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5 Tips to Ensure Seamless Experience for New Marketo Users

When you take a test drive for a new car, what do you do? You get the automobile expert to explain to you all the features that would help you get smo...

When you take a test drive for a new car, what do you do? You get the automobile expert to explain to you all the features that would help you get smooth driving experience, right? What if you did not know what features it has? Obviously, you would not be able to use it to its maximum potential. This analogy fits perfectly well in the world of CRM and automation tools that exist out there. Often, we hear clients saying that they are using this XYZ tool but they do not know how to make the most out of the price they are paying for it. 

Ever since we have introduced campaign management services specific to Marketo, we have been getting several clients who are new to Marketo and struggling with the gamut of features it offers. It is natural for novice Marketo users to get overwhelmed and confused about how to use it right. 

To make things easier for you, we are here with some simple tips that would resolve your basic concerns and facilitate the usage of Marketo. 

Let’s start!

1. Mug up on the Marketo docs (like literally!)

Just like you have a user manual for all the electronic devices (and even medicines!), Marketo also has a huge resource pool, prepared by the Marketo Product and Documentation team, to help amateur users and experts alike. Marketo Product Documentation works like a one-stop to get almost all the answers that you might be looking for, whether it is regarding the features, their functionality, or fundamental Marketo terminologies. Just type your question in the search bar and you will get it answered through the docs. 

Users can also share their feedback on these articles with the help of the “Article Feedback” button at the end of the page. 

They also have quarterly release notes that would enlighten the users about the improvements in the platform and add-on features.   

Marketo product documentation

A personal tip that I want to share here is – learn how to do things the right way and good things (Read: better business growth) will follow.

2. Be a part of Marketo’s Free Training 

Marketo’s Free Training not only helps beginners to get acquainted with the platform but also experts to hone their expertise. It includes best-practice videos that have all the actionable tips needed for seamless execution and skill-building. These short training videos cover all aspects ranging from fundamentals of digital marketing to cross-channel marketing, email marketing, lead and data management, sales integration, and holistic reporting and analytics.

3. Take help of Marketo Community

If reading the huge pool of resources seems too taxing to you, you can post your question on Marketo Community and Marketo users will help you solve your issue.  

To learn something, you must know where to learn from and Marketo community blogs and Champion blogs are the best places to gather knowledge about the platform. 

marketo community

Remember that user-generated content can sometimes give you amazing ideas to solve your problem. 

4. Study at Marketo University

Marketo University paves new avenues to empower marketers through certifications, training courses, and learning paths for the Marketo product. Document everything and create your own study material so that you can get the certification from Marketo.

Marketo University

LinkedIn forum can also help you out with this. There is a group on LinkedIn by the name: Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Certification Group. You can connect with seasoned professionals through this group and discuss all things Marketo. 

Uplers has quite a few Marketo Certified Associates who can help you out if you are looking for assistance in using the platform. Get in touch>>

5. Learn through trial and error

There are certain things that you might not be able to find in any of these resources. Such areas can be best learned by trial and error. So many things go in building a successful marketing campaign, starting from generating quality leads, deploying emails, having high-converting forms and landing pages, maintaining cross-channel marketing campaigns, and monitoring the performance of all these campaigns. You must put your knowledge to test by exploring these areas and trying out different permutations and combinations to get the best results. 

These are the five basic things that will help you understand the usage of Marketo. 

Now, you must be wondering about the features that come with Marketo. 

So, let’s try to walk through the Marketo tools that you must use, irrespective of the level of your expertise. 

a. List Import Template

Marketo gives you access to ‘List import template’ that helps clients who want to import their email lists into the engagement program. Through this template, the user can include all the fields needed for the company and get an insight into how the data will appear after it has been added. You must then use segmentation and dynamic content tools offered by Marketo to sort leads and target individual subscribers with content exclusive to them.       

b. Marketo Lead Nurturing Tools

With the help of Marketo Lead Nurturing Tool, you can chalk out the right strategy to reach out to the leads and educate them with relevant communications. It also has a lead scoring model so that every lead can be assigned scores according to their interaction. Subsequently, sales representatives will be able to convert more leads by approaching the hottest leads first. 

c. Email Editor 2.0

Marketo’s Email Editor 2.0 relieves you of the stress of getting every email coded in HTML. With the help of this tool, you can edit your emails without any technical expertise. It allows you to make modifications to the font color, CTA button, and spacing in the email in addition to adding or deleting sections from emails. Even new users can easily use the drag-and-drop functionality of this editor once they set it up. 

d. Marketo Programs and Channels

Once you have your campaigns up and running, you must monitor their performance with detailed reports and advanced analytics by setting up Marketo Programs and Channels. If you are a beginner, you might feel like avoiding this step altogether but it is highly recommended that you do so. It will allow you to optimize the campaigns and use the platform more efficiently based on the results. 

Bonus Tip

If you are just starting out with Marketo, do not take any decision in haste. Formulate a strategy on setting it up and do it stepwise. This will help you to ensure that you do not have to rework on setting up the account yet again and save your precious time. 

Wrapping Up

As intimidating as it may get to use Marketo at the outset, these tips will surely make things simpler for you and enable you to use it to its best potential. 

Even then, if you feel stuck anywhere or need help, Marketo experts from Uplers are always there for you. 

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