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6 Factors to Consider While Hiring Dedicated Email Resources

Dedicated resources

More and more businesses are embracing the trend of hiring dedicated professionals for niche skills. Irrespective of the role, an offshore dedicated team helps streamline the processes and manage work better. If we talk about email marketing execution, it entails a number of technique-sensitive processes like designing emails, coding them, testing for rendering and responsiveness, and automating or scheduling them at the right time. 

Now, assume that you have to hire skilled professionals for all these roles. Wouldn’t it be a painstaking task? Going through the resumes, shortlisting the right candidates for your specific requirements, all those salary negotiations, and the onboarding process — Phew! That’s so much work. 

But you know the good news? There’s an easy workaround for this. You can go for hiring remote email resources. 

You can hire different experts according to your requirements, namely:

1. Email Developer

A dedicated email developer helps in creating flawlessly rendering email templates for your brand or clients. If you are an agency with a high volume of emails to churn, hire a dedicated developer team for all your email coding requirements. 

You can select from 3 levels of expertise according to the kind of emails you are looking for:

1. Junior level (1-3 years experience)

 With a basic understanding of email marketing practices, a junior level email developer can build editable email templates in DIY ESPs. They are well versed with Adobe Creative Suite and all the popular ESPs.

Pricing: USD 1750 per resource/month

2. Middle level (3-5 years experience)

A middle level dedicated developer has an intermediate understanding of email marketing practices. They can build editable email templates in all DIY and Enterprise ESPs like Salesforce and Marketo. Besides Adobe Creative Suite, they are proficient in Sketch, Invision, Figma, and Zaplin. They can build dynamic email templates and resolve complex rendering issues in email clients. Mid-level remote dedicated developers have a basic experience of AMPScripts and Velocity scripting. 

Pricing: USD 2500/resource

3. Senior level (5+ years experience)

Senior level dedicated offshore developers have an advanced understanding of email marketing practices. They can build reusable modules for modular email templates. Apart from the skills possessed by the mid-level dedicated programmers, senior level professionals can even lead a team and train developers. Also, they can set up marketing automation and journeys. 

Pricing: USD 3500/resource

2. Email Campaign Manager

Dedicated email campaign managers can efficiently manage your email marketing campaigns. They are skilled in popular ESPs and CRMs like SFMC and marketing automation platforms like Marketo. They work as an extended team and deliver end-to-end campaign operations like handling campaign assets, validation & scheduling, campaign setup, reporting, and analysis. If you hire a dedicated team from Email Uplers, you get it all done at a 99.98% error-free rate. 

Just like email developers, you can choose email campaign managers according to the level of expertise you are looking for. 

3. Email Automation Expert

Email automation specialists help you in setting up customized email automation workflows aligned with each stage of your customer’s journey. As there are no long-term contracts, you can hire dedicated team on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. 

There are 3 levels of expertise to choose from.

1. Junior level (1-3 years experience)

A junior level email automation expert has basic expertise in setting up and managing email scheduling, deployment of email campaigns, and QA process. They can segment the subscriber lists and work on data hygiene and validation. 

Pricing: USD 1750/resource

2. Middle level (3-5 years experience)

Besides all the skills stated above, a mid-level automation expert can drive results for every campaign. They can set up, execute, and manage multi-channel automation programs. These professionals are also able to manage production of emails, dynamic emails, landing pages, pop-ups, and banners in DIY ESP. 

Pricing: USD 2500/resource

3. Senior level (5+ years experience)

A senior level automation expert can strategize IP warming and help you set up a new account. They can also troubleshoot technical issues in HTML templates, list segmentation, and other email execution tasks. They can build custom digital solutions and are also familiar with different CRMs. 

Pricing: USD 3500/resource

4. Data Integration & Migration Manager

It is crucial to maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and availability across different channels and stakeholders. The same holds for ESP migration. Data integration and ESP migration is an exhausting job. Real-time data migration from legacy systems to more powerful marketing platforms takes technical expertise. It involves migration of email lists, content and templates, reports, automation workflows, unsubscribes, and several other assets. A dedicated team will help ensure seamless data integration and migration while providing the necessary documentation and training. 

So, which factors will you consider while hiring these dedicated resources? Let’s get started.

Things to Consider While Hiring an Offshore Dedicated Team

Based on the business type and skills you are looking for, you must consider several factors while hiring a dedicated email marketing expert.

1. Experience and expertise

Experience is the first thing to be considered while hiring dedicated resources. You must determine whether you are looking for an entry-level resource or an expert. Also, match the experience in terms of years with the skills and knowledge about the technological advancements. It is not necessary that an experienced resource will have more skills. So, look for more expertise in terms of training and skills. 

Depending on the profile you are looking for, ask the following questions:

Email Developer:

Email Campaign Manager: 

Email Automation Expert:

Data Integration and Migration Expert

2. Past Clientele and Portfolio

If you want to hire dedicated developers or any other resources, go through their past clientele and portfolio. See if they have executed a similar project in the past. Check the case studies, testimonials, and customer reviews to decide whether the dedicated team is a good fit for your business. After you are sure about the expertise and past projects of the dedicated resources, next comes the payment options. 

3. Payment Options

Clarify the billing method at the outset itself. How should you complete the payment? Do they charge in advance or at the end of the month? Inquire about any taxes or hidden charges that need to be paid. Some agencies like Email Uplers also allow you to opt for the wallet model. It is a good deal as you get some discount too based on the order value. For example: If you add USD 2500 to your wallet, you get services worth USD 2700. Now, isn’t that a great bargain?

4. Communication

When you are hiring an offshore dedicated team, communication is one of the most important aspects. Ask the dedicated team about the language and medium of communication. Also, confirm whether the resources will communicate in your time zone and how the tasks will be allotted. Ask them how they will send you the project updates — will they send the updates daily or weekly? Discuss all these points before you make the decision. 

5. Access to Account Manager

An account manager works as a single point of contact and makes communication easier in a remote working setup. If you have too many people working on your project without an account manager, it will cause a hell lot of confusion. Too many cooks spoil the broth, remember?

Hiring a dedicated team should make things simpler for you and allow you to focus on the bigger picture of business growth. So, make sure you get an account manager who is great at communicating and proactive enough to keep you updated. 

6. Security

When you decide to hire a dedicated team, it is obvious that you will be apprehensive about the security. The dedicated team will have access to all your critical data and intellectual property. So, it is prudent to get an NDA signed. You must also mention it upfront if you are looking for white label services. You can define different roles for the dedicated resources according to the information they have access to. 

Wrapping Up

A dedicated email team worth its salt can boast of impeccable campaign management, coding, automation, and data integration services. They include pre-vetted resources who come with the benefits of affordability, flexibility, and exceptional skills. Irrespective of the duration of your project, this model can work wonders if you make the right choice. 

If you are convinced to try out a dedicated team model for your business, we would love to hear from you.

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