The Omniscient Lama of Email Marketing

Dynamic Email Content!



You know what? Today I received an e-mail at 2.00 PM showcasing TIES on sale from Amazon!



Oh Honey! I just received an e-mail from Amazon too,
at 2.00 P.M,
but mine contains DIAMOND JEWELRY!
I wonder how they know what I'd prefer! :O


Wondering how do
email marketers do that? Dynamic Content
is the BIBLE!

A little preaching about " Dynamic Content "

Relevant, Personalized Content to every subscriber or segment based on their past behavior,
present location or sometimes the buying behavior – That's Dynamic Content.

Dynamic content is also referred to as SMART or ADAPTIVE content because of its ability to
change the content determined by the rules and the dynamic tags you insert.

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  • Right Person

    Right Person
  • +
  • Right Time

    Right Time
  • +
  • Right Offer

    Right Offer
  • =

Personalized One to One Communication

  • woman necklace
  • man watch
  • girl bag
  • boy tie
8Reasons to

worship the omniscient lama Dynamic Content


Personalized and real-time content makes your subscribers feel unique and special; leading
to better response instigation.


Most marketers agree that real-time marketing should be defined as "dynamic personalized
content delivered across channels."


As the content is dynamic, it delivers targeted message to your subscribers, in sync with
their interests and thereupon increasing the relevance.


E-mail rates highest among channels for real-time personalization marketing;
with 80% of marketers finding it very important, and 97% finding
it moderate to highly important.


Dynamic content provides opportunities for better geo-targeting, as such content has the
ability to cater to immense localization, reach out to subscribers in their own language
and showcase specific offers, weather and information.


Relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.


As the content is customized, it can target subscribers with time sensitive
content, enabling tailored experience to each subscriber centering time.


78% of CMOs think that custom content is the future of marketing.

The different AURAs (Types) of "Dynamic Content"

The content in your email can be made dynamic with various perspectives of segmenting
your subscribers. You can present dynamic content based on a variety of information that
includes but is not limited to the following:






Past Behavior



18 Scenarios making the case for "Dynamic Email Content"

scenarios scenarios scenarios

View More Scenarios here

Below are some of the leading DIY and
Enterprise Level ESPs that efficiently provide Dynamic Content in Email

  • dotmailer
  • lyris
  • adestra
  • pure360
  • emarsys

Dynamic Content 3 Supportive Technical Hymns

Your data fuels the technology and set of rules which assigns the right content to
the right person at the right time. But, what's the technology? Here are some
behind the scene Mantras:


Your Centralized Marketing Database would be the brain behind your dynamic content. It is
required to store your subscribers' download and interaction history with your e-mail campaigns.


Your Smart Content Generator is expected to be informed of the segments by the
database. This would show, present or hide the content (blocks of images or text) based
on the rules and conditions set by you.


Once your dynamic content is furnished, an Integrated Email System extends the smart
content to the emails to be sent. This step involves the integration of
your email system that is tied with your contact database.

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