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The Mailchimp Master Template from Uplers.

Do you face the template design headache every month end when you need to get your newsletter readied OR for email templates, every time you declare p...

Do you face the template design headache every month end when you need to get your newsletter readied OR for email templates, every time you declare product discounts?

Uplers brings you the most divine solution to it with its Mailchimp Master Template, downloadable for free. Uplers are Mailchimp experts and this template has been designed keeping all their coding needs and best practices in mind.

For those email marketers who utilize Mailchimp as your ESP to deliver your very important marketing emails and newsletters, the Mailchimp Master Template can pose as a one stop solution to save on all that extra time spent on the email campaign clock.

Of course brand identity and brand assets are extremely important to marketers, and this master template allows you just that. A one-time email template customization for your brand can provide you a lot of ease for every next email campaign to be launched along with your emails looking newer every time!

How does the Mailchimp Master Template work?

Uplers Mailchimp Templates allows the user to easily edit the various blocks of template in order to customize your own email template.

Benefits associated with the Mailchimp Master Template:
1. The master template is editable as per Mailchimp’s editor which helps in creating the most fresh email templates.

2. The template can be customized as per your brand assets; which is only a one-time effort! (or you could let the Uplers do it for you!)

3. The template provides absolute ease of integration with Mailchimp reducing most of your ESP worries.

4. The ready to use responsive master template comes handy every time you need to holler out to your fellow subscribers.

5. The Uplers Master Template is tested for compatibility across 40+ email clients.

6. Once the email is customized in HTML, this master template eliminates the entire redesign and coding cost, thereby increasing the campaign ROIs.

This Mailchimp Master Template by Uplers can help marketers create multiple Mailchimp email templates out of the free Mailchimp master template downloadable here. Welcome emails, newsletters, re-engagement emails or promotional emails – you can create them all using this template. Following is a preview of the master template.

Master Template for MailChimp

Download our free master template and let us know what you think of it; in the comments below. 🙂

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Kevin George

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing full-service email marketing companies. He is an email enthusiast at heart and loves to pen down email marketing content. You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

5 thoughts on “The Mailchimp Master Template from Uplers.”

  • Tim Cleary

    Is this meant to work in the mail chimp drag and drop editor. If so, do you have some (idiot proof) upload instructions? Thanks!

    • Email Monks

      Hey Tim, thanks for downloading the template. You could use this template as a custom template uploading it in the MailChimp’s template section. It does not work in the drag and drop editor.

  • Rick

    Thank you for making this master template available, it looks great!

    The only thing is that after I imported it in mailchimp I cannot delete correctly certain parts of the template. I mean with te +/- on the side of the screen.

    What is the best way to delete sections I dont want to use? I have a very basic understanding of html.

    • Hey Rick!
      Normally you should do that at the campaign level, so that you don’t have to add the blocks that are not needed by you.

      Secondly, if you wish to permanently delete them, you can let us know. We can help you remove those sections. Just mention the sections that you wish to remove. It will be modified in the HTML code.

      If you want to remove it temporarily at campaign/message level, then it can be done in a campaign by not adding them using dropdown. It is advisable that you don’t add or remove the blocks on template level as editing at template level is not much recommended.

      Let us know if you need further assistance. Uplers will be happy to help.

  • Glad you liked it. Stay connected! 🙂

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