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6 Tips on how to avoid possible pitfalls when hiring a dedicated email developer

6 Tips on How to Avoid Possible Pitfalls When Outsourcing an Email Developer

With almost 294 billion emails sent and received everyday last year, Statista predicted that by the end of 2020, this number would have crossed 306.4 ...

With almost 294 billion emails sent and received everyday last year, Statista predicted that by the end of 2020, this number would have crossed 306.4 billion. With the surge in email sends, it becomes necessary to stand out in every inbox, eventually contriving a great demand for quality email developers. Every marketer would vouch for the struggle they face, or for the blessed ones, the struggle they once faced in search of an exceptional developer.

Email marketing statistics
Source: Statista
Global email transaction and *prediction between 2017 to 2023

Hiring an email developer not only requires a serious approach in investing for a resource but also huge capital investment in software, equipment, and other employer costs. Outsourcing such a function is practical especially if you cannot afford an in-house developer but have great ideas and do not know where to start.

A lot of growing businesses, or businesses that are aiming at expansion, or organisations stuck on a tight deadline, prefer outsourcing developers. Irrespective of the situation, outsourcing at the end of the day is often considered a tricky practice, which might affect the results produced, especially if you have not chosen a compatible resource.

Read on to know more about the challenges involved in hiring a pertinent email developer and how to overcome those challenges.

6 Tips to Avoid Possible Pitfalls

• Set proper Goals

This process of self-evaluation and determining the need for an email developer will solve half of your email marketing woes. Analysing your marketing goals and needs will help you determine the right developer be it for a short-term or long-term project. As mentioned earlier, every organisation will have specific needs to be fulfilled and only when it is recognized correctly, the search for an efficient developer should be initiated. Recognize your goals and look for the corresponding attributes in your outsource team or resource.

• Do your Research

Finding the right dedicated developer is the most difficult part of the process, and you should be spending the maximum time on it be it going through a hundred portfolios followed by a detailed interview. Researching about the individual or agency, cross-checking with their past clientele and their skill set and compatibility to help you accomplish your marketing goals are some of the few points to consider in the research process. 

Most agencies make the mistake of searching for a locally based team. It is very important to understand that talent is available across the globe and efficiency is not bound by geographical borders. So, if a remote outsource team falls within your budget and has a good record, you should accept them as your extended team with a broad mind. 

• Budget it right

The one mistake you are likely to make in the budgeting process is that you may want to compromise on the quality of work to reduce costs in hiring an email developer. By outsourcing this function, you are already saving up on a lot of capital, as compared to an in-house developer. It would be wise to prioritize value over price to avoid major hassles that develop with time.

Similarly, do not spend on an overpriced developer blindly just because his profile has an impressive record. First ask yourself, will you be making the most of the services they offer? Plan accordingly and only settle for the best candidate, based on the quality of work and experience and your budget.

budget for email marketing developer
According to Statista, India ranked first globally in the list of leading countries in offshore business services

• Keep a tab of Productivity

Tracking productivity of a remote team, communicating with them, and being accountable for the work process are some of the  biggest challenges of outsourcing. Using productivity applications like Slack, Proof hub, Time doctor, and so on will help you keep track of the activity and ensure transparency in work. Remember to register these guidelines to avoid the sense of micromanagement.  

• Check for Compatibility

So, you have found the perfect match for the organisation and seen the potential in the resource to achieve aimed goals. Great. But before locking the deal, make sure to address technicalities behind the work process and ensure it matches with your company guidelines.

Be it the software they use or the working hours they prefer, mode of payment or any other managerial principle, address everything well in advance so that the candidate also has enough time for the transition. Major communication gaps can be bridged if you also keep ‘emotional intelligence’ and ‘compatibility with the team’ as two important criteria while hiring.

• Be vigilant of Data Security

Organizations hiring or outsourcing an email developer often do not take contract and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) seriously than a formal exchange of signatures. Make sure the contract is comprehensible and enlists all security guidelines including the legalities behind accessing confidential information, especially if there is any exchange of client data. Make your stance to the candidate clear and explain the legal actions against intellectual property and data theft.

Wrap Up

Hiring an email developer or outsourcing sure does come with a lot of perks and advantages, but if done the right way. It has the potential to lay the foundation of great marketing success. One small step down the pit can cost the organisation a lot of money, time, and loss of credibility in some cases. We hope this blog would have helped you clear the fog and make the process of hiring and outsourcing developers a tad bit easier. Do let us know in the comments below if you have faced any other challenges when hiring an email developer. 

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