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3 Elements of an Effective Subject Line!

Email subject lines are the determining factor of your email campaign’s success. With the subscriber’s inbox inundated with emails, they are the d...

Email subject lines are the determining factor of your email campaign’s success. With the subscriber’s inbox inundated with emails, they are the deciding factor for whether to click and read what is inside or leave it unopened. Briefly, they get to make or break your email campaign!

With our extensive experience, we bring you the 3 most important aspects of subject lines that govern the success of your emails drafted with your intense dedication and research:


Tailor your subject lines based on the audience you plan out to send your email campaigns too. Sometimes comparisons with controversial headlines increase the open rate – but it is still not a sure-fire way of winning your audience’s hearts.

Including numbers or facts in your subject lines is more likely to attract audiences as the brain gets drawn to the digits. Youth and adults both react differently to different subject lines and thereupon, the campaign’s effectiveness totally depends on the how well you win hearts of different segments.

Fine tune your TONE

The tone of your subject line is an important factor that decides the credibility of your company, routed through the first impression. A casual tone, a conversational tone or a personal tone may be of help – completely based on the industry you belong to. Your tone can leverage urgency by giving them a reason to react now and not later.

However, the scarcity technique must be backed by appropriate incentives. A humorous tone works well with increasing email open rates but the trick lies in humoring the right audience. Use of caps lock implies that your tone is shrewd, so make sure that your subject line does not appear loud in the subscriber’s inbox. At the same time, make sure your subject line does not exclaim in excess!

Determine the appropriate LENGTH

The appropriate length of subject lines varies among different industries. E-commerce, Charity, Events, Publishing, B2B and B2C each of them have different subject line best practices. Some marketers believe, a long subject lines gives you a better chance to showcase more reasons to open the mail. Although with the increased use of PDA’s it is essential to provide a great email experience to small screen users too.

Restrict the subject line to around 40 characters or less & get to the point by then as mobile phones showcase at the most 25 to 30 of those characters. An ideal subject line should contain any of a benefit, a reminder, a reason, an additional serving or a solution within this character limit.


  • Limit your subject line to appropriate character count
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines
  • Determine your tone based on your industry & audience
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Kevin George

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing full-service email marketing companies. He is an email enthusiast at heart and loves to pen down email marketing content. You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.



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