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Perks of Hiring Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts for Your Business

To put it in other words, the Salesforce cloud experts work with marketing cloud which is basically a product offered by Salesforce. It works towards ...

To put it in other words, the Salesforce cloud experts work with marketing cloud which is basically a product offered by Salesforce. It works towards delivering relevant and personalized content to your target subscriber base across all the right channels and devices. In short, the marketing cloud is all about delivering the right message at the right time to the right users through a timeline of the campaign. 

In addition, it even gives Salesforce marketing cloud experts the facility of various integrated solutions such as:

  • Customer journey management
  • Email Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Web personalization
  • Advertising
  • Content creation and management
  • Data analysis

All of these above-mentioned integrations work in sync to help the marketers achieve their primary objective while building new goals and getting a clear picture of their customer’s journey. Here’s a detailed look at the various benefits that a marketer can uncover once they begin using Salesforce marketing cloud services with the skills and expertise of Marketing cloud experts. 

1. Easy template and email creation

SFMC experts with the help of the Content builder tool, make it easy for you to create a template and email both. Content builder doesn’t only help you create templates by pasting HTML or using a layout tool but also gives you an easy-to-use interface while assisting you in creating professional-looking emails. In short, the Content builder works as a cross channel content management platform that allows the use of consolidated images, documents, and content in a single location across the marketing cloud. All in all, with a content builder you can:

  • Save time by creating emails without knowledge of HTML
  • View any changes within the email content in real-time with the help of always present preview
  • Make use of intelligent HTML paste tools such as line numbers and color-coding

2. Seamless campaign management

Marketing cloud keeps a check on customer behavior while delivering content and creates messages depending solely on the satisfaction level of each customer. For instance, if a customer is facing a difficult issue and is busy arguing with the customer service, the probability of them responding to a renewal offer will be less. This is where Marketing cloud can come in handy and modify the marketing strategy based on the signals it receives. As a result, it should suspend the renewal offer until the customer’s issue is resolved. Once the problem is sorted, Marketing cloud can follow up and determine how best it is to progress and streamline that customer’s journey. So, the bottom line is, SFMC experts work towards seamless campaign management by analyzing the campaign results with precision. Marketing cloud gets hold of every single interaction with its customer base, thereby determining the strength and flaws in the marketing campaign process. These findings help in the optimization of existing methods and strategies in real-time.

3. Smooth automation set up

Marketing cloud experts take the help of Sales Cloud for smooth automation setup. It doesn’t only help marketers grow their accounts faster but also facilitates new customer growth along with quick closing of deals. Here’s a brief look at how marketing cloud experts utilize automation features to provide accurate and desirable solutions.

– Account and contact management

Marketing cloud specialists make the use of account and contact management to get a complete view of your customers. From activity history and key contacts to customer communication and internal account discussion, it helps them do it all. In addition, it even lets them gain insights from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter right within the realms of Salesforce. 

– Opportunity management

It assists cloud experts in giving you an extended view of your team’s deals. You can see the stage, products, competition, quotes while staying connected with the people who can help you close every sale. 

– Lead management

With the help of lead management, these experts can track your deals from click to close while constantly optimizing your campaigns across all the channels.

– Sales data

It gives access to the most accurate data, thereby helping Salesforce marketing cloud specialists to increase your sales and productivity. In short, it helps you get the right sales data at the right time and extract the most out of it. 

4. Customized and targeted customer journey

In addition, the marketing automation setup by Salesforce marketing cloud experts also accelerates productivity while automating all the business processes through the visual workflow. 

The power of marketing cloud gives the Salesforce specialist the opportunity to personalize every interaction. They even help marketers move customers through their own unique journey. Since customer journey is a lifelong experience with your brand, it is important to personalize the touchpoints and impressions from the very beginning. Further, the Salesforce marketing cloud experts enhance and utilize the functionality and data of marketing cloud too. 

5. Better understanding of the consumer base

The Marketing cloud experts help in connecting data with your marketing process for easy optimization. In short, as a marketer, you get a clear idea about what strategy is working and what isn’t. Every single thing that you need to know about your customers is displayed to you with clear visualization. 

6. Increased customer engagement

Marketing cloud specialists make use of Einstein AI enhancements to increase engagement by facilitating relevant and timely email marketing messages. 


Marketing cloud experts work seamlessly towards delivering pertinent content on the appropriate channel to the right set of audience at the right time. Take a look at these AI enhancements used by cloud experts to create an insightful market journey for customers. 

– Einstein engagement frequency

It is a known fact that engaging a customer requires more than one email. However, at times marketers forget how much is too much and end up fatiguing their subscriber base. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts, including SFMC Email Specialists, can use Einstein engagement frequency. It would give them a clear idea about the number of emails to be sent to keep the customers engaged.

– Einstein send time optimization

Einstein send time optimization makes use of artificial intelligence to predict the best time to send marketing emails. As a result, customer engagement would increase while decreasing the rate of unsubscribes. 

– Einstein content tagging

Images are a great way of engaging customers. Einstein content tagging with its image recognition feature automatically tags accurate and relevant images in huge numbers within a content library. It doesn’t only help marketers locate the best of images but also saves their time and efforts.

Wrap up

From knowing your customer base and personalizing with intelligence to engaging throughout the customer journey and analyzing the overall marketing impact, Salesforce marketing cloud does it all. Consequently, the points mentioned above are a few of the many benefits that a Salesforce marketing cloud expert can provide to your business. Remember, Salesforce already has the greatest market share among CRM systems. So, get going, search the right marketing cloud expert for your business and see how they transform your business into a profit-generating firm.

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