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Seasonal Email Templates: Add Hues To Your Email Campaign

Seasonal Email Templates_Inspiring Emails

A study conducted by Lauren Welbourne, a Ph.D. student in psychology at the University of York, stated that human color perception is influenced by the changing seasons. Scientifically also, seasons affect the moods and perceptions of people.

With the constant changing seasons throughout the year, marketers have started to keep themselves in tune with the trending and most relevant ‘hues of the season’.

Uplers have collected some inspiring emails for the 5 most enchanting seasons of the year starting from summer, monsoon, fall, winter and spring. They make up for interesting business email template as well.


It’s time for the sun to shine it’s brightest. Summers are one of the most awaited seasons for many marketers. With bright sunny colors like yellow, orange, green and blues up for display, marketers bag on targeting beachwear, holiday packages, summer attires and more. The emails have a bright tone to them along with summery and cool pictures.

Brand: Lovers + Friends

A simple yet attractive email. The picture clearly shows the arrival of summer with the bright yellow. A simple CTA directing to the summer love.

Brand: Next

The CTA at the beginning of the email is a clear invitation for conversions. The pictures depict floral, breezy and perfect summery outfits along with a well written concise text. The email has bright colors with most pictures ‘in the sun’.

Brand: Warby Parker

A peppy and eye-catching email. With attractive and colorful pictures depicting the different shades of summer it is a great way to #seesummerbetter. The email has a very inviting and simple CTA.


The perfect time for a hot cup of coffee and colorful rain boots. This is the season that sparks the love for a good shower. With solid colors like blue, brown, grey and whites dominating the emails it’s also a great time for bright colors that STAND OUT.

Brand: Everlane

A simple modular layout pattern that displays the products along with an appealing CTA. The header of the email has an extremely driven CTA button that is fascinating. The email is majorly dominated by the greys of monsoons.

Brand: V&A

A simple yet enchantingly visual email. The ‘monsoon’ bridal collection email by V&A is clearly showcasing the product. The products have multiple CTA buttons that are compelling since the visuals are so captivating.


The beginning of winters, yet the colors of summers dominate this season. With the leaves turning into beautiful colors, an array of browns, reds, mustard, greens and yellow dominate the season.

Brand: HerRoom

A simple CTA email with the image of fall trees in the background makes the text stand out. The email contains two major CTA’s one for new arrivals and one for a clearance sale.

Brand: Nordstrom

A minimalistic email that clearly implies a fall clearance sale. Its CTA is direct and informative with the discounts available. The theme of the email is in sync with the season.

Brand: Starbucks

A creatively awesome email by Starbucks that’s targeting summer lovers and fall enthusiasts. The designing of the email colorful with the blend of the gorgeous fall colors. With a not so formal CTA they invite you to join in the fall fun.


The festive season combined with interesting sales. Winters are the time for snowfalls and warm gloves and a view of all things white. It’s also dominated by dark colors like black and grey. See some interesting winter email template examples below.

Brand: Accent Clothing

An interesting email showcasing their ‘shades of grey’ collection. With a modular layout and multiple CTA’s the email is dominated by the grey palette.

Brand: James Perse

A minimalistic yet awe-inspiring email by James Perse. In the classic Black and white theme, the picture says it all. With a simple CTA at the bottom the email clearly depicts the arrival of winters.


The most colorful and happening season. It’s the time when marketers can play around with different colors and themes in their emails. Here are a few examples of spring email template.

Band: J Crew

The email has an interesting start to it with the backdrop of fresh flowers and a cool theme. The colors used are bright and pleasing to the eyes. Its CTA is simple yet implying to view their spring collection.

Brand: Nordstrom

A pleasant and colorful email with a balanced text-picture ratio. The colors used in the email are bright and catchy. The use of floral images instantly makes the customer connect with the season. The email has multiple CTA’s.

Brand: Union Made Goods

An ombré style email template showcasing the different colors of spring along with their range of products in a very witty way. The email copy is minimal with a simple CTA button at the bottom.


Just like colors inspire and affect humans in many ways, seasonal colors keep changing with each season. Using these seasonal colors in the most optimal way is what email marketers should focus on, while keeping the brand identity in place. Colors can change the perception of your brand. Yet, staying in tune and in sync with the seasons can be a great way to attract new subscribers and keep your customers engaged and awestruck.

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