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Salesforce Marketing Cloud June '21 Release: Everything You Should Know

Salesforce Marketing Cloud June ’21 Release: Everything You Should Know

In the June 2021 release, SFMC has introduced quite a few awesome features. Read on to know what you must know as a marketer...

Are you excited and curious about the newly introduced features in SFMC’s June ’21 release? We are just as excited as you are! So, let’s find out about them…

The leading CRM giant, Salesforce, has recently released its much-awaited June ‘21 release for its marketing cloud. And they have some new and really exciting features for their users. Also, this release is all set to help email marketing professionals to boost their brand value through powerful emails! 

In this blog, we will discuss, in detail, the new features announced and how they will benefit you. These features will make SFMC less complex and more straightforward, eventually making your marketing journey better. 

But before that, let’s take a look at the schedule of the upcoming marketing cloud releases in 2021. 

ReleaseSalesforce Marketing Cloud Release Date 
August 2021 ReleaseAugust 7-14
October 2021 ReleaseOctober 16-23

Now, let’s dive in to find out what’s new in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud June’21 release. 

#1 Salesforce CDP Enhancements

Did you know that Customer 360 has now become Salesforce CDP? Yes, the powerful platform for connecting your customer data in a single place has got a new name to show what exactly the product is.  

This feature in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud would allow you to get the complete picture of every individual on your list and help you engage with them better and deliver new levels of personalization across the customer lifecycle. 


  1. This feature will allow you to know your customers better and unify your data from anywhere.
  2. You can segment your audiences better with a drag and drop interface powered by insights. 
  3. You can create personalization anywhere by activating your audience data across every marketing channel.  
  4. Furthermore, you can adjust your marketing efforts by connecting every customer to their engagement behavior with AI-driven cross-channel insights. 

This feature is available for all Salesforce CDP editions. 

Salesforce CDP Enhancements

#2 Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud- Advanced

You can now get advanced analytics and reporting tools for Marketing Cloud Email, Mobile, and Journey Builder with Datorama Reports- Advanced. The marketer-friendly dashboards will show the data just how you like it to be! 


  1. You can capture explicit attribute data from your customers at the optimal time with intelligently targeted surveys. 
  2. You can personalize customer experiences by capturing the data collected from their answers in-session surveys. Click here if you want to know more about some tips & tricks for email personalization to boost your customer experiences.

This functionality is available for you if you have Corporate or enterprise Marketing Cloud editions. It is also available as a discover add-on SKU for Pro customers.  

#3 Datorama Connector with Salesforce CDP

Now give more power to your marketing insights! With the help of this feature, you can automatically ingest your customer data from Salesforce CDP into Datorama to turn datapoints into insights and optimizations.


  1. The feature allows you to automatically ingest your audiences’ demographic, engagement, and conversion data from Salesforce CDP with Datorama’s API and data model. 
  2. Match up your CDP data with your marketing stack to deliver impactful customer experiences. 
  3. Besides, you can create out-of-the-box visuals and insights with just clicks and no code with Datorama Connector with Salesforce CDP application.

The no-code approach with the Datorama Connector with Salesforce CDP application has made things a lot simpler. Hasn’t it? 

This feature is widely available for Datorama customers who have Salesforce CDP. 

#4 Einstein for Marketing Enhancements

Who doesn’t want to boost their email engagement rate? With this feature in the Marketing Cloud, you can achieve it with two new upgrades to the AI built right into your marketing tools. 

Predict subject line open rates with Einstein Copy Insights Performance Tester for those subject lines in SFMC. 


  1. With Einstein Copy Insights Performance Tester, you can create effective email subject lines that would get a higher open rate with predictions that will provide you insights on how to improve.
  2. Also, it allows your creative teams to have insights to know what language and tone perform well. 

It is available for Marketing Cloud Professional editions and above. Users must opt-in to global models. 

#5 Accounts as Campaign Members

You can now increase prospecting efficiency by associating an Account record to a Salesforce campaign as a campaign member. This feature in SFMC allows you to directly target accounts with campaigns, even if there are no contacts for the account. 


  1. You can increase Contacts Per Account. Add accounts to a campaign to identify at least one account for each contact. 
  2. Execute ABM campaigns. With this new addition, drive key accounts to a virtual event or send direct mails with API integration. 
  3. Also, you can achieve Account-Based Results with this feature. Use the new direct relationship between campaigns and accounts to create custom reports. 

It is available for all Pardot editions. 

#6 Advertising Studio Enhancements 

With the new enhancements in Advertising Studio, you can use a ready-made dashboard to explore and measure the performance of your audience across various channels. Now, you can use audience insights for the Advertising Studio app to easily connect Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. This feature in the Advertising Studio allows you to find customers that look like your loyal customers, improve customer experience, re-engage inactive customers, and increase overall ROAS. 

Also, Datorama and Advertising Studio users can now connect and harmonize Advertising Studio’s first-party audience data to create a strategy with a ready-made, cross-channel view. 


  1. This feature allows you to use audience insights for the Advertising Studio app to easily connect Facebook ads and Twitter ads. 
  2. Also, you can now push your customer email lists for tailored advertising and reach your target audience on Snapchat.
  3. It enables you to find customers that look like your most loyal customers, connect engagers, and exclude customers to save some dollars from wasted ads. 
  4. Connect and harmonize Advertising Studio first-party data with performance across your activation channels.
  5. Other than that, you can optimize your audience strategy with a single, cross-channel view to know the effectiveness of your first-party audiences. 

This feature is available in Corporate and Advanced editions that have Datorama Reports enabled in their accounts. 

Wrap Up

This is the most exciting and much anticipated Marketing Cloud release of the year so far. This release was most sought after by the Salesforce users, and majorly Salesforce marketing cloud specialists. It will be interesting to know what’s lined up for the next two releases this year. Stay tuned with us to know about everything in and around Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

If you need help with these features and want to make the most out of them, hiring a dedicated Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist would be a great idea.

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