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How to Orchestrate Your Customer’s Journeys With Marketo

Customer journey mapping and automation, which was once considered a privilege, has now become one of the few pillars of a marketing campaign. This is...

Customer journey mapping and automation, which was once considered a privilege, has now become one of the few pillars of a marketing campaign. This is not only because of the impact it has on the email marketing programs but also because it helps in the coordination of cross channel marketing. Although average customer journey optimization is based on an ideal customer journey, Marketo takes the game to the next level by adapting to unique customer triggers and actions.

Monitoring the customer journey can get tedious especially when one has to keep track of all the updates and reflect the fluctuations in email behavior trends on all of the brand’s marketing assets. This is precisely why we need customer journey orchestration. But, before we go into how Marketo makes this process expedite and efficient, let’s take a quick dip in the pool of basics.

What is Customer Journey Orchestration?

Customer journey orchestration is the function of automating customer interactions across every marketing platform of a brand. It is a developmental function which requires a formula that continuously adapts to the behavior patterns of each individual customer.

Orchestrating a customer journey allows a marketer to provide each and every consumer with a unique personalized experience, irrespective of their location, source of access, intention, and relationship with the brand. To put it in simple words, every visitor to your website, every recipient of your email or every follower on your social media will have personalized content delivered to them. This practice has proved to accelerate the sales cycle by 18%. This clearly implies only one thing – the more personalized and relevant the content, the more the conversion.

Orchestration breaks down the process of how various customers deal with the brand channels, touchpoints or triggers, and what they perceive of the brand. If you have not adapted to a full-fledged customer journey orchestration, we’ll tell you why you should do it.

Why Orchestrating your customer’s journey with Marketo is so important

As a marketer, one of your top goals should be to leverage a personality and behavior-driven marketing content to your target audience. With Marketo, this process is not just effective in driving results but also incredibly hassle-free.

The first step of customer journey orchestration is to define your goals and determine the software that is compatible with workflow competencies, is within your budget, and promises to fulfill your marketing responsibilities.

One of the main reasons Marketo stands out in customer journey orchestration is that, apart from streamlining the current technology one is using, it has a non-technical approach in its interface, which allows various teams and departments to work with the flow.

So, using Marketo to orchestrate your customer’s journey for your marketing campaign will let you:

  • Apply the power of automation to complex workflows across your complete technical stack.
  • Deliver a more seamless, relevant customer experience right from  designing a marketo template to delivering it, based on the data retrieved by your sales and customer support teams. 
  • Explore machine learning and artificial intelligence for the smooth operation of task creation, campaign management with real-time notifications.

The best part of Marketo is that all of this can be done without investing time, energy, and money on the development and creation of any such application, and most importantly without coding!

A match made in Heaven- Marketo and Usermind

Understanding the need for customer journey orchestration, especially for platforms offering email service like Marketo, a Seattle start-up called Usermind, expanded its branches to software integration. Usermind is compatible in integrating SaaS applications with databases to manage and orchestrate complex customer interactions.

With Usermind, you can manage all your business assets be it your customers, partners, or your products. Moreover, you can also easily map and define them. Once this process is carried out, Usermind applies business logic and automates marketing processes across multiple applications and teams.

Founded in 2013, Usermind has evolved a lot since then but the purpose and intention behind the application have remained the same – to leverage faster business growth through innovation and business operations technology.

The 6 steps of integrating Marketo and Usermind


You would need to define your marketing goals and identify the journey you want to orchestrate. This will in return help you derive the data required to perform the action and instigate a reaction from the viewer. This is how a customer’s behavior on a website is converted into a lead nurturing task.

customer’s behavior
The journey record on Marketo


Different teams, workflows, and applications will be integrated on the basis of a map. So the second step is to map the data involved.


Define your goals and then set appropriate conditions for the prospects to convert to leads by setting up triggers based on the data received.


In Usermind, goals and rules are mandatorily created. These goals are called ‘milestones’ which are the required criteria to trigger a rule. A rule is generally subsequent to the milestone or the trigger.

customizing various applications
Customizing application On Usermind

There is no limitation when it comes to accessing and customizing various applications as Usermind is compatible with most of them.


As you’re almost set up, the only thing left to do at this stage is to check your workflow and publish the journey. You can also view the output and the simulation of the journey in the shadow mode.


Once your journey is on, you can export and share the records. Most importantly, you can analyze your journey and figure out which orchestrated journey has performed efficiently.

Wrap Up

Usermind is an application beyond average CRM and Marketo’s integration with it has opened doors for hundreds of portals to successful email marketing campaigns. As marketers, the search for the perfect marketing automation might not be over yet but with Marketo and Usermind hand-in-hand, one can say that the perfect customer journey orchestration integration is here. If you wish to know more about Marketo or have questions about migration, avail services from our Marketo Certified Experts and make your marketing automation hassle-free.

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