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5 Sure Fire Ways to Taylor Swift your Emails

Do you like to party while listening to some peppy Taylor Swift songs? Well, so do we! Sometimes because of her happening numbers and most other times...

Do you like to party while listening to some peppy Taylor Swift songs? Well, so do we! Sometimes because of her happening numbers and most other times because of her impeccable marketing skills. So, what could you actually do to Taylor Swift your marketing emails.

Releasing album and sending emails have “TIME” in common

Swift connects with audience at an opportune time which ensures that her album is well-received. Do you have an opportune email send time that could boost up your open and click rate? Swift could be of help! Test a few send times and identify the ones that are well-received. However, it is quintessential to understand the send time patterns from your past campaigns or test marketing and ensure sending out campaigns at a time that can possibly buy you maximum open and click through rates.

Overselling is a bad habit

Well, overselling isn’t a good choice. Taylor Swift understands this quite well. Bad blood would not have been successful had she promoted the album day in and day out. She believes in revealing the suspense just as she is about to launch something making sure there is no overselling.

Similarly, email marketers need to ensure right messaging at the right time. Overdoing promotional emails could endanger your reputation due to an increase in the spam complaints. Segment your email campaigns into various triggers making sure there is a good balance between various content types.

A free CD and Discount Work Wonders!

Swift knows to delight customers well. Swiftmas, one of the Swift’s giveaway is quite popular amongst her fans. Remember, appreciating loyal fans heightens the loyalty to a new extent. Email marketers should have their own Swiftmas wherein they could reward their loyal followers with giveaways in the form of content, vouchers, offers and much more.

Apart, you could possibly thank them for the support. Taylor thanked her fans by inviting them for a special launch of her album and made the experience worth recollecting. This will ensure they stay with you during entire email lifecycle.

Even Celebs get Social, Do You?

Taylor has the right ingredients to keep her social followers engaged. May it be an album sneak peek, free distribution of audio CDs, meet-up contest or throwback of some of her past works, she keeps the stone rolling.

Integrate email with social and engage your subscribers across the omnichannel, especially social. Utilize social channels to enhance the subscribe base, promote email content and show your next campaign teaser. Likewise, use social buttons in email to promote sharing.

You also need to monitor social sites through listening and responding like you do with emails. Here is a great answer from Swift when a fan probed a question.

Swift Fan

And, it’s epic when a singer turns big data analyst

Yes, you heard it correct. Taylor is quite awesome with her data skills. She mines the data about her fans and communicates one to one based on the data sets. Well, she surely doesn’t run predictive models, but yet she manages to do it in an inspiring way. Being email marketers, data is crucial. If a singer can know about her fans and create personal interactions, as email marketers we all ought to ensure sending our more personalized and targeted email campaigns. Identify key data sets and send out emails based on the individual data.

Take Away

  • Timings are crucial
  • Data analysis, segmentation and relevancy is inter-dependent
  • Social listening, thanking, rewarding and quick response system is crucial
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