM

Pocket Guide to Salesforce Einstein GPT

Today, all kinds of businesses can leverage generative AI technology to automate many repetitive tasks, thus saving time and allowing human workers to focus on more important, value-generating activities. But what if you could use AI to create personalized content, enhance customer relationship management, improve customer support outcomes, and deliver memorable experiences to every customer during their brand journey?

Now, you can do all this and more with the power of generative AI, which is now available with Salesforce Einstein GPT.

So what is Einstein GPT?

How does it work?

Are there any integrations between Einstein/ChatGPT?

What are the important Salesforce Einstein features that can supercharge many of your business functions?

This article will answer all these questions and more.

Keep reading to learn how Einstein GPT can add immense value to your customer-facing business.

What is Einstein ChatGPT?

Salesforce Einstein GPT is the world’s first-ever generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) tool for CRM. In many ways, it is the next generation of Einstein in Salesforce. Einstein is Salesforce’s AI technology that enables modern email marketers to deliver personalization throughout a customer’s lifecycle, craft compelling subject lines, enhance email copy and calls to action (CTAs), and even predict the best time to send email campaigns.

Now, “Einstein Salesforce 2.0” aka Einstein GPT, takes Einstein many steps further by combining private and public AI models with customer data. With this innovative and cutting-edge tool, your Salesforce Einstein email marketers can easily ingest, harmonize, unify, and connect customer data to advanced AI models. More importantly, they can use natural-language prompts directly within the Salesforce CRM to generate high-quality and personalized content for landing pages, offers, and support conversations. Basically, Einstein GPT can auto-generate content for any kind of customer interaction at a hyper-scale, depending on the prompt you enter.

How Salesforce Einstein GPT Works

The two main elements that give Einstein GPT the power to auto-generate personalized content are AI models and data. The models may be Salesforce’s private and proprietary models or external advanced models from other vendors like OpenAI. Either way, Einstein GPT will connect these models with real-time customer data. It will also “learn” from the provided data to identify language patterns and power its content predictions. Simply put, once the data connections are established, you can generate any kind of personalized content at scale with Einstein GPT by using natural-language prompts directly within your Salesforce CRM platform.

Salesforce Einstein GPT Features You Should Know About

Here are some of the key features of Einstein GPT that will help you connect cross-channel moments and deliver personalized content for each customer:

Embedded analytics

Einstein GPT comes with embedded analytics capabilities so you can access intelligent insights for all your business needs. For example, if you are an email marketer, you can identify the best send times and send frequency for your next campaign. You can also generate personalized content for email campaigns that are most likely to resonate with each audience member or subscriber.

Targeted advertising support

Einstein GPT is trained on trusted, real-time first-party data. Connect this data to any private or public AI model and then activate it to better understand a customer’s purchase intent and to improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

Out-of-the-box generative AI capabilities

If you require out-of-the-box generative AI capabilities, you can easily integrate Einstein GPT with OpenAI. Plus, you can use the ChatGPT app for Slack to deliver instant conversation summaries, access research tools to learn more about any topic, and get writing assistance to quickly draft your next email campaign.

Automated journey flows

It’s easy to automatically create journey flows for any customer and any kind of email message with Einstein GPT. The tool can help you optimize channel selection and design connected journeys for both new and existing customers. You can also view numerous pre-built dashboards and real-time engagement metrics to further tweak journeys and view (and improve) campaign performance.

Sentiment analysis

Einstein GPT includes powerful sentiment analysis capabilities. Leverage these capabilities to analyze feedback from customers, understand their underlying emotional undertones (sentiment), and modify your engagement strategies accordingly. Sentiment analysis is a great way to get deeper insights into what customers are saying – and even what they are not saying – and design (or re-design) your content to make it relevant, personalized, and most likely to appeal to them.

Who Can Benefit from Salesforce Einstein GPT

Salesforce Einstein GPT provides an easy and user-friendly way to create powerful, time-saving automations and generate personalized, AI-generated content for a wide range of industries, including communications and media, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial services, tech, and life sciences.

Regardless of your company type or customer base, you can use Einstein GPT’s generative AI capabilities to power many different business functions. All you need to do is combine Salesforce Einstein AI models with any large language model (for example, ChatGPT) and then use natural-language prompts on CRM data.

Various teams can use the content generated with Einstein GPT to tailor every interaction and deliver personalized experiences that impress customers and keep them coming back for more. Every interaction is built on real-time data, whether it happens via email, support conversations, or advertising offers. Moreover, the content generated by the tool continuously adapts – again, in real-time – to changing customer information and needs, allowing every team to deliver hyper-tailored interactions to every customer at any instance.

Here are some examples:

Einstein GPT is also a useful tool for marketing teams. Let’s see how.

Einstein GPT for Marketing and Email Marketing

Einstein GPT delivers an unbeatable combination of automation and intelligence that enables marketers to generate and deliver personalized content across every customer interaction and channel. Email marketers can use Einstein GPT to auto-generate targeted content at scale and create “connected” moments across email, mobile, web, and advertising.

Your marketing team can leverage Salesforce Einstein GPT’s data-driven personalization engine to design personalized email campaigns and get them out faster. Every interaction is based on real-time customer data, allowing the team to:

Einstein GPT can also automatically create lead-generation pages for marketing and/or sales teams. All they have to do is type a simple prompt like this:

In just a few seconds, Einstein GPT will generate the page:

They can then add the required elements to the page with just a few clicks. For instance, to add a sign-up form, a simple prompt to Einstein GPT like the one below will generate the required form in response:

Einstein GPT can also help teams to modify text, add titles, and find images that are most likely to fit the landing page and make a tangible impact on the target audience.


Salesforce Einstein GPT is built on several Trusted AI principles to ensure that businesses can implement it in a trusted manner and use its generative AI capabilities responsibly. Your marketing team can use SFMC and Einstein GPT to inform the content, timing, and personalization of various marketing activities. They can also access valuable insights to understand customers better, orchestrate intelligent journeys, modify engagement strategies, and personalize interactions across every channel. The tool can also help your business to improve team productivity, reduce advertising costs, and increase marketing ROI. So, if you are not yet using Einstein GPT in your marketing stack, we highly recommend that you start exploring its possibilities without delay.

Not sure where to get started? Contact Email Uplers, and we will show you exactly how you can make the most of this cutting-edge generative AI tool from Salesforce.

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