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Landing Page Forms: The Mystic Beanstalk for Lead Conversion

For any email marketer, the true test of their email campaign depends on how well their email subscribers are converted into sales. Beginning with imp...

For any email marketer, the true test of their email campaign depends on how well their email subscribers are converted into sales. Beginning with implementation of marketing strategy to planning an email campaign to analyzing the ROI, it is a very challenging task.

However, even though marketers utilize their email campaigns to the maximum, they forget to provide same attention to their landing pages in their sales funnel. Across various industries, the average landing page conversion rate was observed at 2.35% and only top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.

Conversion Rate Distribution

There can be various factors that affect conversion rate, and entry forms are an essential part of landing page optimization. Follow the Uplers on the enlightening journey to include forms that lead to best Landing pages conversion.

What do all the best Landing Pages have in common?

“The More, the Merrier” is the jargon in terms of Landing pages. According to Hubspot, companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. No matter whether your landing page is Click Through, Infomercial, Product Detail, Lead Capture in nature; make sure you have a Form to gain basic information from your visitors.

Visual Hierarchy is important in the terms of the time spent by a visitor on your page. Even though 90% of those who read your headline shall reach till the CTA, it is important to make sure your visitor doesn’t end up playing ‘20 Questions’ on your page. Marketo and MarketingExperiments have individually came to conclusion that reducing the form fields from 9 fields to 5 improved conversions rates by 34% and reducing from 9 to 3 fields increased conversion rate by as much as 300%.

WordStream had conducted a test to drive this conclusion home. They reduced the number of fields in the landing page of CASH4USEDCARS to observe a 77% increase in conversion rates and a decrease of 42% cost per lead. Old Form New Form

Ask Right Questions:

Since you are convinced that 3-5 fields are sufficient, it is important to determine what data fields should be selected. As per a survey results below, it was observed that people tend to provide more genuine information when asked for name, email and work industry.

Incorrect Information as per Demographic

A webinar by Dan Zarrella, provides the following results:

1. Conversion Rate is maximum at 3 fields (25%) followed by 5 fields (23%) and then constantly deteriorating.

Webinar - 1

2. The number of text fields doesn’t have overall variance in the conversion rate till 11 fields.

Webinar - 2

3. The number of selection boxes should ideally be only one.

Webinar - 3

4. Similarly the number of text areas where the visitors can input paragraphs has severe deterioration on increasing from one field

Webinar - 4

5. It was also noticed that on inclusion of the ‘Age’ in the form had a drastic effect on the Conversion rate.

Webinar - 5

6. Most people are not comfortable with divulging their street fearing invasion of privacy with door-to-door marketing. Unless you are an e-commerce site, it is advisable to not include ‘street’ text field.

Webinar - 6

7. Similarly people are not comfortable providing their telephone numbers in landing page forms.

Webinar - 7

8. The text in the CTA button for submission form also plays a drastic effect in the conversion rate of a landing page form.

Webinar - 8

Optimize the implementation of Forms for best Landing pages

56% of marketers consider optimizing form logic to have a very significant impact on website performance, and another 46% consider optimizing their landing page form layout to have a very significant impact as well, according to MarketingSherpa.

There are 3 ways you can optimize your landing page Forms to gather data, which doesn’t affect your conversion rate.

Progressive Profiling: This is an ingenious way to capture data over larger time frame. When a visitor fills out a form on a website landing page for the first time, they are required to only answer a few form. The next time that visitor fills out a form he/she replaces the form fields with new form fields to gain additional lead intelligence. This way the visitor is not bombarded with questions all at once and the visitor’s Persona is gradually updated.

Conversion Path: This method involves multiple landing pages, wherein the visitor fills out demographic data to make avail of the offer at the first landing page, and gets redirected to a Thank you Page. On reaching there, the visitor is provided another offer that helps generate additional data.

Social Form / Social Login: Most of the brands make use of this method of form filling in their landing pages. By integrating Social network APIs in their landing page forms, the visitors are offered option of auto-filling the required form fields by logging in from their social media profile. This way the visitor’s efforts are reduced and maximum required data to create a customer Persona is collected.


No matter how well your landing page forms are functioning, it is important to keep on testing and improving it. Only 52% of companies and Agencies that use landing pages also test them to find ways to improve conversions (Source)


  • Restrict your form to 3-5 fields.
  • People tend to lie when Phone number or address is asked.
  • Test and improve your landing pages often.
  • People ‘submit’ more ‘Register’ while clicking CTA.
  • Progressive profiling provides accurate data over a large frame of time.

Are you using forms in your landing pages? Can you pride yourself of having one of the best landing pages? Visit Uplers to get intuitively designed and coded Landing Pages at lightning fast speed.

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