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Understanding Marketo Email Editor and its Functions

Marketo is one of the most popular CRM tools because of its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Investing in Marketo can help you in all...

Marketo is one of the most popular CRM tools because of its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Investing in Marketo can help you in all your marketing tasks including email creation, automation, and analytics. Moreover, if you are looking for a convenient tool for customizing and editing your email templates, Marketo Email Editor can be extremely useful to you. 

Marketo Email Editor gives you a myriad of marketing automation features with email editing tools, email templates, and email insights reporting tools. You get access to a huge range of email templates integrated in Marketo, making it a breeze for you to deploy winning email campaigns according to your purpose. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more than this to Marketo Email Editor and this article will shed light on all its aspects that you must know to get started. 

Features of Marketo Email Editor

Email Template Picker

Whenever you want to create a new email, you will be redirected to the Email Template Picker. 

As you can see in the image below, you have a wide variety of templates to choose from. It is also possible to build your own templates, save them, and use them in the future. 

marketo email template

As you can see in the image above, Name will be the email name that you have created according to the template. Description is an optional field that describes the email. 

In case you want to start editing your email, choose “Open in editor”. On the other hand, if you want to avoid any communication limits, check the “Operational Email” box. 

The orange “CREATE” button lets you create the email. 

While starter templates consist of ready-to-use responsive email templates that can be customized according to your preferences, My templates tab will display all the templates created by you. It can also have folders therein. If you are a Marketo customer, you will get Marketo’s Starter Templates for free. Even though they are regularly updated and optimized for rendering in the popular email clients, you must make sure that they are aligned to your business needs and preferences. Through the Email Deliverability Tool, you will be able to figure out how the templates will render on the diverse email clients. 

As far as the “My Templates” tab is concerned, you can easily check its preview by hovering over the thumbnail and clicking Preview or simply double-clicking it.

You will be able to see both the desktop view as well as the mobile view. 

Marketo Templates for free

To choose the template, click on “Select” on the bottom right. If you want to search for more options, click on the cross sign on the upper right and use the left and right arrows to scroll through the templates. 

Also, you can right-click on the template thumbnail to preview the email, download its HTML, send a test email, or clone to the design studio. 

template thumbnail

Exploring the Functions in the Editor

Marketo Email Editor allows you to perform numerous functions as enlisted below:

1.Add ‘Forward to a Friend Link’

This is an exciting feature that enables you to track the users who have been forwarded an email through this link. It will automatically add them in your database, in case they are not a part of it. 

However, bear in mind two instances.

If Mary uses the ‘Forward to Friend’ link to forward the email to John, John will automatically get added as a new person and get assigned a unique cookie that will record the email and web activity in his name. 

On the other hand, in case Mary uses the Forward button provided in the email client, John’s activity will be recorded as Mary’s as it will fetch the wrong cookies. 

2. Include a Snippet to an Email

Snippets are blocks of rich text and visual elements that can be reused in your emails or landing pages. Just make sure that your snippets are just body content containing HTML and text. 

3. Have a View as Web Page Link in your Email

Often, it so happens that your email includes CSS interactivity or elements that might not be supported in some email clients. “View as Web Page” link comes handy here. To make sure that your subscriber is able to view the message regardless of the email client he or she is using, you must always include this link in the email. 

4. Incorporate Tracked Links in a Text Email

Marketo gives you the provision to track text email links. To do so, go to the editor and enter the URL with double brackets as shown below:


You can even disable the tracking by going to advanced settings in the “Edit Link” option and deselecting “Track Link”. 

5. Create a Calendar Invite File 

By using a Calendar File token, you can add a calendar event or .ics link to your Marketo emails and landing pages. Just drag the Calendar File token to the canvas from the “My Tokens” tab.

Marketo emails

Provide a Token Name and click on “Click to Edit”. 

Marketo emails

Click on ‘Save’ once you have entered all details. 

6. Download the HTML of your email

It is important to backup the data of all your emails and with Marketo, you can download the HTML content of your emails. Select the email and click on Download HTML from the drop-down of Email Actions. As simple as that!

7. Use Dynamic Content in your Email

There was a time when personalization was considered to be a ‘protip’. However, it is a best practice now. If you want to send your prospects or customers targeted information, you must use dynamic content in your emails. 

a. Work on segmentation

To apply segmentation in your emails, go to Marketing Activities and click on Edit Draft after selecting your email. 

For example, if you want your subject line to be dynamic, click on Make Dynamic button from the subject field. Next, enter the segmentation name and select the right choice. Click on Save. 

b. Include Dynamic Content

Before understanding how to add dynamic content, it is important to learn that you must use dynamic content judiciously. It is advisable to have the number of dynamic content elements below 20 for every email. 

To include dynamic content in your email, add your subject line after going to your segments. Do the same for every segment. 

Just bear in mind that you must build a default email template and then apply content to the different segments. 

Let’s Reinvent New Possibilities With Marketo

Of course, these are just the primary functions available in Marketo Email Editor. There is so much more to it and it can get a bit overwhelming for the average user. 

If you are planning to switch to Marketo or have any difficulty in using the ESP, Email Uplers has expert Marketo Certified professionals who can make email deployment a breeze for you. 

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