• You submit your resource requirement

    You submit the requirement of part-time/full-time resource/s and the skills you prefer for your project. You may hire 1 expert or an entire email marketing team as per your requirement.

  • We provide you the best resource

    We analyze your resource requirement and map the best available resources with the required skills and experience. Our resources are vetted and verified, and we can also submit background verification if required. Plus, we offer a no commitment 7-day trial - so, you get the flexibility to replace the resource within 7 days of onboarding at no cost.

  • You onboard your resource

    Within 5 days, you will have your resource onboard, working as your extended team member. We introduce you to the resource in a kick-off call and provide the required system and tool access. We offer flexibility to use your or our devices for the project. We also sign MSA, NDA and/or ISO certified policies to ensure data security and privacy.

  • We deliver your project

    Post a kick-off call, the resource shall start working on your project. You shall be in direct contact with the resource. You can also ask for a project manager (billable or non-billable, depending on the requirement) or an account manager to streamline things if needed.

  • Post delivery association

    We gather your feedback every month to ensure that your projects are delivered smoothly and bridge the gap if any. To ensure that the productivity of the resource is up to the mark, we measure every hour invested on task. We also provide the hour-sheet on demand.

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  • Fast onboarding

    With Email Uplers, you can onboard your resource within 5 days.

  • Easy to scale

    You can scale up or scale down your resources/team as per your needs.

  • Affordable and skilled resources

    You can hire trained and certified resources at highly affordable pricing starting at just $30 per hour.

  • Flexible payment option

    We send an invoice in advance which you can choose to pay in the next 7, 15 or 30 days.

How Email Uplers Helped Weight Watchers

Everything from Email Campaigns to ESP Migration. And Beyond!

Say YES to Uplers! Over the past 2+ years, we’ve worked with Uplers, we consider them part of the Weight Watchers’ family. We’re now looking at additional solutions for them to help us with, including campaign services as well as an additional developer as our workload continues to grow with them over time. They are a trusted partner, and we appreciate how quickly they are able to turn projects around for us. We would recommend Uplers to any company, big or small.

Natasha Navab Tehrani

Marketing Associate - CRM, Offer &
Pricing, Weight Watchers

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