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8 Ways in Which Marketo Helps to Boost Email Deliverability

I believe email deliverability remains one of the top concerns for email marketers and business owners alike. According to a study, the average email ...

I believe email deliverability remains one of the top concerns for email marketers and business owners alike. According to a study, the average email deliverability rate rested at 79.6% in February 2020 as checked across the different email marketing platforms. In other words, 20.4% of all emails go to spam or do not get delivered to the email inbox. This figure was 16.3% in July 2019.

As you can see, ISPs and email clients are getting more and more vigilant about what kind of emails are being sent to the subscribers. Therefore, you must invest in an email marketing tool that gives you the assurance that your emails will be delivered to the subscriber’s inbox. Using reliable email marketing tools with proven results helps  in enhancing email deliverability. Of course, you cannot do away with the email sending best practices like sending relevant emails without any spammy elements. 

If you are looking for an email marketing tool that would help you boost your email deliverability, Marketo is the best bet for you.  

Let’s understand what makes me say so…

#1. A huge range of email deliverability features

Marketo’s advanced deliverability tools allow you to carry out four distinct actions:

  1. You can check the email renderability by previewing how your subscribers will see your email in their email client, device, or browser. 
  2. You can determine whether the content of your email or its HTML coding will trigger the spam filters and hamper your email deliverability rate. 
  3. It allows you to check if the links are redirecting to the right landing page.
  4. You can check the load time of your email and optimize it if needed.

#2. A myriad of IP Options

Marketo gives a plethora of IP options to their customers, namely:

1. Dedicated IPs

If you have to send a huge volume of emails to your subscribers, dedicated IPs would work the best for you. It will give you complete control over your sender reputation and email deliverability

2. Trusted IPs

Marketo offers a reliable, shared IP range in association with popular ISPs to the customers who employ all the email industry best practices. Remember that you can opt for these IPs only if you fit in the eligibility criteria of Marketo and send limited emails to the subscriber base. 

3. Shared IPs

With Marketo, you can even go for a shared IP which is in constant scrutiny of the Marketo’s deliverability team. 

#3. Whitelisting and Feedback Loops

As Marketo is registered with all the popular ISPs, it receives alerts whenever a subscriber marks an email as SPAM or reports it as JUNK. It has feedback loops that are monitored by Rackspace and Tucows that work as corporate email outsource providers. Whenever a subscriber reports a complaint, the tools will immediately unsubscribe the user so that the senders do not get blocked.  

Whitelisting is a simple trick of requesting your subscribers to add your email address to the contact list so that there is no possibility of the email landing in the spam folder.

They will assist you with whitelisting that will ultimately contribute to an optimum deliverability rate. The good thing about Marketo is that it is whitelisted at ISP whitelisting programs. Of course, whitelisting does not mean that your sender reputation does not matter anymore. However, whitelisted senders will always have an upper hand when compared to non-whitelisted senders. 

#4. Advanced Bounce Handling

In the last 20 years, there has been a tremendous improvement in the way ISPs and email receiving systems are using several custom bounce codes. In order to process hard and soft bounces appropriately, advanced email systems must be able to decode all the bounce codes. Marketo keeps updating their latest bounce codes with accurate processing commands.

#5. DNS and Efficiency of Email Routing

Cyber crimes are on a rise. Therefore, email receivers must be able to save resources without wasting them on spam or malware. Marketo has its email envelopes created in such a way that there is minimum friction with email systems. 

#6.  The Relations Between the Receiver and ISP

A false-positive filtering is a situation where legitimate messages get stuck in the spam filters. In such a case, you will have to get in touch with the anti-spam vendors or receiving ISPs to resolve this problem. The deliverability team of Marketo has a strong rapport with the receivers. If any Marketo customer faces this issue, they can instantly take action and get the matter closed. 

#7. Deployment of Authentication Protocols

As discussed, forgery, spoofing, and phishing attempts have become a common occurrence for businesses, regardless of their size. Unfortunately, it will affect the reputation of legitimate senders even if they strive to follow all the email best practices. To avoid such instances, businesses have to execute authentication protocols. With the help of these protocols, email recipients can differentiate legit messages from spam and malware. 

Moreover, it will allow the receiver to make better delivery decisions, thereby leading to fewer cases of false-positive filtering. With Marketo, you can implement DKIM (DomainKey Identified Mail), SPF (Sender Protection Framework) and all the widely used email authentication protocols needed by the senders.       

#8. The final word: The onus lies with the sender

Senders who have built a healthy list by organic efforts, and send relevant messages to the subscribers by understanding their preferences will have a good sender reputation. 

This means that if your emails receive a high subscriber engagement like high open rate and click-through rate, low bounce rate, and fewer spam complaints, you will have good email deliverability. If not, it will lead to a poor sender reputation. 

Wrapping Up

Your email deliverability rate depends heavily on the way you approach your clients… but having a platform like Marketo to support you will make things easier for you and show you the right direction if you face any roadblocks in your journey. 

In case you are looking for expert guidance for executing your email strategy in Marketo, considering the aspects like deliverability and flawless renderability, get in touch with Marketo certified experts at Email Uplers

We would love to help you out.

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