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10 Independence Day Emails That Lit Up Inboxes

The weekend of the 4th of July is around the corner and it’s a golden opportunity for email marketers to lure their subscribers with tempting offers...

The weekend of the 4th of July is around the corner and it’s a golden opportunity for email marketers to lure their subscribers with tempting offers. Apart from color coordinating your email with the theme associated with the special day, there are a lot of aspects in an email that will make your campaign stand out. With social distancing norms slowly wearing off, email seems to be the best communication medium to interact with your customer; wish them a safe and positive weekend and nudge them to make a purchase.

Read on to know how to craft a timely, festive email filled with good vibes and amazing Independence day offers.

Here are a few brands that have Dunn-it-right.

1.       Peach Market

Subject Line: Patriotic Tees Now Available!! <3 Deal of the Week!

This email is a genius for many reasons. They have used the occasion of Memorial Day to market for the 4th of July as well! The copy is kept minimal and the logo of the brand is the first thing that grabs one’s attention. The headline delivers the sole purpose of the email message. The hero image of the email exhibits Peach Market’s products and they have made sure to highlight the festivity. They have placed a single action-oriented CTA, which directs the subscriber to the desired action.

2.       Uber

Subject Line: Smiles Davis, let’s make plans for the 4th of July

Uber’s 4th of July email has a creative design, where they have used a GIF of fireworks to exhibit their service. They have used the colors of the event, white, blue, and red to subtly incorporate the message. When one looks at this email, it conveys the purpose even without looking at the copy. Their subject line is personalized and gives the gist and content of the email. The copy of the email is straightforward, with just a bold headline. They have a single CTA and the GIF prompts the user to take action.

3.       J Crew

Subject Line: Happy July 4th! Celebrate with 60% off in stores.

Holidays are the perfect occasion to promote a sale and indulge in interaction. The hero image in this email displays J Crew’s products and the detail about the sale is highlighted. As we go further down the email, they have also mentioned sale for the kids section. The headline is a banner wishing the subscriber ‘Happy Fourth of July’ and there is technically no other copy.

4.       Tablecloths Factory

Subject Line: Prepare Early For 4th Of July With 10% Discounts On Our Red, White & Blues!

This is a promotional email that has an interesting discount for products of the brand. They have used a smart concept in which they are offering a discount on all products in red, white, and blue colors, which depict the national colors of the USA. The hero Image takes most of the space in the email design and the copy is moderate, further describing the details of the sale. The CTA neither seems forced nor leads to any commitment. Using such a language in the copy assures that the subscriber is in control of the action.

5.       Quiksilver

Subject Line: Salute these shorts

This email is specifically image-heavy and Quiksilver has made the most of the occasion to display their products. They have kept the copy minimal and have only used it to describe the products. They have used red, white, and blue colors extensively in the email design and in the exhibited products. They have multiple CTAs, the primary one placed under the hero image, and the secondary CTAs beside each product exhibit. They have also promoted their Summer Sale offer —talk about multi-purpose promotional emails!

6.       Banded Bottom

Subject Line: 3 Holidays to Celebrate with Your Family!

This email has a heavy copy and a simple hero image to back it. They have used an emotional testimonial story for impact. The copy takes about ¾th space of the email design and the action-driven copy is highlighted, followed by the CTA. The email further has a few more reviews and offers. This is a promotional email, but the promotion of the coupon code is subtle. This email is a great example of a holiday email that is not just descriptive but also highly emotionally intelligent.

7.       Hamilton Perkins

Subject Line: Go FOURTH and Prosper…

This email looks effortless, but has smartly used all the right elements in the right place. The logo is established and they have maintained consistency in its placement.  The creative subject line and the simple headline give a good start to the email. The copy is strong and heads straight to the CTA. Again, the CTA is not ‘single action-oriented’. It guides the subscriber to the website. They have used the blue color, the American color for patriots, to give the email design a festive touch.

8.       Casper

Subject Line: Best place to catch the fireworks? In bed.

First things first, the subject line is creative and humor has worked well for them. This email is again image-heavy, and the headline is short and crisp. The offer is explained in the sub-copy followed by a clear cut CTA, with a contrasting CTA background. The link to their store-locator is embedded in the further part of the email. Casper is known for its simple yet elegant design, which they have also incorporated in this email. Well done, Casper!

9.       Lucky

The first thing one sees on opening this email is the headline, which is a GIF. This email is perfectly balanced – design and copy wise. Instead of a single hero image, they have used a collage and have displayed their products smartly. They have multiple links to their Men, Women and Sale pages and they have used the same CTA at the end of the email. This is a well-balanced design to use for a promotional festive email.

10.   Finn

Subject Line: Ready for Father’s Day and 4th of July?

This email has successfully achieved two goals with one marketing spend. Their hero image is not just a pleasure to the eyes but is impactful and strategized according to the event. They have used this email to promote Father’s Day as well as Independence Day, merging both the messages smartly and successfully without confusing the viewer. 

Wrap Up

We hope this set of email examples triggers an idea for your 4th of July email campaign and you create an email your subscribers totally love. If your Independence Day email in the past has performed well and has stood out in inboxes, we would love to see it in the comments below! 

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