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Top 10 Email FAQs – Cheat Sheet for Email Investors.

Email Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds and more marketers and companies want to invest in email marketing and increase their promotional reach...

Email Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds and more marketers and companies want to invest in email marketing and increase their promotional reach to the right target audience. Some of the most common FAQs from email investors that Uplers have come across so far are as follows:

1. Is email marketing a better driver than social media? Why?

Email Marketing is any day a better communication channel as it is a direct marketing channel,  is inexpensive, has a wider reach and frequency, attracts more conversions, has a lion’s share of ROI, can target customers more precisely, has more response rate, is legal and it’s easy to track email efforts over social media. Look at the recent study shared on E-consultancy.

2. What are the top email measurement metrics to follow?

The top key email marketing measurement metrics are (a.) Open Rate (b.) Click-through Rate (c.) Conversion Rate (d.) Click to Open Rate (e.) Action Rate Over Time (f.) Spam Percentage (g.) Unsubscribe Rate (h.) Complaint Rate (i.) Bounce Rate

The definition of each of these can be checked on one of our blogs here.

3. Which ESP is best for my campaign?

Some of the top ESPs are: (a.) Mailchimp (b.) Campaign Monitor (c.) Constant Contact (d.) Aweber (e.) iContact (f.) Emma

4. Which are the top ways to build email lists?

If list building is a problem for you, you can do many things to build a hygienic email list. Few ways include: registration during purchase, online events and webinar, offline events, tradeshows, cross promotion, double opt in, social sharing etc. Check out more ways of building an email list on our previous blog here.

5. When should I use a behavioral email service and marketing automation? How?

A true behavioral email responds to action (online, offline or email) incorporating information specific to the action made. You should identify whether you need a behavioral email service provider, retargeting email service or transactional email service. Automating an email campaign based on customer engagement levels, behavioral data etc. would be required if you want to reach a right person at the right time and with the right content. You can automate an email campaign using various marketing automation tools and software.

6. What is the difference between scalable and responsive layouts?

Responsive Email is basically made using CSS3 media queries and has a fluid layout. Responsive email is designed to respond to the cross platforms like tablet, desktop, mobile and many more without being contorted. Subscribers would not have to dabble with the Email resulting in to better CTR, Response rate and Opens at a great extent for the marketers. A scalable layout on the other hand is readable & clickable no matter which size environment it is being read in. There is only one version (one HTML file) of the email, but the email scales to look great on both desktops and mobile devices. Check out this interesting infographic from Yesmail that depicts the differences between the two quite clearly.

7. How to segment my email list? Is there any software I can use?

Email list can be segmented based on language, demographics, geography, purchase patterns and there are many more ways to segment a list. Some of the major ESPs can help you with the list segmentation.

8. What is the best time to send an email and how many times should I send it?

The ideal time to send an email depends upon the industry you represent. Email frequency should certainly not be too frequent. Cater to the subscriber preferences as far as the email frequency is concerned. Best time to send email varies and thus the best way to evaluate is testing a sample and observing which time works best for you.

9. Which are the best email testing tools available in the market?

There are many email testing tools available. Litmus and Email On Acid are two good places to go for all your email testing needs.

10.   How to tackle the domain reputation issue?

Domain Reputation depends on many things and some of these include: (a.) Sending email to inactive subscribers (b.) Not following ISP rules (c.) Spamming the email list with more often email communication (d.) Not using a unique IP address and not monitoring your IP. You can read more about email delivery in our blog.

Summing up, these are only the few basic level FAQs that we normally encounter at our workplace. If you have witnessed some more FAQs, post them here with your answers to the same. If you are an email investor and you have more questions, feel free to chat with us LIVE.

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