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Exploring the scope of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Managed Services

Exploring the scope of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Managed Services

Wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage your CRM at a low cost and still get the best results? Let’s learn more about SFMC Managed Services...

Salesforce, undoubtedly, is a powerful and effective tool for every business out there. However, any software is effective only when you have the right resources to maintain its smooth functioning. Many businesses rely on their in-house teams for the problems they face in their email and marketing campaigns in SFMC, but this becomes ineffective at times as it doesn’t stop problems from arising in the first place. 

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Managed Services, your business can easily get over the challenges in SFMC, will be spending less, and can achieve desired results. 

What are SFMC Managed Services 

To help your organization implement and leverage SFMC optimally, there are various agencies that provide SFMC managed services. With their team of SFMC specialists, they help marketers build, develop, and deploy the right email or marketing campaigns at the right time, taking into account every aspect of the #1 CRM. 

Many organizations that use SFMC lack in effectively utilizing the platform. But Salesforce Managed Services can help them to run and manage their marketing activities smoothly across all channels. 

What the team of SFMC specialists can do

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Managed Services include a set of services that basically take care of your SFMC marketing activities and any issues that may be affecting your operations. Let’s take a look at what these activities are: 

  • Implementation: The team will deploy Salesforce Marketing Cloud to make the most out of your Salesforce environment. This means that the SFMC specialists will help you out with the best cross-channel marketing campaigns that you are willing to implement.
  • Consulting: The business and the consulting specialists will analyze the strategies for your organization according to your objectives. 
  • Customization: This includes customization of your reports and dashboards within the Marketing Cloud to make everything easy to navigate and use. Thus, it will help you with keeping track of those campaigns in one place. 
  • Integrations: The team will integrate or connect your CRM platform with third-party platforms or services to leverage its overall purpose. 
  • Data Management: The SFMC specialists will use the powerful ETL tools to import, manage, and export the valuable data collected by the Salesforce users. 
  • Support: The SFMC team will help with fixing bugs, auditing, regular system checks, and much more. Thus, after taking the desired SFMC managed services, the specialists ensure that everything is in place. 

Why you need SFMC Managed Services

If you are an SFMC user, you will agree that while the platform offers various amazing functionalities, to make the platform work for you, you need expertise. Let’s now dive into why you need managed services for your SFMC.

Get The Expertise You Need

When you opt for Salesforce Marketing Cloud managed services, you have an entire dedicated SFMC team working on all your SFMC requirements from end to end. Marketing campaigns in SFMC get complicated at times; experts can help. 

Lower Your Cost 

Your in-house teams/consultants can be an expensive decision for your business. But, if you go in the direction of Managed Services for your marketing campaigns in SFMC, you will have to pay as and when you opt for certain services only. Hence, you can save your cost by choosing SFMC specialists for your specific needs. 

Focus on Business Goals

If you avail of the best SFMC managed services, you are allowing your teams to retain their focus on the core business objectives of your organization while the agency or service provider works dedicatedly on strategies to up your SFMC performance. 

Great for Non-IT Teams

SFMC’s managed services allow you to work without a technical team. This means you can work with your non-IT teams to deliver consistent results while everything in SFMC is taken care of by the service provider. And even if you have your in-house IT teams, you can allow them to focus on the major operations such as developing core applications. 

Better Results

Managed Services in Salesforce Marketing Cloud would help your brand achieve better results by identifying the risks and the challenges beforehand. The dedicated SFMC specialists help you achieve the best results by constantly monitoring and keeping track of the progress of your campaigns. 

How to make the most of SFMC Managed Services

These services in the marketing cloud help a business serve their clients in the best possible way. You can get the right guidance from the right people at any hour of the day as they give you the best customer support for your needs.

Optimize Your Previous and Current Projects 

Improve your competence by effectively optimizing your old and current projects. You might be working on your current campaign in SFMC, but optimizing your old projects is important as well. 

These specialists help you cut down on the costs and get better results as per your requirements. Also, this would allow Salesforce partners to manage the business process, refine backlogs, and focus on overall objectives. 

Plan Strategically

Certified SFMC experts help a business plan an effective roadmap of the marketing campaigns. These experts keep in mind the most important details of running those campaigns in SFMC for your unique enterprise needs. Also, they help chalk out your budget, time to execute the project, the number of team members, the size of the database, CRM requirement, and every other detail for the campaign implementation in SFMC. 

Know the Development 

Improve your project usability by knowing the development progress. The SFMC specialists never leave you out of the loop as they want you to know the progress of your projects. These providers use the best practices for DevOps, keeping the needs of your campaign in mind and the workflow. Also, they guide you with the development process, such as crawl, walk, or run within the project. 

Train Your Users

Allow the Salesforce partners to train your users, administrators, and managerial professionals. The SFMC managed services partners will help your teams become experts at their work. Also, these specialists will help managers do their jobs proficiently and lead their team members accordingly. 

Get the Best Technical Support

Your teams can use SFMC’s managed services to get the best technical support required to finish a task in SFMC. Furthermore, you get the right launch support when your marketing campaign is implemented and customized. So, with managed services in SFMC, your teams can avail of the best technical support. 

Wrap Up

Whether you are a big organization or a small one, the best way to make the most out of the Salesforce platform is to focus on the managed services as it helps you get the best business insights, tools, practices that boost your business. 

We hope that now you know about the what, why, and how of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Managed Services, and you can leverage it for your campaigns to get the best results. We will be back with another article soon to help you out with everything in and around SFMC! 

Need assistance with SFMC managed services for your business? Get in touch. 

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