What is gif in email

According to Email Institute, GIF emails increase click-through rate by up to 26%. And according to Marketing Sherpa, using GIF emails can help increase the conversion rate by 103%.

With such results to back the use of GIF in email, many businesses are now using GIFs abundantly. A GIF adds a fun element to email, making it engaging and entertaining.

COMPATIBILITY of animated gif in email

Outlook & Lotus would show the first frame of the GIF as fallback. Apart from these, email GIF is compatible across all platforms.


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  • Ecommerce companies can put GIF in email display the products on sale or highlight an important section in it.
  • Brands can showcase their new collection for the season with a GIF.
  • Information technology companies can also use GIF to show how interactions on their app work.
  • Restaurants can create a cinemagraph GIF displaying vapors coming out of a delicious sizzler.
  • Telecommunications industry can include a cinemagraph to promote a new show or series.

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