Landing Page Best Practices for Creating Great Landing Pages
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Bon Voyage For Your Journey On


Business success, to a great extent, depends on the number of qualified leads.

Thus, the very first milestone that needs to be covered in this journey is the acquisition of leads via powerful landing pages. You might be aiming increased sales, revenue or brand awareness and the very first step towards all these goals is effective marketing communication that takes place on landing pages.


Business success – Still a long way

First travel

the landing page road

Driving Instructions To Reach Your Destination

(Leads) Successfully

  • The long journey of business success involves picking up leads at various intervals that will help in reaching the final destination (sales/revenue/brand awareness).
  • Your marketing communication should be directed towards leads, thus landing pages become the lifeline of your business activity.
  • With landing pages, you will be able to acquire all the required information to communicate with your prospects.

So, you will have to stop near a river on the way and fish out some leads with the landing page bait.

Who All Have Successfully Travelled On This Highway (Facts About Landing Page Success)

President Barack Obama raised an additional $60 million with the help of A/B testing.


Long landing pages have the ability to generate up to 220% more leads than above the fold call-to-action.


48% of marketers are building a new landing page for every marketing campaign.


Companies have recorded an increase of 55% in their leads after increasing the landing pages from 10-15.


A/B testing has proved to be the most popular method for improving the conversion rate.

Gmail once tested 50 different shades of the color blue to find that one shade for their CTA which converted the maximum.

Speed Breakers On The Way

(Landing Page Challenges Faced By Businesses)

When you step into the consumer’s shoe and observe your landing page, you will undoubtedly ask one question to yourself, “Why should I download this offer?�? If there is no good reason to respond to the call-to-action, it only means that the offer needs to be enhanced. Here are some common reasons why your landing page isn’t working.

High Bounce Rate:

No value in the landing page = higher bounce rates.

Low Click-through-rates:

Irrelevant information = low click-through rates

Low Conversion Rate:

Low engagement on landing page = low conversion rate

All these challenges boil down to the fact that your landing page should be appealing and engaging for the user to stay back and perform the required action.

The Express Route To Optimal Success On

The Landing Page Highway

Create Landing Page

The image shown here is a classic example of directly addressing the prospects (high school graduates in this case) and it at once strikes a chord.

Identify The Personas

Know your targeted audience and create relevant content to win trust and slide them into the conversion funnel.

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best practices.
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Single Focus

Deliver what has been promised to the visitor. Don’t make the landing page chaotic with irrelevant information.


The first 3 seconds belong to the headline and this will decide whether your prospects would like to stay on the page or not.

Write Engaging Copy

There is absolutely no mercy on this part as there are thousands of copies on the web based on your topic. Provide value with each line.


Call-to-action are attractive to the prospects and generate more conversions if used smartly.


Whitespaces or blank space provides a distinctive look to certain elements of the landing page, thus generating more interest.


Testimonials serve as a trust raising factor for your prospects. Insert real testimonials to boost the conversion rate.


The more your call-to-action stands out from the surrounding, the more it is likely to get clicked.

Use Directional Signals

Simple and moderate directional signals towards your CTA will give clear indication to the visitors about the next step.


Color will trigger an emotional response from your visitors and could generate positive vibes and get more clicks or conversions.

Good Landing Page

The example here has taken care of all the above given points right from the top to the bottom as you see a smart blend of colors, directional call-to-action, whitespace, testimonials, contrast, and more to make it an effective landing page.

Perfect Landing Page

Starting from the top right to the bottom, this page serves as a good example for the inclusion of USP, video, and images. The USP has been smartly combined with video at the top and the images are at the bottom of the page.

Get the USP right

There are possibly numerous companies like you, and so you will need to highlight your strengths and what sets you apart.


Videos on landing pages increase the click-through-rates and conversion rates.

High-Quality Images

Images create a long lasting impact on the human mind.

Surprising Element

Surprise your visitors with an attractive pop up message that could spark interest.


You could include your partner for a co-branded landing page to boost trustworthiness.

Mobile Optimized Landing Page

Two brands have joined hands to provide a surprising bonus of 100 euros. The use of call-to-action right below the given offer is capable of triggering conversions.

Split Testing on Landing Pages

The A/B testing example here shows how you could create variations of a landing page to target different segments of the target audience.


In order to ensure quick and easy scaling of various online marketing platforms, make different landing pages for various channels with a dedicated message for each.

A/B Testing

Multiple variants of landing pages will help in easy identification of the elements that help in getting more conversions.

You Have Now Reached Your Destination

Every landing page is an opportunity to achieve business goals. Once you have trodden this path, you will attain your goals, strategically. There is no short cut to achieve optimum business success. It is a long way out there, but it all starts with how your prospects interact with you and would like to connect with you. A landing page is the best source to find this out.