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Easter Email Inspirations to Help Your Campaigns Hop on to Green Pastures!

Want to hit it out of the park with your Easter campaigns? Let these inspirations be your guide!...

20.8 billion– that is how much customer spending in the US for Easter amounted to in 2022. This, when the world was still dealing with the last strands of Covid-19. Now, a whole year later, it is only logical to expect that Easter spending in 2023 will easily surpass its predecessor’s tally to register an astronomical figure that we might have never previously associated with the occasion.

Given the lofty magnitude of the riches on the table, it is no secret that the competition to claim them is going to be extremely stiff. So, what can one do in this scenario to make themselves visible, and to unquestionably rise above their competitors? Focus on crafting immaculate email campaigns. Now that is, of course, easier said than done. And we’re not among those who believe in planting directives in limbo. We have every intention of helping you actualize it, and thus, today, we are bringing to you some of the finest Easter email ideas out there. After you’re done examining them, your creative juices are sure to fire in full throttle. That sound exciting? Well, read on and get started already, then!

1. kathmandu

Subject line: Hunt Down Your Favourite Jacket

Emails that make their objective clear in the first fold itself are the ones that subscribers greatly appreciate for it spares them from scrolling till the end to find out what the email is all about. That is what makes this example one of the finest easter email campaigns out there. Here, kathmandu employs a crisp and lucid copy to state forth their message in the hero section itself. Said hero section is visually striking, courtesy of the deft mix of photographs and illustrations occupying it. Following this section, is a brief, engaging email copy that sets the tone for the products that follow. Thanks to the generous use of white space, the displayed products really stand out and keep the overall layout from appearing cluttered. This is a tactic you can use to make your mobile responsive email templates really pop. To call the reader’s attention to the exclusive voucher that is their due, kathmandu has dedicated a separate portion of the email to it, taking care to use a different color for the same to ensure it doesn’t escape the customer’s radar. 

2. Uncommon Goods

Subject line: 🐰 Last-minute Easter ideas 🐰

Uncommon Goods_Easter_email

When you have a vast range of offerings like Uncommon Goods, casting the spotlight on the majority of them can become a headache. Unless, of course, you take the approach they have taken with their Easter email. Placed in the hero section, is a GIF that neatly packs together a bunch of their most tempting products. Because it’s the first thing that the reader comes across upon opening the email, it doubles up as an incentive to nudge subscribers to check out the rest of the email. After all, if the trailer is that enticing, the film is worth giving a shot, isn’t it? The social buttons and the unsubscribe link can be clearly spotted in the email signature which also contains a cute animation that quite effectively conveys the brand’s social consciousness. 

3. Food52

Subject line: New and finally here! Easter chocolates 🐰


One thing that instantly stands out about the design of Food52’s Easter email is that even though it packs numerous offerings, it isn’t overwhelming to engage with. This can be attributed to the grid layout that holds them. It accords sufficient real estate to each of them so that none of their individual charm gets washed out. As a result, the reader is also encouraged to allot equal attention to them all. The email signature, besides containing the customary view in browser, and manage preferences links also contains a “forward this email” link, making it convenient for subscribers to share the email with their friends and family. This is a clever move for it paves the path for amplifying your exposure and gaining fresh leads in the process. Also notice how the email makes use of one color throughout except in one section where it announces the sale margin. Here, a different color has been used on purpose to amp up the visibility of that particular section.


4. Yosi Samra

Subject line: Last Chance For Easter Savings

What we really like about this email from Yosi Samra, and what makes it count among the best easter email campaigns,  is that it subtly hints at the target audience in the hero section itself. Sure, this might seem trivial to someone who has been a subscriber for a long time but think about the ones who are coming across Yosi Samra’s email for the first time, probably a friend or family member you’ve forwarded this email to. Quite nifty in those scenarios, you’d agree? As a last chance email, it does a wonderful job of creating urgency, first by flashing the message in the hero section, and second by boldening it in the copy that follows. It also contains an incentive for subscribers to sign up for their SMS marketing. The email contains two categories of products and each of them has been given a different CTA with the view of providing greater clarity to the reader.

5. First Day

Subject line: Hippity hoppity your eggs are my property

Humor, when done right, is a tremendous device for driving engagement and First Day’s Easter email bears solid testimony to that. The single-column layout of the email besides making the email easy to navigate also plays a pivotal role in amplifying the efficacy of the joke lying above-the-fold. In a multi-column layout, the texting essence central to the joke’s setup would have been lost, rendering it futile. Despite a visible lack of visual elements, the email is engaging because it actively invites the reader to interact with it. Because there’s a reward to be won, the invitation becomes that much more compelling. In the email signature, the brand’s USPs have been illustrated using icons, making it easier, thus, for readers to commit them to memory. 

6. Love Hemp

Subject line: The countdown is ON! Sale ends midnight

Love Hemp’s Easter email revels in its visual elements-  the high quality product images, the extremely soothing background color, and the unfussy font. The navigation links at the top have been enclosed within a different color brand to make them conspicuous. In the body,  the special sale price of the best-sellers have been emphasized to great effect. At the bottom, the social buttons and the unsubscribe link are easy to spot, too. Overall, this example is testimony to the fact that you don’t necessarily have to do a lot for your easter email ideas to stand out.

7. Imperia Caviar

Subject line: How To Elevate Your Easter Leftovers…

The strength of Imperia Caviar’s Easter email is its brand identity, for the email’s color scheme is the same as that of the band. Though the email is a tad heavy on content, it has been structured neatly and punctuated cleverly with images to keep it from becoming visually demanding. To win the subscriber’s trust, the email has a dedicated testimonial section that is capped off with a badge flaunting the total number of verified reviews the business has received to date. The manage preferences and unsubscribe links have been highlighted in an entirely different color altogether to ensure their visibility is uncompromised.


8. Dermala

Subject line: Your Easter treat from Dermala

There’s much to admire about Dermala’s email design here. First, the playful shower of Easter motifs in the hero section not only conveys the theme of the email but also subtly informs subscribers of the brand’s informal posturing. Said posturing is further reinforced by the email’s choice of section dividers- wavy lines. Next, the product exhibition section in which each product is allotted a bubble of its own, the colors of which correspond to theirs. The product descriptions accompanying them are simple, concise, and informative. The CTA that caps off the email is well, inventive, more than capable of coaxing a smile, and definitely something you’d consider clicking.

9. koala

Subject line: Hey, Easter Egg Hunter!

koala’s Easter email serves as a good example of how one ties in their triggered emails with the occasion at hand. Over here, the email hints at the subscriber’s website interactions, but it doesn’t stop there. It builds upon it and throws a challenge to them, promising a reward should they manage to rise up to it. Such challenges are an excellent way of both engaging your audience as well as skyrocketing your website traffic. The CTA is visually prominent and humorous in nature, giving it a high probability of getting clicked. The email signature states clearly the nature and terms of the challenge, thereby eliminating all scope of doubt in the subscriber’s mind.

10. RobeMart

Subject line: SALE EXTENDED: save 50% today…

RobeMart’s email’s pastel colored background is a great foil to the black text that occupies its foreground, allowing it to pop out gloriously. A few USPs of the product have been highlighted in the email itself. This will go a long way towards accelerating the customer’s decision making process. Whitespace is a prominent aspect of this email’s design language, which is why it is so pleasing to behold. One of our favorite parts of the email is its lower border, where Easter motifs have been placed ever so subtly. 


11. Email Uplers

Subject line: Easter egg hunt awaits you

Email Uplers_easter_email

Gamification is a power tool of driving engagement and hence it is something we, at Email Uplers, look to employ in our special occasion emailers. Our latest Easter emailer invited subscribers to participate in a simple yet fun egg hunt, the rules of which one can find illustrated in the first frame itself. Upon meeting the game objective, users get the option of sharing their achievement across their social handles as well. Additionally, the “View online” link gives subscribers the choice of accessing the email as a web page in a web browser of their choice. 

Wrapping It Up

Itching to design your own Easter campaign already? That’s just the effect we hoped for these examples to have on you!

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