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Email Marketing With Marketo

Why Should you Automate your Email Marketing with Marketo

Ever wondered why marketing automation is gaining so much traction? Well, marketing automation is a powerful tactic that allows you to engage the righ...

Ever wondered why marketing automation is gaining so much traction?

Well, marketing automation is a powerful tactic that allows you to engage the right customers at scale. It not only enables companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows but also to increase the operational efficiency to grow revenue faster. 

The plethora of advantages marketing automation offers make it a crucial investment for your business. 

Here are some of them, in brief:


Automation is an affordable way of freeing up your mind space and being able to drive a higher revenue. You can allocate your budget to the most important tasks as it will not be occupied in labor costs anymore. 

2. Scalable

Automation is not just for small-sized businesses and for short-term goals. Whether you are a startup with 1000 subscribers or an MNC with over 5 million subscribers, automation can let you reach them all. 

3. Better coordination between sales and marketing

Automation helps to improve the coordination between sales and marketing teams, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and better conversions. It also allows companies to reduce the cost. 

If that sounds convincing enough to invest in a marketing automation tool, you have a plethora of options to choose from.  

There are several platforms available in the market that allow you to automate your email marketing that include HubSpot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and Eloqua to name a few.

However, our favorite among all these platforms continues to be Marketo.  

Let’s start with why Marketo has grown to be one of the popular platforms when it comes to automation…

1. Most agile and easy to use

Marketo is a flexible marketing automation tool that lets companies execute their strategy without any delay or compromise. It is easy to use whether you want to start simple or carry out the most demanding requirements. 

2. Seamless to connect to your enterprise

Marketo can be seamlessly connected with the important business applications via out-of-the-box integrations and extensive API.  

3. An award-winning ecosystem of expert professionals

Marketo presents to you an award-winning community of over 20,000 users along with experts, consultants, and partners. We love using Marketo because it has made more companies successful when compared to any other platform. 

That said, we shall now dig into why email marketers choose Marketo over other platforms. 

1.Optimum deliverability rates

Marketo, unlike other standalone Email Service Providers, offers features such as opt-in management, tackling the bounce rate, processing the unsubscribes, suppression lists, and premium services like dedicated IP addresses. You can even validate the link, check out the email preview, check for spam, and monitor the delivery rate with the help of this platform. These capabilities ensure improved email deliverability rate with reputation management for all your marketing emails as well as triggered automation emails

2. Robust lead-scoring model

Marketo offers a lead-scoring model that gives you the provision to assign a score to every lead based on the action carried out by them. It is a multi-dimensional lead scoring model that gives scores based on demographics, behavior, and social media engagement. Accordingly, you can set rules and filters with the help of which you can set personalized automated emails for the different segments. It will make your lead nurturing campaigns more effective and increase the click-through rate and conversions too. 

If you think your segmentation and targeting processes are not upto the mark, Marketo can precisely micro-segment the entire database and help you target the right person at the right time with the right message. This plays an integral role in email marketing. It is still true that 50% of your success in any campaign is dependent on how well and how specifically your list has been targeted. 

3. Multi-step workflows

Relevance is the key if you want to stay ahead in the competition and make your email marketing work. With Marketo, you can engage your customers with tailormade content and nurture your relationships with them over time and move them through their buyer’s journey. Such multi-step drip campaigns are mapped out according to the responses and behaviors of the prospective customers. Marketo makes your email campaigns more adaptable which otherwise would be limited to static batch and blast email campaigns that are scheduled according to your assumption rather than the buyers’ perspective. Marketo helps you save time as you no longer waste it on manual campaigns. 

4. Integration of email with the other platforms

How would you feel if someone just came up to you and started conversing about anything under the blue sky without any reference? Weird, right? That’s what most of the subscribers feel about marketing emails. Marketo gives you the opportunity to marry your email with all the other digital marketing channels that the users might be interacting on. By doing so, the email communications you send will be in line with the real-time customer behavior. 

These triggers can be:

  • When a customer downloads a resource from your website
  • When a customer abandons a cart from your ecommerce site
  • When a customer visits the pricing page
  • When a customer fills out the contact us form

When any of these activities or other triggers occur, marketing automation can send an email to that customer. As it is relevant and timely, it will increase the likelihood of getting conversions from your email. 

5. Determination of email ROI

While other email platforms might not be able to give you any further information apart from open rates and click-through rates, Marketo comes with the features that let you know which activities are bringing in business revenue for you. It gives you a clear picture of your email marketing performance and its role in revenue generation. 

6. An inbound marketer’s best friend

Some of the inbound marketing professionals express their opinion against email automation. However, it is not this tactic that is good or bad but the way in which it is executed. That’s what makes all the difference. In most cases, marketing automation improves behavioral segmentation and 1:1 targeting capabilities, which eventually make the communications more pertinent for the subscribers. 

Wrapping Up

Automation lets you build brand awareness, educate the market, increase the customer and prospect engagement, and keep your subscribers hooked to your emails. It complements all the other marketing tactics that you are carrying out and completely transforms the way your sales and marketing departments work. 

If you need help with migrating to Marketo or setting up a complicated automation workflow with this ESP, Email Uplers would love to help you out. 

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