Design HubSpot Email Templates

We code visually appealing HubSpot emails in complete sync with your brand guidelines and templates that render well across 40+ email clients and 15+ devices. Based on the client’s design file, we craft hand-coded pixel-perfect HubSpot templates that would surely appeal to your subscribers.

HubSpot Templates
HubSpot Automation Set Up

HubSpot Automation Set up

Our HubSpot experts are well versed with the creation of automation workflows and integrations. Our constant endeavor is to impart a pleasant and delightful experience to the subscribers.

Manage your Email Campaigns

We can carry out the complete email marketing strategy for you in addition to building engaging HubSpot email templates. We offer services related to design, deployment, automation, ESP integration, and optimizing it as per the performance reports.

HubSpot Marketing Email Templates
HubSpot Custom Email Template

Migrate to HubSpot from any ESP

Our proficient developers can migrate to HubSpot from any ESP without any difficulty and ensure a smooth sailing experience for you. Not only that, we also integrate the ESP with latest third-party tools or legacy systems.

Avail professional services for your HubSpot email marketing

HubSpot EMAIL Consulting

Our experts understand the operation of HubSpot inside out. In addition to building your campaign strategy, we can take care of email design, deployment, automation workflows, integration and all your email marketing requirements.

We stay in the know and use the latest email marketing tricks to help you drive maximum sales.



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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About HubSpot Email Templates:The Ultimate Guide For Email Marketers!

In a crowded (and noisy!) online landscape, almost every organization looking for a vibrant, powerful, proven way to

  • acquire new customers
  • design personalized customer journeys
  • build meaningful relationships with their audience and ultimately
  • build their brand equity

relies on Email Marketing.

From humble Mom-and-Pop stores to medium-sized businesses, well-known brands to large enterprises – everyone uses Email Marketing to stay in touch with their audience. And why not? Email Marketing works – period! But to ensure that Email Marketing yields high RoI for your brand, it’s critical that you choose the right Email Service Provider (ESP). A number of organizations all over the world choose HubSpot Email templates and software, HubSpot landing page templates and HubSpot newsletter templates to meet many of their brand Sales and Marketing goals.

Many businesses are discovering that HubSpot is a great platform to plan, create and execute robust Email Marketing campaigns for their brands. And why not?! With this feature-packed Email Marketing platform, you can quickly and easily create branded emails by choosing from dozens of HubSpot templates. You can also create your own HubSpot custom email template with its easy drag-and-drop interface. Plus you can do all of the below with HubSpot:

  • Navigate through and easily find all sent, scheduled, drafted and even archived messages
  • Filter by email type or campaign
  • Export your email information and share it with your team or management
  • View a performance summary of most recently edited, created and sent emails
  • Access metrics like bounce rate, delivery rate, etc. to assess each campaign’s performance
Need help with creating awesome HubSpot templates?


Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, with HubSpot Email Marketing and HubSpot templates, you can quickly create branded emails to engage with your audience and stay relevant even in a competitive marketplace.

This comprehensive yet easy to use Email Marketing platform offers both free and premium (i.e. paid) plans with a wide range of features that scale with higher-tier plans. Some of the most popular (and widely-used) features of the HubSpot ESP include:

  • CRM platform integration with advanced segmentation capabilities
  • Easy-to-build forms, landing pages (look for HubSpot landing page templates) and CTAs
  • In-built HubSpot email automation
  • Simple ways to comply with email regulations such as CAN-SPAM (U.S.) and GDPR (EU)
  • Built-in analytics and dashboards
  • Downloadable reports for post-campaign assessment
  • HubSpot email integration with Gmail, Outlook and many other email clients

A number of HubSpot email templates and themes enable marketers to create unique, personalized emails, no matter their business type or audience profile. These HubSpot templates are built by arranging a variety of content modules in an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. And with the Layout Editor, you can convert an idea or prototype into a HubSpot responsive email template for creating content. You can even customize your template as per your brand’s unique Email Marketing needs.


Yet another unbeatable feature is it’s drag-and-drop email builder which enables email marketers to create HubSpot custom email templates to customize layouts, to add CTAs and images, to modify colors, and to create and add tailored content to impress their audiences. Other advanced features and capabilities that you can harness for your brand’s HubSpot email campaign include email automation tools, list segmentation, email tracking and extensive analytics.


HubSpot is a very strong platform for Email Marketing automation and analytics. But more than that, it is a great choice for creating campaigns that appeal to real human beings – people with dreams, aspirations, challenges and frustrations. So when each subscriber is a real person, not a bot, isn’t it time we treat him (or her) like one?

Enter – HubSpot!

What can you do with HubSpot Email Marketing and HubSpot email templates?

Create beautiful email campaigns tailored to your target audience

With HubSpot, creating professionally-designed email campaigns is both easy and quick. Get started with one of its built-in ‘goal-based’ email templates or choose from dozens of paid templates. Either way, you will have access to dozens of HubSpot email templates that are proven to convert. You can then modify or adapt each template or create HubSpot custom email templates that suit your unique brand’s unique requirements with the easy-to-use drag and drop editor.


More about customization: you can customize the layout/look-and-feel of your HubSpot HTML email, add CTA text, images or video, and modify your content and/or colors to match your brand. With HubSpot email templates, the sky’s the limit!

And if that’s not enough, you don’t have to worry about whether your HubSpot email campaign is mobile-ready. Will it display correctly? Will a mobile user miss out on any content or elements? Yes and No! Every HubSpot email template displays perfectly across any device – guaranteed!

Having trouble creating responsive email templates in HubSpot?

Get more ‘opens’ and ‘clickthroughs’ with content personalization

Planning, designing and executing a campaign is just part of the endeavor. You also need them to open your email and click on the elements within it (e.g. CTA button or link). In other words, an email campaign is ineffective if your subscribers do not engage with it. A proven way to boost email engagement is to provide content that subscribers just can’t ignore. This means personalization, personalization and more personalization!

With HubSpot, you can tailor each email to each subscriber and thus get more of your emails opened and more links within them clicked on!

Optimize your email campaigns for success by A/B testing your HubSpot Templates

By setting up different versions of a campaign (A and B) and sending each to a different group of recipients, you can determine the ‘winning’ version of the HubSpot email template that is more likely to connect with new customers and engage better with existing customers.

In your HubSpot email campaign, you can use A/B tests to optimize your email templates by:

  • Discovering the subject lines that can get the most opens
  • Understanding what type of content and images your subscribers are more likely to engage with
  • Determining how much personalization to include in your emails and where
  • Creating calls-to-action text and links that encourage more conversions

Analyze your campaign performance with data, not guesswork

HubSpot comes with powerful analytics functionality so you can see details of how and when your subscribers are interacting with your email sends. Review trends of your emails from the dashboard and dive deep into your campaign data to see who’s engaging with your emails, when and on what device. You can also unpack information about the most (and least) popular links and images in your emails.


At the end of the day, every Email Marketing campaign is not about the organization or its brand(s). It is about the customer. Email marketers who understand the importance of building customer relationships and nurture these relationships over time are able to capture their minds, hearts and loyalty.

BUT it’s almost impossible to individually build personal relationships with each lead, prospect or customer – unless you have an unlimited pool of resources, e.g. manpower, time or capital. And that’s why it’s advisable to make HubSpot templates your best marketing friends!

What you can do with HubSpot email templates

HubSpot email templates will save you a ton of time and effort by removing most of the design, coding and UX-definition work out of crafting your emails. Access HubSpot’s library of built-in templates designed to suit every step of your customer’s journey. Or create your own HubSpot custom email template from scratch. The choice is yours! Either way, templates are useful if you plan to use repetitive content in many different emails.

  1. Send ‘templatized’ emails from your email inbox

    Whether you use Outlook, Office 365 for Windows or Gmail, HubSpot email integration ensures that you can easily access all your HubSpot email templates from the CRM or when sending an email from your inbox – with just one click! No more wasting time drafting repetitive emails. When you can send your email templates in seconds, you can focus on what really matters – serving your customers!

  2. Personalize your templates the way you want to

    Once your templates are ready, you can easily personalize them with tailored content for your recipients. One way to do this is to include personalization tokens. To create impressive email marketing campaigns every time, personalization is absolutely critical, and HubSpot’s advanced support for template creation makes this possible!

  3. Optimize templates with real-time metrics and data

    You can easily check which of your templates are doing well, and which ones are not. In your dashboard, ‘Template Reports’ will show you all the metrics for all your templates and over any time period.

  4. Share templates with your team

    If a particular HubSpot email template is doing well, you can share it with your team so they can use it as well. All you have to do is give them access to inside their inboxes. With these time-saving and high-performing templates at their fingertips, the team can close more deals – win-win for everybody!

    Step-by-step guide to create HubSpot email templates

    1. Navigate to Conversations > Templates

    2. Click New template

    3. Select From scratch

    4. Enter a name and subject for your template

    5. Enter content in the body of your template

      1. Modify the text with the formatting options at the bottom of the editing window
      2. Click the More dropdown menu to edit the font style and size, or text alignment
      3. Click the link icon to add hyperlinked text
      4. Click the image icon to add an image
      5. To tailor the content in your template, based on recipient, include

        personalization tokens by clicking the Personalization dropdown menu

        • Click the Type dropdown menu and select a property type
        • If you select a property token, use the search bar to locate and select a specific property. When you send the template to a contact, the property type tokens will populate with the corresponding property value
        • If you use a placeholder token, enter a name for the placeholder token in the Custom token field and enter a value for the token before sending the email to the contact
      6. Click the Insert dropdown menu to insert a snippet, sales document, meeting link or video to your template
    6. Click Save template
    Click Save template

    What else can you do with your HubSpot email template?

    • Make it private so only you can view and use it
    • Control who the template is shared with on the templates dashboard
    • Share it with everyone for viewing and using
    Click Save template
    • Add the template to a folder so you can access it anytime you want. Click the Select a folder dropdown menu
    • Add template emails to your sequences • Delete templates – individually or in bulk
    • Individually: Hover over the template and click Delete
    • Bulk: Select the checkboxes next to the templates, click Delete at the top of the table; in the dialog box, click Yes, delete

    Now that you’ve created your HubSpot email template(s), you can send it from the CRM and your email inbox using the sales extension.

    Step-by-step guide to send HubSpot email templates

    1. Navigate to contacts, companies, deals or tickets

    2. Click the name of a record

    3. Click the Email icon

    4. In the pop-up box, click Templates

    5. Hover over the template you want to send and click Select

    6. Customize the content and click Send

We can manage your email campaigns in HubSpot.


HubSpot offers a number of ways to create re-usable email templates for your brand’s email marketing campaigns:

  • Use the built-in drag-and-drop visual designer tool
  • Code a basic template using HTML markup and HubL, and then upload the file to the platform
  • Clone a drag-and-drop template into HTML code and edit it inside the HubSpot editor
  • Code a template by first creating modules and uploading the file to the platform

Now, the drag-and-drop method for building HubSpot email templates may seem simpler (and therefore quicker), but compared to modular, custom-coded templates, they don’t provide your email marketing campaign the most value.

Let’s go over the types of templates that can be created with the above methods in HubSpot. But first, we need to know about:

  1. Pre-built email templates

    Sometimes, designing and building an email template from scratch (using any of the methods mentioned above) can be painful and time-consuming. HubSpot provides the solution to email marketing managers who are pressed for time and need to get a campaign out quickly – the HubSpot Marketplace!

    HubSpot Marketplace is full of beautifully-designed pre-built email templates – both free and premium – that you can download directly to your HubSpot portal and use for your email marketing campaigns. These templates are all rigorously tested to ensure that they’re responsive on all type of devices: mobile, desktops and tablets. They work on all email platforms and can be easily edited and
    modified – say with the brand’s logo, colors, fonts, etc. – as per the campaign’s requirement.

    Now, if you create your own templates using any of the above 4 methods, here are some of the template types you can expect to see:

  2. Drag and drop no-coding email templates

    With the drag-and-drop visual designer, you can create customized HubSpot email templates without any coding. To create a basic email template with a simple design and without much functionality, a drag-n-drop email template should suffice.

    How to create a new template with the drag-and-drop visual designer tool:

    1. Navigate to Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools

    2. Click File > New file to create a new template

       New file to create a new template
    3. In the dialog box, click Drag and Drop

    4. Select the template type (email) in the dropdown

    5. Give your template a file name

    6. Click Create

  3. Custom-coded email templates

    When you need to build more complex, flexible templates with unique designs, the pre-built or even the drag-and-drop approaches don’t really work. But with basic, custom-coded HubSpot email templates, your developers can freely modify the code in any way, including some email template variables like {{ contact.firstname }}, {{ contact.lastname}}, and {{ contact.email}}. HubL provides this flexibility in your email templates.

    We create awesome HubSpot custom email templates and integrate them for you!
  4. Modular custom-coded email templates

    With HubSpot modular email templates you get editable modules, which you can customize as per your requirement. So, basically you can create and send multiple emails from a single modular template. This helps to not only cut down email production time but also your cost.

    Wish to create Modular email templates in HubSpot to save money and time?


If you have already created email templates in another ESP and now want to use HubSpot to create a new email marketing campaign, you can! HubSpot is so flexible and agile that you can import your existing templates into this platform and then do everything else you would normally do to set up your HubSpot email campaign. Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Go to Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools

    Go to Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools
  2. Click File > Create a new file

    Click File > Create a new file
  3. When the dialog box pops up, click on HTML & HUBL

    When the dialog box pops up, click on HTML & HUBL
  4. Click Create to paste in the HTML of your existing template

    Click Create to paste in the HTML of your existing template


An email is an email is an email, right?


Every Email Marketing campaign is different. It has different goals, maybe a different set of subscribers and a different look-and-feel. But different does not have to mean painful. Creating different email campaigns for different purposes is effortless, uncomplicated and pain-free – in HubSpot!

With a huge number of HubSpot email templates and powerful automation features, you can create any kind of email campaign including the ones below:


To make the most of your HubSpot email templates, keep these tips and best practices in mind:

  • Before you start creating and customizing your HubSpot email templates, gather all your image elements. Also, do make sure that the dimensions are the same size as what you have in your template design. This pre-preparation will save you even more time and reduce the number of iterations before you finalize your template.
  • HubSpot email templates come with a lot of powerful functionalities but they cannot automatically personalize or tailor your content for you! The average user receives 100+ emails a day. If you want your email to stand out from the crowd, personalize the content as much as possible.
  • Make sure you follow email design best practices, especially with regards to the layout you choose for your HubSpot email template. The inverted pyramid method has worked for many marketers in the past and it likely will work for you as well. Keep larger content like images and video at the top, copy immediately underneath, and smaller forms and buttons at the bottom.
  • Include eye-catching visual content in your templates including videos. Conversion rates on landing pages and emails tend to be higher when relevant and engaging videos are included.
  • ‘Brand’ your template with your organization’s unique logo, tagline, social media links, sign-off text, etc.
  • Closely tie your HubSpot email templates to landing pages. Make use of the dozens of HubSpot email templates and HubSpot landing page templates to streamline the process. This will encourage your users to take some action.
  • Always create mobile-friendly email templates. HubSpot makes this ridiculously easy so why not take advantage of this functionality?! Also check that any HubSpot landing page templates you link your email to, looks its absolute best on every kind of Smartphone. Otherwise, your frustrated users will head elsewhere.
  • Because it’s easy to get distracted by the many cool features, images, video and other bells and whistles available with HubSpot email templates, it’s tempting to create a template with multiple messages. Don’t! You will only confuse your subscribers. Always remember your original purpose and create a message aligned with this purpose.
  • Don’t create just one template. Create at least two and carry out A/B testing to determine which version is likely to drive more engagement with a subset of your audience before you send the campaign to everyone.

Wrap Up

With so much to explore and get out of HubSpot, it’s a good idea to hire experts. Email Uplers helps clients with every email marketing aspect in HubSpot. With our expert developers, automation experts, and campaign managers who are pro at HubSpot email marketing, we promise a fast turnaround time, flawless execution of campaigns and highly competitive pricing. Email Uplers can help you with anything related to HubSpot.

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Can you help me recreate a HubSpot HTML email template from scratch?

Yes, our email experts will connect with you to understand your requirements and then recreate & hand-code an awesome email template for HubSpot. Visit our order page, select your exact requirements, choose add-ons, if any, and we will deliver a beautiful, pixel-perfect custom HubSpot email template.

I want my HubSpot HTML email templates to be responsive. Can you help?

It is now imperative to create HubSpot responsive email templates, considering the high number of emails being opened on mobile devices. One bad user experience can threaten your marketing ROI. We create responsive, error-free HubSpot email templates. We test each email template on 15+ devices and browsers, leaving no scope for error. If you are struggling to make your email templates responsive, then connect with our team.

I want to get an interactive HubSpot email template created for my next campaign. Do you have the expertise?

Interactivity can dramatically help you up your email engagement be it with your prospects or existing customers. Moreover, it can also get you leads and conversions. Our HubSpot experts can help you create a stunning interactive email in your ESP. From GIF to flip effect and sliders to gamification, our HubSpot marketing email templates are sure to make your brand stand out. To know about the interactive email elements we can help you with, read more

Can we create HubSpot email templates & newsletters with a drag-and-drop editor?

Yes, HubSpot provides a free in-built editor with which you can easily create and customize email templates or HubSpot newsletter templates. To cut down your production cost, you can switch to Modular email templates, where you just have to drag and drop editable modules to build a new email template of your choice, each time. Read more.

Do you offer any discount on your email template production service?

Yes, as of now we have a holiday offer going on. You can avail $100 off on your order. Visit our holiday offer page to know more details about the offer.

How much does the HubSpot ESP migration cost?

At Email Uplers, our experts will flawlessly migrate HubSpot ESP to/from another ESP of your choice. As per the ESP & Data migration rates, we have an affordable pricing in place. We charge $50 per hour for migrating ESP. Here, you can learn more about our ESP migration services.

How do I make HubSpot emails more visually appealing?

At Email Uplers, we just don’t code emails. our team can also help you with unique and sophisticated designs that are trendy and appealing in nature. In other words, we love to work on email templates that are promising in design and high-converting. If you have a HubSpot email template design related query or suggestions, then feel free to share with us.

Can we replicate a landing page in Hubspot landing page templates, if we give any PSD or sketch?

Yes, if you have your design files ready, we can convert them into modern Hubspot landing page templates. PSD, AI, EPS, and SKETCH are some of the file formats accepted by us.

What is the standard delivery for HubSpot landing page templates?

For Only coding a landing page:

  • Standard Delivery: 3 to 4 Days
  • Express Delivery: 2 to 3 Days

For Design & Coding:

  • Standard Delivery: 5 to 6 Days
  • Express Delivery: 4 to 5 Days

For further details, visit our custom landing page services.

I want to create personalized hubspot newsletter templates from scratch. Can you help?

Yes, we can deliver awesomely designed and coded personalized newsletter templates, compatible with all major web and mobile browsers.

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