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Large-Real Estate Email Examples

Top Inspiring Real Estate Email Examples That Go Through The Roof

Every human needs a roof over their head to protect themselves and their family from the forces of nature. Though the shape and the size may vary as w...

Every human needs a roof over their head to protect themselves and their family from the forces of nature. Though the shape and the size may vary as we go from one pole to the other, everyone needs a house to call their home. This thought drives the industry of real estate.

Moreover, email marketing in the real estate sector is filled with great opportunities. It’s noted that as per a statistical report, 63% of real estate email marketing campaigns receive positive engagement. Emails are the best way to target and approach prospects and clients, and with the ever growing real estate industry it’s imperious to use email marketing as a tool to achieve the maximum.

The Uplers have gathered some really inspiring real estate emails so you can stay ahead of the curve:

Brand: Alen Reay


• Pre-header is a part of the email design, this helps in increasing open-rate
• Logo is really big, this helps in recognizing the brand once opened
• The updated post is in the first fold, this generates the interest of the subscriber to proceed reading further
• Providing social share is the best option to make the post viral and increase visibility
• Added cross-selling products at the bottom and recent listing


• Header is not well arranged and looks a little congested
• “Forward to a friend” tab is not well aligned
• “Read more” tab must be in the form of a button rather than text links
• Recent listing doesn’t have any bullets or numbering to understand from where the link starts
• The background color of the footer is dark compared to the color of the textAlan-Reay - real estate email

Brand: Valley Real Estate LTD


• A clear design
• The image to text ratio is maintained
• Good use of the photo collage
• CTA is clearly visible


• A missing logo in the header
• Missing pre-header text
• There’s no CTA in the first fold of the email
• Header image is very big
• The CTA is very generic, there could be few more CTAs directing to particular properties

real estate email - Valley Real Estate LTD

Brand: Here


• A very clear design with soft colors and an attractive look
• The logo is clearly highlighted, with an easy to recognize brand
• The header image covers excessive space but solves the purpose
• Highlighting the map with two different colors makes it easy to identify the location


• The pre-header is missing
• There is excessive space left in the footerreal estate email - Here

Brand: Remax


• Gives the feel of a hand written email


• The CTA needs more highlighting
• The pre-header and footer information is missing
• The email could be personalized
• The design is not professional

real estate email - Remax

Wrapping Up

The real estate sector as mentioned earlier is booming and it’s a challenge for email marketers to grab the attention of subscribers. Showcasing your brands strengths by taking inspiration from the above emails can take you a long way.

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Kevin George

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing full-service email marketing companies. He is an email enthusiast at heart and loves to pen down email marketing content. You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.



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