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Email Marketing Mix – 5Ps every email marketer should meditate!

There are five Ps that form the foundation of an effective email marketing strategy. Read on...

With more and more marketers preferring email as a communication channel, acquiring the right elements for your e-mail marketing campaign can get strenuous – with countless decisions involved along with the persistent threat of the campaign going wrong! Amidst those threats, we Uplers brings you the e-mail marketing mix that would help you get the best ROI on your email campaigns!

1. Process

Process refers to the sequence of every small procedure linked to successfully executing your email marketing strategy. You might have a different email marketing strategy and likewise, a different email marketing approach. Your email marketing can include setting up autoresponders, remarketing for your cart abandoners, sending out an informative newsletter every month, or a promotional email. Depending upon the kind of email strategy you follow and the type of campaigns you want to execute, you will need to define processes for the same. The process might include design calendar, production schedules, execution dates, list building and more.

2. Promotion

Promotion is the main pillar on which most email marketers build their email structure. Make sure that the promotion of your brand is done in a right way when you use email marketing. Don’t overdo promotion otherwise you might be under the lens of your ISPs and even subscribers. Do take care about the promotional email design best practices and blend it with offers and discounts for repeat customers. While promoting brand though this amazing BTL tool, do take care of the legitimate functionalities and try incorporating them in your emails like the address of your company, unsubscribe option, etc.

3. Platforms

Choosing the right email marketing platform will bring around your e-mails well and as per the expectations of the subscribers. Both sending platforms and testing platforms must be chosen after evaluating their functionalities and analyzing if they are meeting the requirements of the campaign.

There are hosts of email Service Providers like Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, iContact, etc. Your divine pick of a sending platform should be based on the needs of the campaign, segmentation features, targeting, reporting and analytics and other sending facility that such ESP provides.

Your emails don’t render perfectly unless you test them before sending and fix the errors found during testing. Testing platforms like Litmus and Email on Acid are widely used.

4. People

There is an involvement of a lot of people to get your email marketing in place. The right amalgam of people – from designers, coders, integration experts to agencies, etc.will ensure a job well done. Efficient coders can furnish error less code backed by designers that stay updated with the latest design trends, can give thorough results. The integration experts will help you integrate your templates with your email software systems. If you are hiring an agency, make sure they have a talented pool of resources, knowing about email design, integration, coding, and customization all at the same time.

5. Preference

Providing preference centers to your subscribers is the best way to gauge their interest and to be able to acknowledge their precise needs. Providing exactly what the customer needs has always worked well. Once the responses are received – analyzing them is equally essential to understand the subscriber’s interests and later tweak the email strategy and related processes according to their preferences.

These are some of the latest email marketing tips and when used right, will help you achieve the best email ROI. We hope the aforementioned e-mail marketing mix that Uplers have devised would help you get the most out of your campaigns and email marketing platform!

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Kevin George

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing full-service email marketing companies. He is an email enthusiast at heart and loves to pen down email marketing content. You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.



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