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10 Fashion Industry Email inspirations To Make Heads Turn

People will stare. Make it worth their while! Fashion is the only way to describe yourself without uttering a word. The fashion industry is burgeoning...

People will stare. Make it worth their while! Fashion is the only way to describe yourself without uttering a word. The fashion industry is burgeoning by leaps and bounds every day besides mustering a handsome amount of revenue, and has certainly acquired a 360o change from what it was years back.

Like any other industry, emails play a pivotal role in Fashion industry as well. On the basis of various fashion aspects and trends, there are millions of fashion emails flooding the subscriber’s inboxes every day. But, only a few STAND OUT!

The graph below portrays the impact of email marketing on fashion industry. The email contests were quite effective for the brands engaged in fashion industry. As shown in the figure, the companies in vertical witnessed 11 times more email subscribers, compared with 7 times more across all industries.

fashion emails- graph

We have come up with a fleet of fashion email inspirations. Let’s have a walk through those email types:

1. Welcome E-mails

Fashion retailer brand Club Monaco provides one of the most exquisite welcome email experiences when it comes to welcoming new members in the community. It highlights the salient features that subscribers will be able to avail after joining the community. Just to make sure that the customer finds himself/herself lucky to be the part of community; the subscriber is offered free ground shipping on the next order.

fashion email inspirations- Club Monaco

2. Order Status Emails

Zalora is well-known fashion brand when it comes to maintaining harmonic relations with the customers. It notifies the customers with timely reminders about the current status of the order. Moreover, it mentions the type of payment mode the customer has opted for and even guides about how to accomplish the whole transaction.

fashion emails- Zalora

3. Newsletter/ Subscription Emails

Kate Spade brings forward exciting offers whenever a particular person subscribes to its newsletter service. For instance, it treats the customer by 15% off on the next purchase as soon as he/she gets subscribed to the company’s regular newsletters. Not to forget the social sharing buttons that reinforces the relationship even further.


4. Cart Abandonment Emails

Fashion connoisseur Boohoo quite aptly reminds the customer about the purchase they left incomplete on the brand’s e-commerce site. The brand uses cart abandonment emails as a tool to remind the customers of the item they have saved and left in the cart halfway. In addition to this, it even asks out if it could help the customer in any way for the particular purchase. For this, it provides 24*7 help to customer in case he/she encounters any issue.


5. Re-engagement Emails

The fashion mammoth Misguided consider it quite important to maintain a relationship with customer and to remind them how much they are missed during each and every offer. In order to indulge the customers more into the shopping experience with the brand, Misguided sends reengagement emails in much casual way.

Here in this email, it is seen highlighting its excellent features of next day delivery in order to make the customer realize that it’s not the brand that is meant to be forgotten.

fashion emails- Missguided

6. Birthday Emails

Boot Barn offers 10% discounts on the entire purchase during the birthday month of the particular customer. With this, the mail provides link to seek out a nearby store, in case the person wants to redeem the reward during the birthday month. Well, that’s surely a special gesture!

fashion email inspirations- BootBarn

7. Holiday Emails

There are companies who know it quite certainly how to be at par from the rest. Kielh’s adds spark to their customer’s happiness by providing exciting offers and complimentary services with their holiday email offers. Kielh’s makes it sure that the customer receives the gift at the right time – providing timing schedule in which the customers can expect his/her gift on right time.


8. Reward Emails

Well, who doesn’t like surprises? And, it’s surely a million dollar moment when it’s your favorite brand Birchbox showering you with reward points. The customer can savor those reward points during their next shopping experience with the Company.

fashion email samples- birchBox

9. Sales Announcement Emails

J.Crew- the brand that people uses as synonym of fashion sends a series of sales emails in order to arouse interest in customers and to bring exciting offers to their attention. Along with this, it even notifies the customer about the last day left for the sale, so that they don’t miss out the one time opportunity.

fashion emails- J.Crew

10. Apology Emails

There are times when company flunks in sufficing the consumer’s demands or expectations. Birchbox sends out a hearty apology to customer when the brand is not able to deliver a desired product.

Moreover, it even places a new order in order to compensate for the damaged one. Just to make sure that the customer doesn’t build a negative impression about the brand, it even adds up 100 point i.e. equal to $10 to customer’s account.

fashion email inspirations- Birchbox

So here you go! Enhance your fashion email marketing experience with this fashion email inspirations. However, make sure you are always up for amendments suggested by the customers about the clothing line or the other services your brand offers.

Want to add spark to your current fashion email templates? Is there something that’s holding your emails from staying at par from the rest? Well, We have got your back. Visit our order page to attain enlightening emails that are hand-coded and delivered in just 8 hours TAT.

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