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Fall Season Email Inspirations

8 Fall Season Email Inspirations to Help You Reap a Bountiful Harvest With Your Campaigns!

Want to hit it out of the park with your Fall Season email campaigns? Borrow a trick or two from these inspirations! ...

As the scorch of the summer gives way to cooler nights and paling foliage, the entire populace breathes a lot easier. Email marketers, for their part, can also be observed having a spring in their step during this time. Why? You see, fall heralds the arrival of Thanksgiving, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday- basically occasions that invite people to pick up their shopping carts and give them a considerable whirl. 

So, to get customers in the right spirits, brands curate, with great gusto, dedicated fall season sales as well. And what do they do to publicize them? You probably guessed it: send out picture-perfect fall season email campaigns. Besides boosting the success of your fall sales, compelling fall email marketing campaigns also double up as warm-up agents for the slate of high-octane occasions that follow them. 

Now, the all-important question: What goes into formulating a winning fall email template? We answer this very question today by putting under the spotlight a host of stunning fall 

season email inspirations. Curious to see what’s in store? Dive right in!

1. Birch Living

Subject line: Save $400 with the Fall sale!

If at all you have any white space naysayers in your circle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better fall email template example than this one by Birch Living to prove them wrong. If you look carefully at this email body, it is not really conservative with the volume of its copy. However, despite that being the case, the template doesn’t look even remotely cluttered, thanks to the generous use of white space. 

Next, let’s divert our gazes to the email’s hero section, which Birch have curated in such a way that will definitely urge the reader to take a look at the rest of the email. Why? Because it contains the email’s most important information- the details of the sale. When such a compelling hook occupies your email’s hero section, the probability of your subscribers scrolling further to uncover supplementary details increases substantially. Although the email has few images, the ones used are of exceptionally high quality and give readers a proper idea of the products in store. 

Another thing that is worth admiring in this email is its single-column layout, which not only makes the template consumable and easy to navigate but also keeps it free from rendering issues such as shifting images, overflowing text, and overflowing columns that are pretty common with the multi-column layout. 

2. Eberjey

Subject line: New PJ’s For You

Wondering why minimalism continues to be such a dominating trend in the email design landscape after all these years? We are sure a single look at this fall season email by Eberjey will answer your questions. 

Crafted elegantly, this email, besides conveying the information in an extremely efficient manner, also packs an undeniable aesthetic punch. Notice how the color palette of the template has been cleverly selected to make it evocative of the very occasion that it is talking about. On account of the alluring art design of the product images, the brand’s offerings steal the email’s limelight (as they very rightfully should). In the email footer, one can clearly see the social media buttons, as well as the Unsubscribe and Update preferences link. 

Lastly,  this email contains one of the best fall email subject lines as well, courtesy of its noticeable emphasis on clarity. 

3. For Love & Lemons

Subject line: FL&L EDIT: Little Fall Dresses

For Love & Lemons

Fall season translates to busy inboxes for email subscribers all over. In such a scenario, if you wish for your emails to get noticed, you must focus on delivering clarity via your subject lines itself, much like how For Love & Lemons has done over here. The moment this email arrives in your inbox, you instantly have an idea of what its contents hold simply by glancing at the subject line- crisp yet engaging; easily among the best fall email subject lines you’ll see. 

Now, let’s come to the email itself. Being a fashion brand, For Love & Lemons makes it a point to make a style statement with their email template curation as well. Every image added here has a personality of its own and looks as if it has been lifted straight from a top-notch fashion magazine. In the absence of such an artistic call, the email would have fallen flat on its face, given how visuals only form the lifeline of this particular template. To break the monotony of static visuals, the brand has thrown a couple of GIFs into the mix as well. 

Anyone who is looking for advice on how to advertise your products in your fall sale email campaigns need not look further than the work of art that the folks at For Love & Lemons have created over here!

4. Shinesty

Subject line: Up to 70% off


In the previous example, we mentioned the power lucid subject lines hold in promoting your email’s visibility.  Another powerful tool that is sure to make your campaigns stand out from the crowd is humor. And few emails out there exemplify this notion as brilliantly as this fall season email from Shinesty. 

The moment you open this email, a number of elements work in tandem to captivate your imagination. First off, there’s the sale declaration. Except, it is not just another line of text but one carrying a neon tinge. Talk about jazzing up! Next, there’s the hilarious illustration- a maple leaf that is, well…”fall”-ing. If that didn’t bring a smile to your face, geez, you are one tough customer, aren’t you! Then there’s the copy, utterly crisp and to the point, followed eventually by the witty CTA. 

So profuse is the delight which the hero section offers that the reader won’t even think twice before scrolling further. And as they do, they come across the various product sections. Here, every category has a memorable image, the price or the savings margin, and an extremely creative CTA. The email background is awash with the colors of the season, leveraged skillfully by the brand to create a highly distinct visual appeal. The informal nature of the email extends to its footer as well, where vital information regarding the sale is articulated in a manner that is playful yet perfectly coherent. 


Subject line: Fall back into your routine


Clever wordplay is not everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t certainly apply to the folks at Feed! Yes, we are talking about that delightful subject line, a deserving entry into the best fall subject lines coven. Coming to the email, the hero section entices the subscriber with a sumptuous image of the product up for grabs and is replete with a CTA, enabling buyers to straightway busy themselves with browsing FEED’s fall collection without engaging with the remaining portion of the email. If you do, however, keep scrolling, you are certainly not to be disappointed, for a well-written copy ushers you into the different categories of products that the brand has in store. 

The presentation of every category is simple yet quite effective- name, image, and CTA. The overall layout is extremely pleasing to the eyes on account of an adherence to an ideal text-to-image ratio, as well as the mindful use of white space. The email footer conveys the brand’s mission statement to the readers, besides containing the social media and unsubscribe links. 

6. Birchbox

Subject line: Full-size samples in your box???


The most effective fall subject lines you’ll come across will manage to pique your curiosity regarding the email’s content. Understanding the fact that customers are bombarded by product suggestions by every other brand during the fall season, some brands make the conscious decision to present a selective pool to their buyers with the intention of accelerating their decision-making process. That’s exactly what you will observe in Birchbox’s fall season email over here. Even at that, the manner is extremely unfussy- a concise copy followed by the names and images of the products. 

Visually, the email template is rather minimalistic and does a wonderful job of according much of the template’s real estate, rightfully so, to the brand’s offerings. Both the CTA’s size as well as its color contribute to it being highly noticeable; yet another box ticked. In the email footer, observe how the unsubscribe link has been highlighted in a different shade to make it easier for the readers to spot it. 

7. Tone It Up

Subject line: Get ready for your fall challenge🧡✨


One thing you will notice across most of the compelling fall newsletter subject lines is the smart use of emojis, just as Tone It Up has done over here.

When you are partnering up with an influencer for a particular brand campaign, it is always good to give your audience a decent idea regarding the same through your emails (before they eventually uncover more, either through your website or socials); this is precisely what you can notice in this fall email by Tone It Up. 

The hero section shows the subscribers who the influencer is before proceeding to more details regarding the program. Even though the template is rather text-heavy, judicious employment of line spacing and content organization keeps it from appearing cluttered. Additionally, the template’s single-column layout plays an important role in preserving its readability. 

8. Otherland

Subject line: *This* is what fall smells like 🍂


Typography, when done right, can elevate the visual appeal of your email by leaps and bounds. This fall email inspiration from Otherland bears perfect testimony to that. Here, bold typography is used to help the readers navigate the email with ease. In this template, the content has been arranged in a zigzag layout to foster improved readability. The product images used are of high quality, and the color of the email background aligns with the shades synonymous with fall.

Wrapping It Up

We hope the fall email inspirations shared above have left you buzzing with ideas aplenty. All that remains is for you to give them shape, giving rise to what we are absolutely sure will be thoroughly mesmerizing campaigns!

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