Transactional Emails

Think Again!

Transactional Emails Can DRIVE Your Revenue by +33%!

Predictive Dynamic Content is The Fuel

  • Predictive Product Recommendations
  • Lifecycle Discounts & Offers
  • Embedded Live Social Feeds
And, every transactional email you send can be easily upgraded without changing your email system!
This is Jane.
She runs an online fashion business that sends


transactional emails/month

Like 70% of brands, they fail to personalize these emails.


Jane is amazed to learn that
transactional emails get 4-8x more opens and clicks!

So many eyeballs!

We can’t let our transactional emails be a DEAD END. Let’s put the pedal to the metal and make some money with them!

64% of consumers say transactional emails are the most valuable emails they get!

Transactional Emails Bulk mailings

Jane knows the way

She’ll add personalized dynamic content to
their transactional emails!
here’s why you should do it too!

  • 54

    higher transaction rates for order confirmations with cross-sell products than without.

  • 39

    higher click rates for welcome emails with social links than without (from 6 to 10.3%).

  • 75

    higher click rates for welcome emails with live embedded social feeds than with only
    icons linked to social sites.

  • 300

    Welcome emails see more than 3X the orders and revenue per email over
    regular promotions.

  • 10

    Real-time welcome emails see >10x the transaction rates and revenue per email
    over batched welcome mailings.

  • 73

    of consumers subscribe to receive coupons and discount codes in their inboxes.

  • 34

    higher click-to-open rate with dynamic lifecycle-based discount levels in
    subscriber welcome emails.

  • 13

    Thank-you-for-order emails achieve a 13x increase in revenue compared to other
    promotional mailings.

  • 42

    of consumers prefer emails that contain products based browsing behavior or
    past orders.

  • 41

    increase in unique clicks for emails with predictive product recommendations.

Fire Up the Engine

And, accelerate your email effectiveness rate (ctor)

predictive product discount and special offers embedded live social feeds

Follow the Rules of the road.

shipped you shoes

A transactional message is not an opt-in marketing message, however they must follow CAN-SPAM guidelines. The primary message of the communication is the transaction itself—the subject line as well as the body of the email must primarily reference the transaction.

The Can-Spam act

allows for “Dual Use? messages, but any marketing offers can not be made in the subject line; and the messages must be “primarily transactional?.

However, you can optimize 20% of transactional email content with branding and promotional information. This is the space for your dynamic content that will boost loyalty and keep your customers coming back.
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