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St. Patrick’s Day Email Inspirations

12 St. Patrick’s Day Email Inspirations To Ensure You Join The Conversion Parade

St. Patrick’s Day is all about getting lucky. Use these email examples to uplift your luck and bring higher conversions...

The season of leprechauns, lucky clovers, Irish coffee, pot of gold, and corned beef and cabbage sprinkled with shades of green is right here. And people are all set to celebrate it in style and with full exuberance this year. It is interesting to see how the per person spending has climbed from USD 33.97 in 2011 to USD 42.33 in 2022. The total spending in 2022 touched USD 5.87 billion

Looking at these figures, it is pretty evident that 2023 will also see some record-breaking spending on 17th March. 

As always, email proves to be one of the most effective channels for occasion-based marketing. You can start early and start sending out St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaigns well in advance. It would give the customers enough time to decide and make the purchase from you. 

As a best practice, divide your campaigns into pre, during, and post St. Patrick’s Day email marketing. The pre-St. Patrick’s Day campaigns will serve as a reminder for the subscribers. These custom email marketing templates will help the readers gear up for the day and shop for everything they need, right in time. 

The next few emails can promote your offers. Share tips, gift ideas, and social proof so that the readers can decide better. 

After 17th March, you can send out post-St. Patrick’s Day emails to notify the readers about sale extensions. Create a sense of urgency by promoting a limited-time offer. It would give the readers a last chance to make the purchase. Also, make sure that you design mobile responsive email templates that render well across different devices. 

Considering all these best practices, we shall now take a look at some of the most impactful St. Patrick’s Day email inspirations. 

St. Patrick’s Day Newsletter Ideas and Examples to Kindle Your Imagination

1. Focus Factor

Subject line: Feeling lucky?

The St. Patrick’s Day email by Focus Factor piques the subscriber’s curiosity by keeping the discount value a secret. The hero image and the copy complement each other and entice the reader to click on the CTA. They have made good use of the green color in the copy and CTA. Unlike other promotional emails, Focus Factor has stood true to its name and kept the email focused on a single message that makes it easier for the readers to take action. If you want to create an email like this one, you can get in touch with us and we will convert your psd to HTML email template.

2. swanky badger

Subject line: Our St. Patrick’s Day barware picks

With an attractive GIF in the hero image and relevant visuals in the subsequent folds, swanky badger has nailed their St. Patrick’s Day email. More so because St. Patrick’s Day is the third most popular drinking Holiday which makes their products an important part of the celebrations. They have used different shades of green in the email to reflect the vibe of this Holiday. In the footer, they have encouraged people to tag them in their social media posts. It will help them get user-generated content which can be used in future campaigns. 

3. Oasis

Subject line: Freshly picked florals

The email by Oasis has nailed visual email marketing by using beautiful photographs featuring the huge range of their products. The readers are sure to click on the CTA and check their website. The subject line clearly communicates the purpose of the email and lets the user know what it is all about. Remember that your preheader should not be a repetition of your subject line. Instead, it should elaborate the subject line. For example: In this case, the subject line is: Freshly picked florals and the preheader text says: Plus, enjoy 40% off Spring Dresses exclusively on the app!. That’s brilliant usage of the preheader text space. 

4. Gia Minerals

Subject line: Happy St Patrick’s Day – Your Golden Gift

The St. Patrick’s Day email by Gia Minerals is likely to perform well because of three reasons:

  • A hero image that demonstrates the usage of their product
  • Visuals and copy that are aligned with St. Patrick’s day elements
  • User testimonials that work as social proof and build the reader’s confidence

The email footer shares the social media icons so that the users can stay connected with the brand through alternative channels too. 

5. Silk Maison

Subject line: FREE dresses for St. Patrick’s Day!

Holidays are the perfect time to organize giveaways and boost your online visibility. That’s what Silk Maison has done through their St. Patrick’s Day email. It will not only enhance your social media followers but also give you access to user-generated content. You can include it in your future campaigns, thereby increasing your brand credibility. Subscribers are likely to take action as the email promises an attractive incentive to the winners. The email is neatly organized with an engaging copy, relevant visuals, and ample white space. 

6. Breathalzyer

Subject line: You don’t need luck for this deal

There are four things that make the St. Patrick’s Day email by Breathalzyer a winner.

i. A hero image that matches the holiday mood
ii. Typography that reinforces visual hierarchy
iii. An actionable CTA contrasting the overall design and letting the user know how much they will save on making the purchase
iv. GIFs showing 360 degree view of their products

7. cratejoy

Subject line: $10 off $50 This Week Only

Of course, visuals form an important element of all email designs, especially occasion-based emails. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t read your copy. You can add some humor, metaphor, pun, and make your emails a fun read. Here’s how cratejoy has used “shamrocks” to describe their rocking St. Patrick’s Day offer. In the second and third folds of the email, they have promoted different products available on their store followed by a common CTA inviting the users to shop. 

8. Asos

Subject line: 20% off everything for St Patrick’s Day!

If you follow our content resources regularly, you must have surely read our predictions for email design trends 2023. Asos has made excellent use of gradients and neons in their St. Patrick’s Day email. Generally, brands use soft pastels in their gradients but Asos has incorporated neon colors to stand out. In the second fold, they have used neon colors to highlight their offer for the occasion. The images and text are in perfect sync and follow the 20:80 ratio. Overall, it’s a neat design with plenty of breathing space for the readers.

9. Pet Creations Art

Subject line: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Brands are experimenting with different types of visuals like 3D images, illustrations, and animations in their emails. Pet Creations Art has used a nice illustrative image to portray their artistic products. The copy and CTA blend in the overall hero section of the email. There’s just one problem. The footer mentions copyright 2021 while it should be 2022 (as it was sent in 2022). Although it looks like a trivial matter, it does make a difference.

By far, we’ve seen email campaigns to be sent before and during St. Patrick’s Day. Now, we will talk about the post-St. Patrick’s Day emails.

10. MailPix

Subject line: It’s Not Too Late! Extended St. Patty’s Day Sale

MailPix has sent out a nice post-St. Paddy’s Day email with prominent use of green color. It highlights the offer and CTA, that are the most important elements of the email. So, visually it has done a great job. However, the copy has a typo where drinkware is spelled as dinkware. We cannot emphasize the importance of proofreading enough. Always have someone to check your emails before deployment. The tone, language, and spellings in your copy are as important as the email design. 

11. My Magic Carpet

Subject line: We’ve Extended Our Sale

My Magic Carpet has chosen the visuals in such a way that they depict aesthetics, comfort, and uniqueness of the products. Despite the perfect imagery, there is a small problem with this email. Although it informs the readers about the extension of the sale, it doesn’t clearly communicate when the sale ends. It would have been great to include the exact date and time, like Sale ends on 18th March 00:00 EST. This becomes all the more important when you are catering to a global subscriber base. 

12. Luxor Linens LLC

Subject line: Did you miss this, dear?

The green gradient and monochrome look make the email by Luxor Linens, LLC a winner. It is easy on the eyes and effectively conveys the gist of the email — 20% Off, coupon code, and the validity of the sale. They have also highlighted their limited collection products which further entices the readers to make the last-minute purchase. 

Wrapping Up

Now, those are some awesome ideas, right? So, pull up your socks to create impactful St. Patrick’s Day emails and woo maximum customers. You can even add interactivity and gamification in your St. Patrick’s Day email template like Email Uplers has done in the email below. However, make sure that you create mobile responsive email templates while applying these elements. 

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