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Uplers unveil 7 ways to resend an Email to the Non-openers!

Being the head at Uplers, I try try and try once more till they attain success with their email clickthrough rates and opens. The only takeaway is to ...

Being the head at Uplers, I try try and try once more till they attain success with their email clickthrough rates and opens. The only takeaway is to alter your email message and try to execute the campaign in a better fashion every time.

Positively, all your non-openers do not belong to the category, where they do not open your message because you have a poor subject line or deliverability issue. Most of your decision makers remain busy on the roads and it is likely possible that they have yet not checked it entirely. However, there might be subscribers who have deliberately not opened the message as they did not find it enough appealing.

Whatever the reason be, Email remains unopened and you want the recipient to open the same! So, is resending the solution? Resending the entire communication might be junking your recipient’s mail box repeatedly and to prevent this resending the communication in a smart way is the solution. So, which are the smart ways to do so?

Check the deliverability framework!

Before proceeding to change your entire email and resending it, do check the deliverability framework. Check the ISP rules and algorithms. Check out our earlier post on 4 verses to an effective Email Delivery to start with!

If you are confident about your delivery framework then the below strategies might be helpful:

Change the subject line:

First thing first, make it look like a different message. If you are sending an email to promote your holiday special offer with a subject line “James, Enjoy your holidays shopping with Our Brands at 50% Off!”and the message remains unattended try out “Didn’t you explore the GREAT BARGAIN from Our Brands James?” Make it look like a gentle reminder or change the words that might attract to your audience. You can also use words like “Reminder” or “Last Chance” straight out.

Send it on a new time:

Try sending out the email communication at different time. Do some research before resending as to whether there is a time dependent open rate for your industry or segment? There are cases when early in the morning might work well while for some other industries a weekend campaign might double the opens and clicks.

Change the Snippet text!

There are email clients who provide a preview text (pulled out from the first few lines of the email body) to the recipient so that they can decide to engage or not even before opening an email.Change your snippet text and make it more attractive. Showcase the exact value proposition for opening the message.

Do some behavioral profiling!

Check out the history! As history repeats, do make sure to profile your subscribers according to their past behavior and list them down separately. If you have a set of subscribers who do not open your promotional message but respond well to the informative emails, try out to blend promotion with information. Eg. “Avail a free research report on the purchase of $200!” Avoid sending the emails to the dead zombies who have not opened any of your emails for past few years!

Change the From Name:

Make sure you send your email communication from a recognizable From Name and Email Address. If you are using try out more personalized, more opens!

Test and Test again!

Try to run some tests like A/B split tests to check which subject lines work for you. To improve the clickthrough rates add more elements like the email lists, CTA placement etc to your testing. Also try out litmus test before launching a campaign. There are 6 steps for effective testing; Uplers could come up with to enhance the CTRs of your campaign.

Open Rates according to the industry:


Takeaway: Resending an email message to the non-openers can attract few more opens however; it should be used sparingly as there is a great risk of repetitive communication leading to the loss of engagement and increased unsubscribe requests.

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Kevin George

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing full-service email marketing companies. He is an email enthusiast at heart and loves to pen down email marketing content. You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.



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