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Best Practices of Email Signature Marketing

This article will give you an insight into how to design the best signatures for your email templates (with examples)...

Email signature or sig line, is the much loved to flaunt part of an email. While in general it is just information tagged at the end of your email to let the recipient know a little more about you; for marketers it can be the prized real estate space to showcase your business to the world.

According to Email Stats Report, an employee on an average sends out 38 emails every day to either to the company’s customers, prospects, partners or investors. If there are 50 employees who send out such emails for 250 business days, there will be 475,000 annual sends.

Just imagine the brand visibility all those professional email signature can help you get, besides driving traffic to your website, and creating awareness about your company’s initiatives. In short, Email signature besides being an online business card is a powerful, low-cost and high-return marketing tool – but also the most overlooked one.

email signatures tips

Here are the Dos and Don’ts about how to make a professional HTML email signature with examples:

Dos Of Email Signature Marketing- Email Signature Best Practices

1. Lay out a good email signature design

A maximum of 7 lines – that’s the ideal professional email signature format. The best email signature generally contains your key contact details, social media icons and advertising message. However, one of the most important things to consider is the design and layout of your email signature; make sure it goes well with the type of industry you are in. You can let your creative juices flow here but bear in mind professionalism is the key.

  • Your key contact details should always be in the color of the email body text for consistency.
  • Links can be in different colors.
  • Maintain a fixed font type and size throughout the mail. You can experiment with the font but it’s better to stick to the websafe fonts, so as to ensure its legibility across devices and email clients.

Here is one of the best email signatures examples:

best email signature sample

2. Link Email Recipients to Your Website and Blog

Every email sent from your Company should have an email signature accompanied by a link to your website. Surprisingly enough, very few companies stick to this basic rule. You need to take advantage of the fact that your recipients are already online.

By providing a link to your website, you are giving them an option to re-engage and stay connected with you. Links can be of two types: Text links and Image links. You could just give a link to the blog home page or create a direct link to your latest blog post.

Fig. For business email signatures, image links (could be the logo) are a lot more effective.

professional email signature example

Fig: Make the link text more appealing using color or underlining it.

You could also link to your app on the App Store or Google Play Store from the signature. Create a QR Code for shortening the path to downloading an app from desktop to mobile.

3. Connect with them through social media

The best email signature designs include links to social media pages on which you post regular updates – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to keep your subscribers hooked to your brand.

professional email signature design

4. Inform them of Upcoming Events

Is there a conference at which you are invited as a speaker? Are you coming up with a trade show? You can change your professional email signature to reflect the happenings in your company. Create a simple banner, with a link to a landing page describing the details of the event, and place it below your main email signature.

good email signature design

5. Promote Recent Content

Email signature is the perfect place to promote a white paper, eBook or industry report you just published. You can create an attractive banner or just add a plain text link. Here is one of the most perfect professional email signature examples:

promotional email signature sample

6. The Word ‘Free’ is a Magnet!

As always, the word ‘free’ can be strategically used in email signature marketing to generate interest and attract lead for your products/services. Offer a free tool, maybe an online calculator or an educational game or a free software download, and you are bound to grab their interest.

example of email signature

Fig: A ‘free trial’ link on your email signature can help drive downloads.

7. New Offers on the Block

Informing your subscribers about new campaigns that highlight a particular offer through your email signature can work in your favor. Tell them about your new catalog, promotions, or new products on offer. Track the performance of your offers and push the best performers to boost your ROI.

sample of email signature

8. Promote Yourself

Don’t shy away from promoting your success stories. A testimonial from reputed clientele highlighting the exceptional result achieved using your product/service will add a feather in your cap.

Good Email Signature Sample

9. This is a MUST

Different countries have different laws. So depending on where you run your business, it is mandatory to add a few details about your Company in your email signature. For instance, as per the laws of Netherlands, you have to include details like your company name, registration number, registry location, registered office, etc. Thereby, it is best to consult your legal representative to find out more.


7 Don’ts of Email Signature Marketing

1. Do not Go Overboard

You need not go overboard by including every single detail and contact information in the signature of HTML mail. Only add contact information that is necessary and regularly used. Adding multiple phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and social media networks, you might not only sound confusing but desperate as well. Here is an HTML email example showing what you should never do in your signature…

bad email signature example

2. Avoid Multiple Fonts

Although you can experiment with colors and fonts, avoid using more than 2-3 different ones if you really want your professional email signature to look stylish. The fonts, colors, and design – all put together in the following HTML email signature is a strict no-no.

Spammy Email Signature Example

3. Avoid Using Images for Signature

Using an image as your signature in an HTML email is a big NO. With many devices and email clients having default settings that block images, an email signature that is in an image format will not be visible to all. Also, not hosting images in your signature on a web server can turn against you. It is good to have ALT-TEXT as a fallback option.

4. Avoid Personal Quotes

Personal quotes in a business email signature can be a turn-off. Avoid them unless you are a writer or you have a mighty good reason to do so.

5. Irrelevant Links

Irrelevant links in an email signature can be catastrophic. Even though you might want to add a link to your blog, make sure the blog is not too old and the content is relevant to the person receiving it.

6. Minimal Use of Images

Signatures with more than 2 primary images are not going to take you anywhere. Your email recipient might get miffed because the download is costing him money. So, stick to a maximum of 2 images, ideally with a length and width of 250px.

7. Disclaimers

Doing away with long disclaimers is one of the most important best practices for email signatures. Just add a few lines and then, if the need be, include a link to a detailed version. The disclaimer in the image below is an apt sized one:

Email Signature Marketing Sample


It is very important to tap the potential of email signature marketing, as emails are the most used communication medium in businesses. The best email signatures help in brand awareness and also has the power to drive traffic to your website. Just make sure you are doing it right!

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