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Klaviyo New Product Updates 2022

Using Klaviyo? You Must be Aware of these 2022 Updates.

Through this article, we have unveiled the most exciting updates launched by Klaviyo in Q1-2022...

As Klaviyo claims, they love developers, and that’s why they keep enhancing their foundational APIs, guides, software development kits (SDKs), and developer content. It is one of the most celebrated tools that enables brands to deliver a pleasant user experience across email and other owned channels with effective targeting and higher conversion rate. 

Klaviyo launched some interesting updates at the beginning of 2022, that will make their software more user-friendly for their customers. Let’s take a look at their big revelations. 

13 Klaviyo Updates to Reckon With in Q1-2022

  1. Custom Reports to Track Apple Privacy Opens

The release of iOS 15 with the Mail Privacy Protection feature changed a lot for marketers. Through this feature, users will be able to hide their IP address and privately load all the remote content. 

Mail privacy protection

The email images will be pre-loaded and therefore, senders will not be able to figure out whether a recipient has opened the email or not. You might see an increase in the open rate, which will be a misrepresentation as a result of this privacy policy. 

To bypass this challenge, Klaviyo launched a new feature that allows users to track the exaggerated open rates influenced by MPP. You have to simply incorporate a new field “Apple privacy open” in the open email metrics. Doing so will flag the opens that are possibly because of the MPP. 

You will be able to understand your subscriber’s behavior by incorporating this feature while preparing custom reports and segmenting the subscribers. 

Custom reports

Accordingly, you can personalize the email communications with your subscribers, considering their engagement. 

  1. Flow Improvements 

Executing marketing automation is an exhausting task. What’s even more challenging is searching for the right workflow and implementing it. In the latest update by Klaviyo, you will get the feature to browse automations or flows according to your goal. As a result, it will become easy to find a flow that matches your goals for novices and seasoned professionals alike. 

Here’s an example of the birthday email workflow available in Klaviyo.

Birthday email workflows
Image Source

To learn more about how workflows work in Klaviyo, click here: Getting started with workflows in Klaviyo.

  1. Custom Fonts

Are you bored of using the same fonts in all your emails — the same ol’ Arial, Times New Roman, and web-safe fonts? Klaviyo has introduced custom fonts that will bring freshness to your emails and cut through the noise in the subscriber’s inbox. 

You know what’s the best part? You do not need to add any complicated code to your emails. Just go to the template editor in Klaviyo and check out the options. The new template editor by Klaviyo will allow you to add Google Font, Adobe Font, or upload the imported font from the server or font-hosting service. 

Remember that Apple Mail, iOS Mail, Google Android, Samsung Mail (Android 8.0), Outlook for Mac, and Outlook App do not support web fonts. They will see the fallback font in the system. 

  1. Scheduled Campaigns Back to Draft Mode

How many times have you noticed an error in the ‘already-scheduled’ campaigns? Often, right? There was a time when users had to either clone the campaigns, delete them, or start the process from scratch. Klaviyo has a workaround for this, in their recent update. Users will now be able to edit the scheduled campaigns by clicking on “Pause and Edit”. 

Klaviyo update
  1. Activation of Short Codes and Extending Support for French Keywords in Canada

A five- or six-digit number that businesses can use for sending several text messages in a short time span is known as an SMS short code. Klaviyo has extended support to Canadian short code and recognition of French keywords in Canada. Just like anti-spam guidelines control email deliverability, there are compliance rules for text messages too. If you are using a short code in Canada, you will have to abide by the compliance rule of recognizing French keywords. Your account will respond to French keywords for subscribe, unsubscribe, resubscribe, and help if your number supports text messaging service to Canada. For example: You can respond with “Arret” to stop receiving new text messages and opt out of it. 

  1. Membership With Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA)

Klaviyo is an active member of Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). It strives to adhere to all the compliance rules that apply to marketing. As a result, they have recently joined hands with Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA). The membership will help them stay abreast with the trends and compliance laws prevailing in Canada. After all, compliance begets confidence and helps in protecting the business against any legal issues. 

  1. Integration with Bold commerce

There are numerous brands out there that are based on subscriptions. If you are one of them, Klaviyo is the best tool for you. The recent version of Klaviyo comes with Bold Commerce integration. Users will be able to track the important metrics from the Klaviyo platform itself. For instance, the ‘upcoming subscription order’ can be used to trigger an automated campaign to your clients. You can use data collected from Bold Subscriptions and send targeted marketing campaigns to ‘new subscribers’ or ‘canceled subscriptions’. 

  1. Form Teasers

Have you ever closed a popup signup form by mistake and then struggled to ‘subscribe’? Well, your customers might have also been there, done that. Form teasers are a subtle way to let visitors reopen a closed form or open it when they are ready to fill it out. Unlike popup signup forms, form teasers are not so annoying and intrusive.

Here’s how form teasers work in Klaviyo. 

Form Teasers work in Klaviyo.
  1. Profile Merging

One of the principal challenges with Klaviyo and many other automation tools is that they create different profiles for SMS and email marketing. There is a high probability that you have many phone number-only contacts in your database if you are practicing sms marketing. Now, if they provide their email address, it will create a duplicate entry. The latest Klaviyo update helps deal with this problem. It will merge the SMS-only or email-only entries that belong to the same person. As a result, you will be able to streamline the communication with your prospects and customers. 

You must also make a note of instances when the profile information will not merge. 

  • Suppose a subscriber opts in to SMS with a phone number that does not exist in Klaviyo in an accept format. Also, they have not provided an email address. Such users will be added to a new profile. 
  • In case a customer has opted in for SMS purchases from you but provides a different phone number on the checkout screen, the previous information (if it existed) will be overridden with the new details. Remember that if you had consent for the previous number but not for the new one, the consent will be removed from the profile. You will have to get consent for marketing on the new phone number. 
  • The profile information will not merge if a user subscribes via a keyword or a click-to-text banner in an email or targeted form.
  1. Mobile Terms of Service

Just like you have a ‘terms of service (TOS)’ for email marketing, the same goes for SMS marketing. The new Klaviyo version allows you to host the terms of service for mobile marketing. You can even edit the existing TOS with updated mobile TOS. 

  1. Performance Dashboard

The new performance dashboard will give you a holistic view of all the metrics that will matter. You will get the option to choose the timeframe like: Last week, last month, last 90 days, last year, a particular month, or today. 

The performance dashboard will give you metrics like:

  • Total conversions or revenue
  • Conversions from Klaviyo
  • Owned marketing channels – email, SMS, and push notifications 
  • $ /recipient or conversion / recipient
  1. Webhook Automations

Webhooks provide a platform for all your marketing platforms to interact with each other. For example: If your credit card gets stolen and someone misuses it, the shopping portal will send the message to your bank. Subsequently, you will get an alert message or email about the transaction. This entire workflow takes the help of webhooks to convey data. In Klaviyo, the examples of such events are placement of an order, user checking out, and user subscribing to a list. 

  1. Developer Portal

Klaviyo gives you access to a huge ocean of information in the form of step-by-step guides, technical documentation, community forum, and regular insights from their team. Just sign up for their developer updates and you will get all the knowledge delivered right to your email inbox. 

Wrapping Up

Developer-friendliness is of utmost importance when you select the automation tool. Klaviyo takes the cake if you consider this aspect. It has all the features like extensibility, scalability, and flexibility along with API connectivity. Marketers using Klaviyo can boast of delivering delightful user experiences and optimized data processes across the channels. Interestingly, brands that switch to Klaviyo see an increase in revenue of 46 percent in just two years—pocketing an average of $68 for every $1 spent on their email marketing platforms.

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