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How Uncommon Goods sends Uncommon Emails To Woo Their Subscribers

Email marketing is inevitable and a leading growth hacking tool! Traditional email newsletters and one-off email campaigns are still serving their pur...

Email marketing is inevitable and a leading growth hacking tool!

Traditional email newsletters and one-off email campaigns are still serving their purposes, but what makes modern email marketing an advanced communication channel is how, with time, emails have involved in establishing connections. Emails are essential across all the business verticals but the industry that is generating the highest friction from email marketing is eCommerce. 

When it comes to making the most of email marketing, the unique and crafty gift retailer, Uncommon Goods sure knows how to keep its email game strong with leveraging email automation best practices.

Marketing automation is all about relevancy-rich targeting, and when it comes to personalization, nothing beats emails. Automated emails are said to generate 320% more revenue than the non-automated ones, and if this isn’t a number that can widen your eyes, we don’t know what can…

Uncommon Goods sends a series of emails throughout the customer journey under different email marketing campaigns. Let’s explore the types of email campaigns they indulge in and what are the best aspects of their email template designs.

How Uncommon Goods nails their Email Campaigns

On an average, Uncommon Goods sends 27 emails per month. Though the frequency might look way too much, they utilize smart segmentation to target different email lists with distinct email campaign propaganda. Let’s see how they do it…

1. ‘New This Week’ Series

Uncommon Goods keeps on updating their product categories, and to educate their subscribers about the new arrivals, they send emails regularly. The ‘Just In’ or ‘New this week’ series includes images of the products with a little description and price. The series is segmented based on new arrivals that can trigger online footfalls. Take a look at their email designs. The subtle GIF element adds to the awesomeness.  

product image in email

image of product email template

2. ‘Pre Order’ Series

The next email series that Uncommon Goods runs is for creating a buzz! Ecommerce is all about pushing your prospects further down the conversion funnel and just like educating them, pre-order is a tactic that ecommerce stores use to grab the eyeballs even before the product arrives. These emails are useful in predicting buyer responses when it comes to introducing a new product. The goal behind these emails is to understand the purchase intent, manage distribution and orders, inventory, user demographics, and more. Here’s how Uncommon Goods does it with GIFs that make the email even more engaging.

new arrive product image

Email template sample

3. The ‘Sale’ Announcements

The average eCommerce website conversion rate is 2.86%, while email marketing is still the most ROI generating channel. What we are getting at is, brands should announce their Sale, Discount offers, and other price-drop alerts via emails to maximize the revenue. You need to be seen in order to sell, and the reason is, most businesses, including Uncommon Goods, never miss out on an opportunity to inform their subscribers about the upcoming/ongoing Sale. Check these GIF email template designs they send…

they send…

upcoming cell image in email

winter sale email template

4. One for the Community

Giving back to the community you belong to is a great way to increase goodwill. Corporate social responsibility not only gains you credibility, but also increases your loyal customer base who dearly feel for the social issues and community well-being. Uncommon Goods partakes in charity events and even strongly lends their support to ongoing social issues. The email template for such a cause should be sophisticated and concise. Check out how Uncommon Goods is doing its bit for the community and enlightens its subscribers about the same.

e,ail template example

community and enlightens template

5. Tell ‘em what’s happening

Maintaining a website blog section with all the relevant content revolving around your product/service offerings is a considered best practice for organic visitors’ inflow. Moreover, it helps you with search engine rankings too. Uncommon Goods maintains a fresh content flow by publishing artists’ stories, buying or gifting guides, behind the scenes, and much more. They promote the content via monthly email sends to increase visibility which can be interlinked to sales. Here is their email for the blogs.

monthly email template

6. Leverage the special days

Occasional or special day emails are not new. From festive greetings to birthday wishes, brands are sending these emails for long. Besides, being an online gift store, Uncommon Goods has an added advantage to amalgamate its products for occasional gift sharing. They send the best gifting guides via emails. Here are a few examples.

email template for wish

wishing email template

7. Tell Your Story

Humanizing the emails to establish a bond has been emphasized enough! Telling what you are doing and how you are doing it connects your subscribers with your workflow. Apart from your employees, consider your subscribers as your extended family too. People sign up to get insights and not just offer emails. Share your thoughts about a social cause, introduce your employees’ stories, tell them your philosophy, talk about how you care, and why they should choose you over your competitors. Take cues from Uncommon Goods’ emails.

story telling template

8. Abandoned Cart Email Series

Cart abandonment emails are crucial for every eCommerce store because a prospect with such high purchase intent doesn’t come easy. Notifying the abandoners about their products is a technique to win back the ‘almost lost’ sales. Studies have established a belief that email campaigns sending 3 abandoned cart emails yield 69% more orders than sending only 1 email. Uncommon Goods also seems to follow the same practice! With different subject lines, email body, CTAs, and up-sell/cross-sell agenda, Uncommon Goods sends 3 cart abandonment emails distributed over a month’s span. Here they are, in the same order they were sent.




That One Fundamental Aspect About Emails

We’ve seen more than 15 email examples from Uncommon Goods. At the center of every email campaign is the engaging design, consistency, and relevance. The brand has identified different patterns for different types of email campaigns they scale and make the most of GIFs to enhance email engagement. As you can see, all the above-mentioned email examples are uniquely crafted.

Email templates are the heroes to your email campaigns and developing a responsive, actionable, and measurable HTML email template demands expertise. Uncommon Goods has totally nailed it!

Wrapping Up

The next time, when your email developer needs the inspiration to design templates that can convert, have a look at these email examples by Uncommon Goods. If you are looking for an email marketing agency with a result-oriented email marketing approach, Email Uplers is the one! We provide creative and responsive email template production services that can help you ace your email marketing game.

that can help you ace your email marketing game.

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