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How to Leverage Post-purchase Review Emails

In today’s competitive market, garnering customer loyalty isn’t an easy thing. To transform prospective customers into loyal ones, every b...

In today’s competitive market, garnering customer loyalty isn’t an easy thing. To transform prospective customers into loyal ones, every business must provide customers with long term value. It wouldn’t only convert prospective buyers into loyal ones but also boost repeat purchases. This is where post-purchase review emails come in handy.

Post-purchase review emails are automated emails sent to the customers a few days after a purchase is done. These emails are all about asking customers about their shopping experience with your service or product. To put it in other words, post-purchase review emails ask customers the reviews and get the feedback which helps you make your products better and attract more customers to your business. Moreover, with 40.8% of consumers looking up to customer reviews often, it is high time you leverage the most out of review emails to have an edge over your competitors.

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So, are you willing to jump in this review email bandwagon? Here are all the reasons that will make you do so.

●    Enhances customer lifetime value

Post-purchase review emails give you a chance to strike a personal chord with the consumer by building a relationship with past shoppers. It is a great way of letting the customers know that you care about their opinions and feedback. This, in turn, will surely bring them back when they are in need of a product or service that your business sells. Further, driving these former customers back also increases your chances of benefiting from a repeat purchase, thereby, accelerating your sales and profits to an altogether new level.

●    Increases product reviews

Do you know Google indexes product reviews? This means that the higher the number of reviews your product has, the larger are your business’s chances to rank better in Google search results. As a result, the traffic on your website will increase. All in all, asking for product reviews through a post-purchase email is all you need to increase conversion while improving your products and giving your customers seamless shopping experience.

In short, post-purchase review emails are the most efficient way of generating product reviews, resulting in increased traffic, sales as well as insights.

Now, since you know it all about post-purchase emails, the next step is to get hold of the best practices to create an impeccable content for the same. Here are a few of the tips to create such content that would help you get the most out of this email strategy while driving big results.

1.  It’s all about being precise and simple

The average attention span of humans is 8 seconds. That’s the reason humans get distracted so easily. So, it is better to keep your email short, simple and to the point. The main aim of a post-purchase email is to garner a review. So, all you need to do is add a relevant call to action and encourage customers to write a review. Make sure to avoid adding unnecessary elements like banners, sales or marketing CTAs etc. It might pull off the customer away from your brand.

2.  Personalization always works

30% of marketers are already using personalization as a focus area of their email marketing strategy. With customers expecting a personalized experience throughout their shopping spree, personalization indeed is the need of the hour. Therefore, when it comes to posting purchase review emails, you can leverage personalization by using the customer’s name in the body of the content. See how algolia does it like a pro.

  Personalization template


Further, you can even add a picture of the recent purchase done by a customer and ask them to review it. This would make the customers feel important and help you garner genuine reviews while retaining the existing customers and attracting the new ones.

3.  Go with a clear and relevant subject line

As mentioned above, personalization can work wonders for your email marketing strategy So, when you are personalizing the content, make sure you personalize the subject line too. With personalized subject lines garnering 26% higher open rates, personalizing it becomes all the more imperative. Remember, a subject line plays a critical role in deciding whether a customer will open your email or not. So, make sure it’s not only compelling but clear and precise too. Moreover, with 49.3% of emails being opened on mobile devices, it is important to keep the subject line short (55 characters or less) to avoid being truncated. 

4.  Testing and optimization are a must

Post-purchase review email is a strategy that requires consistency. You cannot just create it and forget. You need to measure results and look for ways to improve through regular analysis. From optimizing and testing the subject line and headlines to keeping a check on promotion and the design of the email, you need to do it all to keep a track of your progress.

After content, the next step surely is considering the tactics for crafting a top-notch and successful post-purchase email strategy.  Take a look.

1.  Timing matters

Timing plays a critical role in making or breaking your email strategy. The same is the case with post-purchase emails too. Hence, make it a point to give the customers ample time to receive and try out the product. Consequently, you can find the optimal sending time by conducting some tests. It would help you determine what works best for your customers and comes up with the most responses.

2.   Minimal is the new maximum

The main goal of the email should be to write a review. You can promote additional components and elements too. However, make sure to go the minimal way and come secondary to the main message.

3.  Keep the conversion simple

Make sure the customers follow a particular process and go for a balanced approach with a few simple steps. Remember, complicated long emails don’t only serve as a major time wastage but also, deter the customer from posting. All in all, do it the way Chewy did it and see how it paves new avenues of success for you.

conversion email


Wrap up

Post-purchase email is a powerful email marketing tool. From increasing your revenue and boosting your sales to enhancing customer engagement and reducing the marketing expense, post-purchase emails come with a lot of benefits. Apart from serving as a helpful guide to your potential customers, it also retains your existing customer base. Isn’t that awesome?

So, what’s your take on the post-purchase review email strategy? Do let us know in the comment’s section.

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