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Boost ROI with ESPs That Integrate Emails with Landing Pages

Email marketing is an aggressively growing industry. An interview conducted by Marketing Sherpa in 2015 revealed that subscribers like to be approache...

Email marketing is an aggressively growing industry. An interview conducted by Marketing Sherpa in 2015 revealed that subscribers like to be approached via emails and feel comfortable with this mode of communication. However, this channel really has to be an efficacious one; so as to ascertain lead generation.

Email marketers have been making the most of this lead attaining opportunity by creating beautiful yet converting email campaigns – taking care of every single element. However, many email marketers experience extreme trouble crafting a complete email campaign; since both email and landing page integration is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thereby, they either end up with poorly optimized email campaigns or redirect their email links/CTA to their Homepage, which is an absolute no-no.

To pull out the marketers from this Herculean task of integrating both emails and landing page, Uplers with their zeal bring to you some divine tips of creating complete and hassle-free email campaigns with industry leading ESPs.


Marketo is a renowned ESP which strikes your mind when it comes to designing a complete end-to-end email campaign. Marketo provides great integration service for landing page, but with the help of a little coding. If you are an amateur, crafting an email campaign for the very first time; then it is advised that you hire a coder to help you out.


Marketo’s fully responsive landing pages provides a great structured editor instead of the drag and drop option. Marketo has paid attention to the rich text area, which is one of the key things that require the most struggle, and made it simpler than ever.

Apart from that, a new form has also been included to harness the potential of the landing page template to its fullest.

Marketo 2

However, a good understanding of HTML and CSS is required to integrate this landing page. A landing page created with Marketo can help in gathering important data, root strong relationships, boost ROI, and nurture your leads successfully.

Exact Target

Exact Target has made its mark quite well as one of the leading ESPs in offering ‘complete’ email campaign solution. Many a times email marketers while taking the support of landing page from leading ESPs to create email campaigns, fall prey to a weak landing page as they fail to understand its editor.

Exact Target

Exact Target’s easy to implement content with drag and drop option is a seamless experience. You can paste your HTML code and make full utilization of ‘drag and drop’ feature to place content into a pre-built landing page layout.

Exact Target also offers a layout generator to create custom layout, besides creating engaging and converting landing page with easy tracking. Moreover, it helps you successfully capture a prospect through its smart capture feature, offering you instant information, containing personalized and dynamic content.


Another leading ship that successfully sails in the email marketing industry is Hubspot. Apart from offering great email campaigns, Hubspot also provides great landing pages. With Hubspot’s landing page you can create tempting and responsive landing pages that back your email.


Hubspot’s landing page comes with drag and drop option that helps you to visualize and create the type of landing page you require. From logo to content, one can customize almost everything.

However, it doesn’t give you much room to spread on some creativity if you are contemplating DIY. In order to customize your landing page, a helping hand from coder is essential. With the insertion of HTML and CSS one can attain the nirvana of beautiful landing page that perfectly resembles the email. After successfully creating an email campaign with Hubspot one can expect a great boost in ROI as it offers more conversion opportunities, pumps up your marketing collateral, provides you more specific targeting chances, etc.


DIY ESPs help you in creating end-to-end email campaigns that besides creating stunning emails allow you to build heavenly landing pages, to heat up your conversion rates.

DIY ESPs landing pages / forms features helps you enhance your email campaigns, by allowing the use of beautiful update preference forms that allow you to be in touch with your subscribers in a better way.

Besides that if you are planning a specific campaign to understand your subscribers more, you can create a form in your DIY ESP account and then that data can be automatically updated in your list to be further used to enhance your campaigns – personalizing or specific targeting with customized content.

Although DIY ESPs come with certain limitations, it has been observed that a vast number of email marketers prefer them when it comes to creating email campaigns that can pull out great revenue.

There are ample other fishes in the sea, but these are the ESPs that rule the email marketing world with their great email creating features and well-optimized landing pages.

Are you ready to maximize your email campaign’s revenue?

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