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Email Design Trends

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Redefining Elegance With
Monochromatic and Duotone Color Schemes

Why we think it will make the cut

Monochromatic and duotone emails are so in vogue (and will continue to be). Why? Well, with the usage of these color schemes, it becomes easy for brands to:

  • Simplify complex designs, allowing for important elements to pop out with ease.
  • Facilitate the establishment of a logical progression in your templates, making way for improved navigation and readability.

With an extremely limited palette, if you are not thoughtful about your curation, the output can be quite bland.

Always strive to create high contrast. Use multiple tones (for monochromatic schemes) or a complementary color scheme (for duotone schemes) to grab eyeballs efficiently and drive the results you desire.

Cinemagraphs - the Subtle Art of
Packing an Aesthetic Punch

Why we think it will make the cut

If, in 2024, you wish for your visual storytelling to ascend to new heights, cinemagraphs are the way forward! Combining static and dynamic elements, cinemagraphs strengthen your brand personality, help drive more CTRs, and make the purpose of your communication highly visible. However, you must assess their compatibility with email clients before locking them as your design vehicle of choice.

The hallmark of an effective cinemagraph is simplicity. The medium itself is powerful, so you don’t necessarily have to whip up a complex cinemagraph to create an impact. Formulate a simple, unfussy scene, and watch your subscribers be mesmerized!

Throwing It Back With Nostalgic
Design Elements

Why we think it will make the cut

Everything that WAS, again, IS now! The future of the email design realm is very well going to be defined by elements that used to be an absolute riot in the past. Nostalgic design elements work because:

  • They bring back a sense of familiarity to people
  • They allow them to break free from the uncertainties and anxieties of a postmodernist and post-truth present
  • They work particularly well for brands that already have a rich history to boot.

As we prioritize the formation of an inclusive world order, your brand’s usage of a certain retro design element having a problematic social context can lead you to offend/disrespect certain segments of your audience; be very mindful on that front.

One-UP Your Game With Gamification

Why we think it will make the cut

As email fatigue continues to become a more and more pressing issue, brands are perpetually looking to embrace design trends that will enable them to steer clear of monotony. And for that reason, we see gamification as a dominating email design trend in the coming year.

  • Amplifying brand awareness
  • Drawing in increased traffic
  • Providing a sense of fulfillment (because most games offer rewards)

Gamification ticks all these boxes and more for email marketers.

Always keep yourself in your subscriber’s shoes while designing a game. No matter how fun it appears to you, if the instructions are unclear and the gameplay too complex, it will instantly put off your audience.

Dynamic Content- A Bonafide

Why we think it will make the cut

In this day and age of flooded inboxes, personalization is the only tool that can fetch you surefire engagement. Brands very well understand this, and hence, implementing dynamic content is a route most of them will be frequenting in 2024. Empowering brands to customize emails as per the highly specific interests and needs of their subscribers, dynamic content holds the key to forging deeper relationships with the audience.

In order to execute dynamic content successfully, you first need to focus on mindfully collecting your subscribers’ data. If you don’t have a comprehensive idea regarding their buyer personas to begin with, crafting tailored emails will be a tall order, won’t it?

Seeking out Light with Dark Mode

Why we think it will make the cut

The rise of dark mode over the last few years has been immense. Why? Two primary reasons:

  • It offers excellent readability.
  • It has an inimitable aesthetic appeal.

With more and more users setting dark mode as the default setting on their laptops and smartphones, ensuring their email templates are dark mode friendly will top brands’ priorities in the year to come.

One practice that you’d do well to abide by while designing emails in dark mode is to first define base styles for dark mode and then update colors depending on the design.

Minimalist Design, Maximum Impact

Why we think it will make the cut

“Less is more” has been the mantra of email designers for a while now, and the philosophy is all set to crown itself in 2024, too. With minimalism, driving focus to the most critical portions of the email becomes an absolute breeze. Not to mention, they allow for the realization of some impeccable aesthetics!

While implementing minimalism, strive to give direction to the viewer’s eye by establishing a visual hierarchy. This way, their engagement with your email will be incredibly fulfilling.

Don Shades of Sophistication With
Subtle Color Palettes

Why we think it will make the cut

Subtle and muted color palettes are going to build further on their existing popularity and create a lot of noise in email design circles in 2024 as well. Possessing life-affirming and soothing tendencies, subtle color palettes radiate positivity and can help you cast lasting impressions on your customers.

Amp up your knowledge of color psychology and let that inform the curation of your subtle color palette. Doing so will strengthen your subliminal communication significantly, which in turn will help you effectively influence your buyer’s decisions.

Interactivity and the Key to Active Listening

Why we think it will make the cut

While the role of data in driving email campaigns has become more pivotal than ever, collecting said data remains a challenge. To iron out the kinks in this regard, brands are expected to embrace interactivity in their email templates.

How, you ask?

Multi-step forms

These means serve as excellent devices through which to collect important first-party data, all while keeping the subscribers engaged!

While for forms, the wise way forward is to keep as few data fields as possible, with polls, it is best to stick to close-ended questions to solicit meaningful responses. And to make your surveys inviting, you can consider offering an incentive to those who are participating in it.

Customized Designs Using AI - The
Future is Here

Why we think it will make the cut

If 2023 saw AI making inroads into the field of email copywriting, 2024 is all set to bear witness to AI altering the landscape of email design. Particularly in the field of data visualization, they can prove to be invaluable, helping brands engender innovative and personalized designs relating to subscriber interactivity.

The thumb rule while working with AI tools is to feed laser-focused briefs so that you get an output that aligns with your expectations. Additionally, AI-generated visuals need to be vetted thoroughly to weed out the presence of stereotypes and biases.

Making a Style Statement with Bold Typography

Why we think it will make the cut

Generating visual interest in an email template comprising just text can appear impossible unless, of course, you have bold typography at your service. While enabling brands to minimize their dependency on images, bold typography is also empowering their content to grab the limelight effortlessly; expect this design trend, thus, to be a rage in 2024.

While using bold typography, pay attention to the content volume. Bold typography works best in cases where the copy is succinct. If that’s not taken care of, you’ll end up inadvertently cluttering your email template.

As inboxes conspire to get more and more crowded with every passing day, it is the design of your email campaigns that will help them rise above the crowd and captivate the imagination of one and all. What do you make of the design trends our experts predict to rule the roost in 2024? We’re eager to hear from you!

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