Vision6 & Uplers have come to the rescue to shed some light on those
niggling questions you've always wanted to ask.

1. How can I get more customers to open my emails?

Craft compelling and catchy subject lines. Remember, the subject line is the teaser for your email. The more attractive it is, greater are the chances of your email being opened
Focus on benefits
Offer value
Ask a question
Create urgency
Provide relevant Call to action

Interesting Subject Lines
Interesting Subject Lines
Subject Lines
Subject Lines

Know your audience & personalise. Personalised subject lines are more likely to be opened.

Use subject lines to set your readers’ expectations. Give them total clarity regarding what they should expect from your email.

Clear Subject Line
Best Subject Line

Test out different subject lines & measure your results.

2. How can I make my emails look better?

Imagery matters.
Use a catchy hero image
Use buttons within images
Use animated gifs to attract attention

Gif in Email
Best Email Design

Don’t be afraid to use vibrant bold
colours in your email design. Also
patterns are great for attracting

Consistent fonts matter.
Limit the different font styles, sizes & colours
Increase line spacing to improve readability

Email Fonts
Email Design Layout

Include plenty of white space
& padding. This will help
customers to easily read your

3. What are some of
the latest trends in
email marketing?

Embedded Video in Email

More marketers are now using video in their email
marketing. You can either use the Static Method
or Video in the inbox method. Check out this
awesome Video Email Infographic to learn more.

Storytelling emails

Transactional emails are often
the most valued thing in your
customer’s inbox. So make the
most of this opportunity &
include your branding & use
storytelling to connect
emotionally with your reader.

Animated Gif in Emails

Gifs are a very popular way to
grab your customer’s attention.
Plus they help your email stand
out in a crowded inbox.
Check out these
Gifs in Email Inspiration
to learn more.

4. How can I sell more with email marketing?

Solving a problem for your
customer is a great way to
improve credibility.

email credibility
Building Trust Via Email Marketing

Using testimonials &
case studies is a great
way to build trust as it
shows other people value
your products and services.

A picture is worth a
thousand words.
Make the most of
images to showcase
products. Or a
3d walkthrough is
even better.

3D images in email
Content in Email

Don’t be afraid to use
key messaging
in your emails.

5. How can I build trust with customers?

Mobile Email Design

Cater for customers on the
go and ensure emails are
optimised for mobiles.

Email Sender Name

Include full sender details
in your footer including the
sender’s name & address.

Email Content Language

Use realistic language
rather than embellishing
your message.

Encourage & respond to feedback so that customers
feel assured & know there’s a human sending the email.

Spam Free Email

6. Should I ever
resend an email?

Email Re-engagement

Yes, if it’s valuable to your
customers & you change
your approach. Tips for resending

Tips for resending emails

  • Only resend the most important campaigns
  • Change your subject line
  • Adjust the timing of your resend
  • Measure the impact of sending the campaign

7. What do wearables mean for
email marketing?

Your customer might already be
reading emails on watches.

Plain text will make a comeback
as this is often displayed by default

Shorter content will rule because
of the space constraints

Open rates might decline, but don’t panic!
It’s because open tracking isn’t supported

Tips to make your emails look better on watches.

Keep your subject lines short (3 - 6 words),
or they might be cut off

Get crafty with pre-header text as this is displayed
on the notification

8. What are the key principals to ensure your emails are
designed for accessibility?

Email Development Tips

Technical tips

Use responsive templates so that your emails are compatible on
all devices, screen sizes & mail clients

Always use alt text & HTML tags for images/buttons/headers etc.
This helps people using screen readers

Ensure web forms & landing pages have page titles

Email Design Best Practices

Design tips

Include a text only version of your email
Keep the font size above 14 pixels
Be mindful of colours, ensure text contrasts against background colours
Know your email hierarchy so there is a clear flow of information
Make your links large & easy to click

9. Can you share a real example of ‘when emails go wrong’?

  • Don’t just scan
    & use your

  • Don’t make your email all images as
    they might be switched off by default.
    Use Alt text.

  • Before hitting the SEND
    button make sure you test
    personalisation &
    dynamic content.

10. What should I do
with a disengaged list?

Sending Re-engagement Email

Re-engage subscribers -
Change your approach
to catch their attention.

Delete disengaged subscribers -
Make sure you give them options
to keep hearing from you first.

List Cleaning Email Subscriber