Cross-Channel Marketing

Comprehensive Strategies To Stay On Top Of The Marketing Game


What’s the key to winning at the marketing game today? Targeted, personalized, and real-time messaging across marketing channels. How do you make that happen? Through cross-channel marketing - a strategy that helps deliver a truly integrated experience to prospects and customers alike. The strategy breaks the silos, bringing together all the individual units of your marketing team together to share data and individual learnings to make the magic of delivering a unified experience happen.

Email plays a strategic role in cross-channel marketing as it is a 1-1 communication channel and arguably the most efficient one offering a $42 ROI on every $1 spent, according to Litmus.
Let’s explore cross-channel marketing keeping 'email' at the core.



What Is Cross-Channel Marketing?

It is the practice of utilizing multiple channels like email, social media, SMS, website, app, and more to manage data, analytics, customer segmentation, and campaign orchestration. Each channel is connected and communicates with one another to provide a cohesive personalized experience.

So, cross-channel marketing
empowers you to:

01Deliver a more relevant message to your customer

02Increase brand loyalty by using multiple messaging channels in a connected, thoughtful way

Why Keep Email At The Center?

Email can bring traffic to other channels

Email can be used to encourage subscribers to visit your website, follow you on social media, or download your app.

Email helps to collect insights about subscribers

Email can be sent to your subscriber list to collect valuable information (birthday, anniversary, job profile, likes, and dislikes) that will go a long way in creating a unified experience across channels.

Email can be integrated to deliver personalized communication

You can integrate your email marketing into your CRM and other tools to gain insights into customer behavior and send the right messages across channels at the right time.

How to win at Cross-channel Marketing - In 5 Steps

Start with data

Ask yourself: what data is essential for email personalization, what attributes drive your segmentation, and what platform will be the system of record for the consolidated customer profile to get started.



Grow your cross-channel audience

Walk yourself through your customer experience to uncover new ways you can capture customer information, like unique discounts or offers, to grow your audience.

73% of consumers shop on more than one channel - Harvard Business Review

Determine the right channel mix

Query your customer database to understand who has engaged in which channel, the recency, and frequency to narrow in on key segments to customize cross-channel journeys for.

62% of consumers who engage their favorite brands on 10+ channels make weekly purchases, says a study by Fluent.


Channel Strengths : When combined, these channels are far more powerful for your business


Create relevant and intelligent cross-channel moments

Use email, along with your other marketing channels, to create relevant and intelligent experiences that deliver the revenue outcomes you want and need for your brand.

45% of consumers believe retailers don’t deliver multichannel experiences fast enough, according to Periscope.

32% of consumers will walk away from a brand they love after a single bad experience - PWC study

86% of senior-level marketers agree that it’s important to create a cohesive customer journey across all touchpoints and channels - states a study by Salesforce and Linkedin

Test, optimize, and fine-tune

Test and iterate until you find what works best for your customer. And remember, customers and buying trends continue to evolve, so even once you hit the sweet spot, keep fine-tuning.

Customers expect consistent interactions across channels




Putting Across The Point With A
Real-Life Example

Promotional Cross-Channel Messaging

Promotional batch messages work well across channels when a consistent message is used just like Revolve has nailed it with their website, email, and mobile push notification messages.



The Winning Equation

A positive,


Going Beyond The Tunnel View

Today’s customer wants much more than just promotion from brands, they want experiences that are consistent, personalized, and dynamic based on their needs, wants, and likes. To ensure that your customers receive the experience they desire in a digital-first, connected landscape it’s imperative to go beyond the tunnel view of siloed marketing channels.

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