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Enhancing Team Workflow With Marketo Automation Tool

Are you dealing with chaotic processes and workflows within your organization? If yes, you are not alone. So many business owners are struggling to track the productivity of their employees and investing their time in managing work that does not matter for business growth. 

According to Humberto Farias, co-founder of Concepta, automation can help data-driven teams, including marketers, to increase the data they have and focus on marketing strategies. Verizon B2B Analyst RaShea Drake has revealed that an employee can figure out the impact of the data rather than spending countless hours in compiling a spreadsheet, with the help of automation.  

It is a common observation that despite the myriad of advantages it brings to the table, your internal team has a tough time understanding marketing automation. They are not excited to use it in their daily activities. Therefore, the first step is that you must let them know that using automation will bring better results to all the hard work they are putting into the marketing campaigns. Just show the team how powerful automation can be. 

Several automation tools like Marketo can help you improve the performance of your creative and marketing teams.  

Let’s understand how …

1. It helps to draft clearer creative briefs.

A detailed brief is key to getting better results. To do so, you must have the right thought process throughout the conceptualization. Starting from the brainstorming meeting to the discussion of the creative brief, you must have a vivid picture of the kind of target audience you want to engage with as well as their interests and challenges. This is possible with the help of a marketing automation tool that provides a wireframe to work upon. It will help you in taking a data-driven approach rather than a trial-and-error method. As your teams are well-aligned with the purpose of the campaign as well as the people they are catering to, it will turn out to be much better than any other campaigns that do not follow this process.  

2. Using a tool like Marketo enables faster and more effective communication. 

Being able to convey the right brief is an art. You can excel at this art by using an automation tool. It will have all the relevant briefs required for the copywriters, content creators, as well as graphic designers in one place. This will, in turn, reduce the time taken for communication. Therefore, the team will be able to channelize that time in a faster turnaround with fewer revisions. Also, the tool comes with inbuilt Marketo templates so that it becomes easier for the marketing professional as well as the email developer

3. Marketing automation increases transparency.

Often, it so happens that an important task gets delayed and the stakeholders are not able to figure out the reason for that. There’s no concept of ownership and accountability. To avoid such instances, you must have a marketing automation tool for your organization. It will automate the reporting and give real-time status updates about every project. You will be able to determine whether the project is on track or if there are any hiccups in the process.  

4. The team will have more time to think outside the box.

The combination of a clear thought process and a detailed brief (not to forget, more effective communication) gives the team more time to think of creative ideas. Furthermore, by introducing a new automation tool to them, you bring a wave of curiosity among the employees. They are quite likely to take it as an opportunity to make an impact and set an example. You can share case studies of companies that have scaled new heights by employing automation tools within the team workflow. 

5. You can deliver better projects with quality assurance and testing.

Marketo enables you to automate the quality assurance and testing, and as a result, you can improve the quality of your marketing as well as customer services. Ultimately, it will drive faster growth and open new business opportunities. 

6. The company can give time to hire better resources.

With a marketing automation tool in place, the HR department will have enough time to look for potential employees and hire more talented resources for the company. It will increase the hiring standard that will instil a positive company culture that every business owner strives for. 

Moreover, it will also make things easier for you if you are working with remote employees or freelancers. 


Some people are misinterpreting automation as the loss of jobs and reason for inadequate work opportunities. This is a myth. Automation just eliminates the manual, mechanical, and boring activities from an employee’s work life and gives him space to give the best shot to that task. Eventually, it will contribute to better satisfaction and productivity by making the work more interesting for them. 

Wrapping Up

Technological Advancements like Robotics and Artificial Intelligence work as an icing on the cake of automation. If you are a business owner looking forward to reducing human errors and at the same time improving the quality and speed of your tasks, employ the Marketo automation workflow for your internal teams. 

Before you close this window, here’s a visual that would reinforce your trust in automation.   

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