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How SFMC Content Builder can help you deliver the best content to your audience

How SFMC Content Builder can help you deliver the best content to your audience

With a growth rate of 106%, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that email marketing has the ability to drive engagement and success for every kind of b...

With a growth rate of 106%, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that email marketing has the ability to drive engagement and success for every kind of business. That’s the reason brands across the globe are leveraging email marketing to the core and spending a whopping $350 million on email advertising.

Moreover, with 306.4 billion emails sent and received every day, the competition to excel amidst brands has become high. Every brand is trying to acquire the customer’s attention. So, if you wish to make your place in the customer’s inbox, you must move forward with a robust email marketing strategy. The one that is personalized and resonates with the needs and wants of your customer base 

This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Content Builder comes in handy. It helps you curate emails that do all the work for you without any coding. Simply put, it streamlines your email content creation and gives you a competitive edge over others. 

What is the Content Builder?

Content Builder works as a cross channel content management system. It helps marketers in creating, managing, and editing their email content. It works in sync with your team and functions the way they do, whether it is the use of coding or plug-and-play HTML. 

Therefore, if you wish to deliver the best content to your customer base, Content Builder can be your go-to name. However, before you dig deep in delivering the best of content through Content Builder, let’s take a look at the various content that can be created through it.  

What are the types of content created through Content Builder?

  • Email messages

The content builder can help you create emails from the beginning. The emails can be customized through multiple layout options of the templates.

  • Email Template

If you are an amateur at creating emails, you can make use of templates. Content Builder comes with an option of a variety of templates ranging from basic, empty to themed one with pre-designed layout. 

  • Content Blocks

A message layout is made up of various blocks of content. These blocks are an amalgamation of images, texts and buttons. Depending upon your message, a layout can contain one or many content blocks. The Content Builder can help you create these blocks. You can even create reusable content blocks such as company contact information, privacy statements, mission statements, logos and product descriptions. You can drag these reusable blocks into multiple messages and maintain the consistency of your brand and message. 

Now, since you know about the types of content created through the Content builder, here’s how you can create the best of content through it.

How Content Builder can help you deliver the best content to your audience?

1. Facilitates personalization through the creation of dynamic content

Content Builder, with the help of its dynamic content blocks, assists you in targeting your customer base with precision and saves you from the hassle of manipulating data. All in all, it gives you the opportunity to work on a manageable scale along with delivering a more personalized experience to your customer base that your subscribers need and want. 

In addition, Dynamic content also saves your time. Consequently, it gives you the option to customize data specific sections with a single email tailored to meet the needs of customers. As a result, it helps you avoid creating multiple and personalized versions of the same email. 

2. Helps in maintaining brand standards 

It is critical to keep your brand content consistent across all your channels. From color and header to style and design elements, everything needs to be in sync to give your customer a seamless browsing experience. 

This is where you can take the help of Content Builder permission and maintain your overall brand consistency. In addition, you can even keep a check on how and what you are communicating with your customers by locking specific content areas and configuring the approvals.

3. Works on subscriber preview

The subscriber preview functionality of Content Builder helps you in seeing beforehand how your email will look in the eyes of your customer base. So, before you hit the send button, make sure you preview it through the subscriber preview and send the email that you intended to send. To put it in other words, the subscriber preview gives you the confidence to send your email by double-checking the quality of your content. And if that’s not enough, it even allows you to preview those emails that are customized through your own CRM data. 

4. Helps in seamless creation, management, and customization of content 

The Content Builder comes with an accelerator that helps marketers in seamless creation and streamlining of customized content through recommendations, best practices, and enablement options. It works towards driving engagement through the optimization of the overall content creation process. 

Further, to ease the overall process of content creation, the accelerator makes use of the “walk with me” tutorial to guide marketers through new features and tips. This, in turn, doesn’t only lead to a reduction in publishing time but also improves the overall content curation process. Further, it also keeps in sync the goals and objectives of your business, thereby increasing collaboration and customized recommendations. 

Wrap up

SFMC’s Content Builder helps you do it all. Whether it is building content blocks, creating templates or publishing emails; just a click is enough to get your work done. So, if you wish to keep your brand inline with your business guidelines while customizing and maintaining the consistency of your content, it is high time you make extensive use of Content builder. 

Remember, the key to success is by working smarter, not harder. And, Content builder helps you do exactly that. 

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