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I’m not simply an Email – I’m the game of thrones – have you conquered me?

With more and more of email marketers eyeing to upshot their email ROI, it is mission critical to develop an advanced emailing strategy and align it w...

With more and more of email marketers eyeing to upshot their email ROI, it is mission critical to develop an advanced emailing strategy and align it with the overall revenue goals. To do so successfully, Uplers bring you some best in class tips inspired by the TV series of GAME OF THRONES.

Just be bold, move from grief onto the hope!

From being timid and shy in her young age, Daenerys Targaryen – the mother of dragons, turned out to be a great warrior moving further in her life. She has immensely evolved over the various series of the TV show and presents a great inspiration to email marketers. Most email marketers even today fall prey to email myths and are unable to take bold decisions like sending “We are unsubscribing you as we haven’t heard back for a quarter now.” kind of emails to subject line with a word Free and Discount! Also, many of us get bogged down with high unsubscribe or lesser engagement on a few email campaigns, but there isn’t any scope to grieve – Just move on and build better campaigns is the mantra! Arya stark, another character of the season also echoes similar lesson – be fearless and headstrong!

Build on empires – no matter how small you are!

Halfman – Tyrion Lannister, the youngest son of Joanna Lannister and Lord Tywin Lannister is one more lesson to small and medium scale email marketers. The character is referred as halfman because he is a dwarf.  He is quite small, but irrespective of that he is intelligent & witty. Email marketing is no different. No matter how small your company or email list is, you can build empires gradually if you have an email campaign strategy that is powerful, advanced and intelligent. With the help of right analytics, predictive intelligence, dynamic content and smart witty copy, you can win hearts of your subscribers. Once you start retaining your subscribers, have a strategy to grow your list and you win the half battle of thorns already!

Convert subscribers to Eddard Stark

Eddard has a background of dedicated husband, loyal friend and honorable lord. He married Catelyn when they didn’t know each others, but they formed a strong and loving marriage as they passed time. This is remarkable! To have loyal and dedicated subscribers like Eddard Stark should be the main goal of your email program. And, how would you have many such Eddard’s on your list? Well, make sure your email campaigns, either automated workflows or individual standalone campaigns are nurturing subscribers and sending them relevant content at the right time. Adapt to their preferences and make sure they are dedicated to your emails all their life.

Have the information like Lord Varys

Referred to as the spider, Varys is known for his web of intelligent sources. He has strong contacts in the series enabling him to keep an eye on Viserys and other possible threats to King Robert’s reign. How can he teach something to email marketers? Well, data and sources! As email marketers we should heavily rely on data and sources that capture such data for us may it be social intelligence, browsing history, live chat form or anything that provides us information about a possible outcome. With right kind of data you can provide relevant information to subscriber or prospect eliminating the threat of unsubscribe or abandonment or lack of conversion.

And, here are some famous dialogues that could teach email marketers some more!

  • Winter is coming – Your subscribers have stopped engaging, time to revitalize!
  • Hodor? – Well, your copy is out of words and you need to wear your creative hat!
  • The next time you raise hand to me will be the last time you have hands – Well, don’t spam! Take permission else you will never land on their inbox again.
  • Burn them all – The list you bought, your shared IPs, all your deceptive subject lines – burn them today!
  • If you ever call me sister again, I’ll have you strangled in your sleep – its 2015 now so don’t send out emails which are not personalized or real-time blended with predictive intelligence. If you do, your subscribers will unsubscribe and you are strangled!

Game of thrones is a highly successful HBO TV series. And, most certainly all the characters can teach email marketers something may it be sticking to the main goal, being different to stand out and win, building a strong network or just testing the weapons before D-day’s fight.

Is there more you could relate to the game of thrones? Is your email arsenal helping you to conquer business goals? If you have some thoughts, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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