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Enroute Email? Safety tips & a few don’ts before you detour!

Email is one of the most traveled roads by marketers across the globe. Thanks in no small part to the higher ROI and direct reach, the channel is wide...

Email is one of the most traveled roads by marketers across the globe. Thanks in no small part to the higher ROI and direct reach, the channel is widely popular amongst marketers. While most marketers drive through safely, some also fall prey to bumpy speed breakers along the email road.

So, today, let us share with you a few things to avoid while you enroute email!

  1. Out on a Ride without Fuel

A big NO if you are planning to use this channel without a PLAN! Imagine you don’t have gasoline and you have already embarked – Get ready for some pushups dude! That’s how it happens when you send out email campaign without proper strategizing. Decide on the tone, frequency, images, subject lines, offers, CTAs, overall design aesthetics, fonts and many other things that can make or break an email campaign.

  1. Your links work as GPS

What if you are on to a journey alongside the woods with a GPS that drives wrong signals? Havoc! That’s what happens when your links don’t direct recipients to right pages or don’t direct them at all. Links are crucial so double check whether the links are working fine and redirecting to right pages.

  1. Visuals might attract, but keep your focus on the road

Have you lost your balance or driving ability because of an attractive visual? It’s deadly as you know! Similarly, visuals & imagery in emails play a crucial role as they help enhancing your company’s brand visibility. At times, images also work as your salesmen. However, overdoing images might be tricky because:

(a.) this distracts users from the main content

(b.) a lot of email clients provide images off by default so, if your main content is only an image, it could be your alt tag that could do wonders else your CTR might be negligible

(c.) not maintaining proper text to image ratio might also hamper deliverability.

(d.) for the slow internet on the go users, loading heavy images might be a challenging & daunting task leading to increased spam complaints or reduced CTR.

  1. Put on brakes before it’s too late

Before you are ready to turn to the extreme right near the valley, put on your brakes to see if your view is clear. Rather than sending email that breaks in multiples email clients, it is advisable to test it out using Litmus or Email on Acid and then hit the send button. This helps in determining the accuracy of the code and whether the code requires any further treatment.

Uplers deliver emails after running the email rendering test and making sure that it is compatible to 40+ different email clients.

Likewise, before your domain reputation is hurt you can do your email audit and analyze ways of improving email deliverability.

  1. Be the driver of multiple roads

It’s good you can drive, but driving on different roads with same confidence is important. If the road is smooth you go with good speed, but you change the speed right after you hit a rough road. Similarly, your email too requires a change in the design layout, content blocks, images, etc. when you optimize it for on the go viewers.

Take Away

We hope the above tips will allow you to enroute email safely. Furthermore, to make your journey even smoother use your customer’s data to drive relevant and personalized email messaging…it’s a treasure.

You might have some more safety tips in regards to list management, email testing, deliverability and more. Please feel free sharing them in the comments below.

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Kevin George

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing full-service email marketing companies. He is an email enthusiast at heart and loves to pen down email marketing content. You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.



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