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Embedding Videos In Outlook- The Whys, The Hows, And Everything In Between

Embedding Videos In Outlook

Imagine you have two emails in your inbox. Let’s assume that both of them have the same content, and that this content is extremely original and insightful. However, while in the first email, the information has been presented solely in neat textual blocks, in the second, the text has been complemented with different kinds of static visual elements such as illustrations, geometric shapes, icons, and the like. Which email has a better shot at securing your attention? The second one, right? Obviously. 

Now, suppose, a third email arrives in your inbox. It holds the same content as the two emails preceding it. But, that’s where the similarity ends. For here, the information is conveyed using moving visual images. All of a sudden, the other two emails seem dull in comparison, don’t they? It’s not your fault; that’s simply the power that video as a medium exercises over each of us. It’s no wonder thus that email marketers love using them in their campaigns at every chance they get. 

But, it’s not so simple. A lot of email clients throw up stiff challenges when it comes to embedding videos in emails. Especially if you are dealing with Outlook, these problems seem to manifest themselves tenfold. That said, there are multiple ways of overcoming these roadblocks, and that’s precisely what we cover in this blog. Read on to find out!

Why Should You Embed Videos In Your Emails?

Despite having full-knowledge about the complications involved, many, many brands are rather resolute about including a video within their emails. This is because of the following reasons:

How To Embed A Video In Outlook Email?

In the current scheme of things, Microsoft no longer supports embedding videos in emails in a bid to keep perilous malware and viruses at bay. As a result, you can not add videos in the Microsoft Outlook application. This is true for versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and above. However, that’s not the end of the road. Thanks to Outlook live and the email client’s desktop app, you can still embed videos in Outlook email.

There are broadly four ways you can go about that.

1. Embedding A Video In Outlook live

The online version of Outlook is referred to as Outlook live. Given below are the steps you need to follow to embed Youtube video in Outlook email. Or from any other platform, for that matter. 

2. Embedding A Video By Linking It To A Thumbnail Or Picture

The technique that we discussed above will not work if you attempt it in the Outlook desktop application. To successfully embed a video there, you need to carry out these steps:

3. Embedding A Video By Adding It As An Attachment

Another way in which you can embed videos in Outlook emails is by inserting them as attachments. In this scenario, however, you will have to contend with Outlook’s attachment size file limit which maxes out at 20 MB. 

4. Embedding Videos With The Help Of HTML5

If you are handy with HTML5, you can add additional code to your email’s script to embed video in your Outlook email. 

You can use the <video> tag to go about this. Inside this tag, you need to define the physical dimensions (height and width) of your video. If you want to include a preview image (or thumbnail), add the image link in the code using the “poster=” attribute. Also, add the file link of the saved video with the “src=” tag. 

The code you write will vary based on the email server and device you are using. Additionally, you will also have to navigate your way around fallback codes employed by Outlook to make certain your subscriber’s user experience is nothing short of sublime. Agreed, this is arguably the most complex technique of the lot, but it is always better to have as many tricks as possible up your sleeve, right? 

Wrapping It Up

While figuring out how to embed a video in Outlook email is not really a walk in the park, you must not let the challenges deter you from taking the route altogether. Remember, once executed successfully, your email campaigns will be well on their way to becoming the cynosure of all eyes. We hope the techniques shared above are able to fruitfully guide you in your endeavor. 

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