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Hiring an Offshore Email Marketing Team

Hiring an Offshore Email Marketing Team

Benefits, Challenges, and Everything in Between and Beyond

Offshore hiring and outsourcing has become a skyrocketing trend worldwide. Why so? Well, the perks of a flexible and distributed workforce are too good to ignore. And hiring skilled, updated, and affordable talents to augment core teams is an ideal solution to several challenges most businesses deal with today when it comes to team expansions and finding and retaining skilled talent.

So, why are businesses hiring talent from or outsourcing to offshore agencies? Here are the results of a study:

Source: Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2020

Pros of hiring offshore talent for email execution

Access to a wide range of skilled talent

Businesses get access to skilled resources in niche fields. Can choose the level of expertise as per requirement.

Expert and updated talents

Talents come with certifications and experience across industries, and are updated about latest tools and technology.

Lower costs

You pay the talent based on the pay scale for that skill in the country where the agency is located.

Flexibility to scale up or down

You can hire a single resource or an entire email marketing team and upscale or downscale it according to your workload.

Reduced training and retention cost

The talent-providing firms have a pre-vetted talent pool. They match-make, you onboard - making the process real fast.

Hassle-free hiring

The firm takes responsibility of finding, match-making, and onboarding talents to ensure you a hassle-free hiring experience.

Geographic expansion

Businesses expand their horizons by hiring talent from across the globe, breaking geographic boundaries, and becoming more inclusive.

How much they cost
A comparison between In-house and Offshore talent

Talent In-house talent cost (In USA) Offshore talent cost
Email Designers $65,493-85,072 / year $21,000-54,000 / year
Email Developers $43,000-100,000 / year $21,000-54,000 / year
Email Campaign Managers $60,000-400,000 / year $21,000-54,000 / year
Email Automation Experts $66,000-187,000 / year $21,000-54,000 / year

Challenges of hiring offshore email teams and tricks to overcome them

01 Language and cultural differences
Challenges Depending on the location of the client, the level of language proficiency of talents as well as specific cultural differences can be a hindrance to hiring offshore resources.
Pro tips to overcome them
  • Train your staff that will be coordinating directly with the offshore team to increase their cultural sensitivity
  • Before you hire the resources, set some rules and expectations around communication
02 Less control over the team/ talent
Challenges Hiring talent from an agency may seem like releasing control of your email marketing to them. It may so happen that you won't be able to check on the project any time you want if things aren’t sorted in the beginning.
Pro tips to overcome them
  • Look for agencies that provide talents that will report directly to you, as an extended part of your team
  • Make things clear at the onset about the daily reporting, leaves, holidays, etc.
03 Data security issues
Challenges When you hire an offshore talent, you share with them your plans, market research, trade secrets, sensitive data, etc. Concerns about the security of data and intellectual property can be a reason why company managers grow wary of hiring remote teams.
Pro tips to overcome them
  • A detailed outsourcing contract plays an important role
  • Include clauses in the contract stating that the talent will protect your IP and data and the action you will take if it fails to do so

So, while there are a few challenges of hiring offshore email talents, you can always overcome them. All you need to do is analyze the agency hiring models thoroughly, clearly define roles and responsibilities, and set the right tone in the very beginning. Taking care of these factors helps businesses hiring offshore resources make greater strides with email marketing.

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