We’re really sorry for missing out your first name - Thanks to our recent hire who forgot to add the personalization tag inside of the system, while eating some cookies,
but it was still unintentional…blah!...blah!.

Well, have you sent such emails to your subscribers recently? Well, subscribers are picky! They don’t care about your new hire, they love their names, and we all do!

Email marketing blunders can cost you huge, both in terms of ROI and in terms of lifetime value of a subscriber.

So, how to keep your blunders at bay and spread the divinity and love to your subscribers?

Boring subject

Boring subject lines suck

Subject lines that aren’t creative decrease engagement and can be fatal for your campaign.

Age old automobile

Do you still use an age old automobile? Then, why use no-reply id?

No reply email ids are really insane. Don’t you want to engage your subscribers? Personalize from name and sending id to attract more response.

Be gentle

Be gentle, seek permission

Sending unsolicited emails is criminal these days and Lord (subscriber) punishes with unsubscribing.

Friend Likes Tea

Assuming your friend likes tea, but he doesn’t. Check preferences

Preferences are very important. At times, you might just assume that a subscriber wants to hear it 5 times a month from you, but he actually doesn’t. Provide them preference centers.

Subscriber is your God

Subscriber is your God, don’t hide anything

Not even unsubscribe, YES! Don’t hide the link to unsubscribe; it might simply raise the spam complaints.

mice in the house

Your CTAs just go unnoticed like mice in the house

CTAs are vital when it comes to provoke recipients to take action. Small CTA buttons, inappropriate separation, CTAs as links etc can decrease click through. Optimize for mobile and keep them tappable.

Never eat desert

Never eat desert before lunch and likewise, set your email series aptly

Setting up triggered email series inappropriately not only creates havoc among your buyers but also makes it difficult to lead them through awareness to close.

Don’t you welcome your guests?

Don’t you welcome your guests? Then why not your subscribers?

Well, make sure your subscribers are sent welcome email. That’s a great way to break the ice.

You just photograph and never see it back!

You just photograph and never see it back! What about email reports?

Email reports are crucial as they let you know the power of your campaign. If you don’t evaluate your email campaigns, it is very difficult to identify the success factors and measure against them.

Your landing page is just like overstuffed bed

Your landing page is just like overstuffed bed

Do you use many comforters on your bed? No right? Then why use so many fields to capture recipient’s interest. Instead try limiting the form fields to few required information.

Obesity is dangerous!

Obesity is dangerous! Don’t be a couch potato while testing your emails

Test your emails well on multiple devices, browsers, and resolutions. Sending emails without testing is a criminal offense under section whatever of the EMAIL TESTING ACT.

Do you eat rotten apples?

Do you eat rotten apples? Stale is bad and so are inactive subscribers

Sending email to inactive subscribers is harmful to your domain’s health.


you just did a personalization blunder

According to one of the recent surveys, 54% of consumers end relationship if they do not receive personalized content. One more survey from Experian echoes the fact stating that personalized emails receive 6X higher transaction rates.

How if your name is called incorrectly?

Make sure your list is imported correctly and fields are mapped against right tag. Chances are you might send email instead of first name or send email symbolizing Hey John, instead of Hey Kevin.

The magic wand couldn’t bring rabbit out of the hat, wrong merge tags to curse

Make sure your merge or insert tags corresponding to the list’s field data or value you want to input. <<Color>> merge tag instead of <<date>> for an example will show up incorrectly.

Don’t drive on a foggy road, ambiguity in the data sets is killer

If you are a proponent of predictive dynamic content, make sure your data sets are accurate. If they aren’t obtained correctly, you might end up sending irrelevant offers or emails with wrong personalization.

Don’t do things half heartedly and personalize fully

First names aren’t enough. Personalize emails with geo-targeting, live maps, live social feeds, custom imagery, custom offers, nearest store locations etc.

Do as Romans do when in Rome. It works for international emails

For international emails, make sure correct custom image, symbol, location tagging goes out. Sending an email to a German customer in French language is so not cool.


See what works best!

Expand your horizon; think beyond testing only a few components

If you are testing only some components of your email, you aren’t playing safe. Test subject line, links, CTAs, personalization, authentication to design variations.

Size does matter, inadequate sample size is a problem

The sample testing size for identifying multivariate or A/b testing results is inadequate.

Fillers are fun! Huge gap between test intervals aren’t

Comparing one test’s result against another should happen in the same time frame. If there is a huge gap between two tests, results may vary.

Don’t fear smartphones; be smart testers

With times to come, more users might check in emails in wearable and other connected devices. Testing for these devices is vital.

New Age Email Blunders

Smart marketers keep them at bay!
Emails Without Accordion
Sending verbose emails without accordion – It’s just so tacky!

An accordion in email helps you stack up content, especially on smaller devices and provider amazing experience with longer content rich emails.

Menus or CSS Navigation in Email
Do you drive your car without inbuilt GPS? Then why not use Menus?

Menus or CSS navigation in email is the best way to let users navigate the information right in the email.

When images are off, creative instinct is on!

Are you creative? Especially with design art? Well, wear your creative hat with Pixel art fallback which can convey the message creatively even when the images are disabled.

Creative instinct is on!
Not optimized “APPLE? a day keeps subscribers away.

How about sending emails rich in images not optimized for Apple loyal subscriber base? Simply, a few more unsubscribe! Use retina friendly images when sending emails to retina readers.

Apple loyal subscriber base
International emails is a great thing
Think global, act local, else get unsubscribe.

Yes, sending international emails is a great thing. However, sending wrong imagery, message, symbol or language to wrong person will get you in soup. Plan specific content for specific geographies once you decide to sail in the international waters.

Obesity is dangerous!
Two variations are fine, we are all set - not everytime.

Testing just the two variations of everything isnt all. Go the extra mile. Use multivariate testing methods for testing multiple case scenarios.

Discounts attract! Scratch attracts even more!

A cool and peppy scratch effect can be used to showcase discount and coupons. If you aren’t using it yet, Uplers can help.

Discounts attract!
Wanna flaunt more of you, cleverly? Why not dress up with the sliders?

Sliders in emails can let you stuff more things in your email. Promote multiple products, different USPs and more.

Sliders in emails can let you stuff more things in your email
Use bulletproof backgrounds & buttons
It’s a bad world, don’t get shot. Use bulletproof backgrounds & buttons.

It is advisable to go bulletproof with background images and buttons. Bulletproof images will work amazingly well in Outlook too.

Face the third party apps with hybrid
Don’t ignore the ones you can’t handle. Face the third party apps with hybrid.

Consider a hybrid approach to let your emails look like responsive email in the third party apps that doesn’t support media queries.

Don’t fall-flat, fallback instead.

Use attractive typography, but stick with web-safe fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, Times Roman, and Georgia. Modern web fonts are supported in less than 50% of email clients. For custom fonts insert them as image or use appropriate fallback that matches to websafe font.

Don’t fall-flat, fallback instead.
Good fashion is appreciated, but don’t overdo, especially with email colors.

Choose just one or two colors for your emails. The fewer colors you use, the cleaner your design will look.

Good fashion is appreciated
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