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13 Most Heart-Melting Mother’s Day Email Inspirations

Running out of time to kickstart your Mother’s Day email campaign? Take last minute inspirations from our curated list of emails ...

My mother once said, “Love. But don’t expect it back.”

“Why, Mom?” I asked. 

“Because,” she said, “You deserve more.” 

Where else on this earth will we find unconditional love like this? Because no matter how old we grow, we turn to our mothers when we are sad or happy. And that’s one of the reasons why people spend huge chunks on Mother’s Day. Thanks to some far-fetched mother’s day email examples. 

Look at the chart representing the incremental spending rate on mother’s day email campaigns in the United States alone. A whopping $31.7 billion. Woah!

If you still haven’t figured out your Mother’s Day email campaign, we are here to help you nail it. To make the most of people’s spending tendency on Mother’s Day, we have curated 13 Mother’s Day email campaign ideas that will make people buy from you.

1. Bohemian Mama 

Subject: Mommy & Me for Mother’s Day 

The subject aptly says who this email is for. And then, it features an attractive and consistent layout that effectively communicates Bohemian Mama’s message of honoring mothers. The combination of serif and sans-serif fonts gives an air of sophistication while not complicating things. The palette is warm and tender, with gentle pinks and other pastels. The subtle floral design in the background adds to the overall aesthetics of this email. 

The purpose of promoting a collection of matching outfits for mothers and their children is well served. The email also created a sense of urgency and excitement around the holiday. The ease with which Easter dates are mentioned offers a conviction in delivering the products on time. 

2: Francesca 

Subject: Our Mother’s Day Muse campaign is here…

This email design is a breathtaking display of creativity and elegance. The cursive font is feminine and stylish, making it perfect for the brand’s overall design. So what is with the minimalistic monochrome design of this email? You see, it sets the right tone and gets you into a specific mood. Here, the soft pastels infuse an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The email’s persuasive tone resonates with its readers and encourages them to show their moms how much they care. This email aims to introduce Francesca Collections’ customized gift ideas on Mother’s Day. Well, the purpose is well served. 


Subject: 💗 Mother’s Day Gifts Up To 55% Off!

This email design is thoughtful and efficient in converging Mother’s Day discounts in one place. The font typography creates a fresh and energetic feel despite multiple product categories. The email is written in a way that draws attention to the available discounts using clear and concise language. Each product has CTAs in the same place to offer convenience when buying. Don’t stop yourself from taking mother’s day newsletter ideas from this template. 

4: the oodie 

Subject: For All The (Fur) Mummas! 

“If you can’t treat your pets like your child, you should not keep one.” Oodie celebrates the mothers of both two and four-legged friends. It scribes one of those mother’s day email subject lines that tickle our emotions. This is a perfect whimsical example of how humor and creativity can lead to an engaging and memorable message. The bold and playful fonts perfectly capture the brand’s friendly and approachable nature. The color palette is gentle and soft. The background pattern features a subtle paw print design giving the overall design a lighthearted tone. 

5: Personalization Mall 

Subject: Save On Mother’s Day Gifts, Home Dcor & More! 

This email is an excellent illustration of how to take a minimalistic approach to promote a brand’s message. The font typography gives a classic and sophisticated feel while still being fresh and modern. The color palette offers simplicity. This email advertises a variety of Mother’s Day gifts with hefty discounts. These customized email templates help you in repurposing your message to specific target audiences adding that personal touch to them. They portray that this brand is an ideal place to shop for customized gifts for Moms. 

6: Brightr

Subject: Choose a Mother’s Day gift she’ll love 

Bright Sleep is a stunning example of the power of elegant and refined aesthetics in conveying a message. The font typography captures the sophisticated and chic spirit of the brand. The color scheme is striking and eye-catching, with deep blue and gold tones. The background pattern adds a touch of whimsy and interest. 

This email emphasizes the premium bedding sets, giving an offer as plus. The focus has remained on plucking a narrative and the special bond between mother and their children. The products are featured prominently, and the message is concise. As a result, the readers are more likely to respond positively to it. 

7: Tone It Up 

Subject: Something special for Mother’s Day 💗💐

Tone It Up _mother's day email

This email design boasts a premium look and feel. The font typography is elegant and concise. The color palette feels very personal, along with a heartwarming background image spreading smiles all across. The GIF concludes with pictures of women working on themselves and their children. It establishes a strong community culture among women. The message is quite clear: women trust our brand. And it offers a straight one-month free access to the app on subscription with a hefty 20% discount using Mother’s Day unique code. The tone and layout of this email are persuasive. Try it out if you, too, want to leverage new users by highlighting your already existing community. 

8: Dunkin Donuts 

Subject: Celebrate Mother’s Day 🎉 with twice the cards! 

This design takes a fun and fresh approach to the classic Mother’s Day. The font typography is solid and bold, which strikes the right chords. The color palette is vibrant and upbeat. The purpose of this email is to draw attention to the whimsical and distinctive designs of two cards: one is the usual gift card, and the second one is a greeting card that we used to color during our school days. It perfectly conveys the emotion that we will always be kids for our mothers, no matter how old we get. 

9: Snaptrip 

Subject: Mother’s Day: gift a cottage getaway 

This design is straightforward and efficient. With bold headings and subheadings, the most crucial information presented is eye-catching. Snaptrip has come up with this intuitive idea of gifting a vacation to your mother. While it will resonate with people of all age groups, the goal of this email was to persuade subscribers to reserve a cottage in advance for their mom. 

Again, the fact that this email is easily navigable and concentrated on the details is admirable. Take inspiration from this email’s layout if you want to implement an actionable strategy.

10: Waitrose & Partners 

Subject: Prefer not to receive our Mother’s Day emails? 

This Mother’s Day email template perfectly illustrates how a clear and concise message could help businesses reduce email unsubscribe rates. We need to understand that ‘mothers’ is a sensitive topic. It might upset and hurt the sentiments of people who have lost theirs. Sending this type of email will not only save you from losing out on potential customers, but it will also strengthen your subscribers’ values and opinions. 

The email copy is polite and respectful. The brand has enchanted a conversational message with a straightforward CTA opting you out of Mother’s Day emails. This type of email will also help you determine your target audience for this special day. 

11: Tuft & Needle 

Subject: Moms deserve it. 

What an elegant copy to strike an emotion deep. ‘Calling is better than texting’ is aptly portrayed in this personalized email design. Due to its clear and consistent typeface, the subject stands out. An email like this inspires people to thank their mothers for all they do. Reading it feels like a personal note that fosters authenticity and trust. From a business perspective, it shows how a personal touch and sincere copy can go a long way in developing a successful Mother’s Day campaign. Try this out to build trust. Human touch is inevitable.

12: Stauer 

Subject: FINAL HOURS to use your $100 DISCOUNT  

A compelling marketing email sent at the right time. That’s the power of a psd to html email template. You can customize your design according to your target audience and change the text and images as per your convenience. For example, specifically mentioning that this email is for husbands looking for gifts for their wives, this template design demonstrates a clear purpose. The font readily draws attention and the color scheme draws urgency and excitement. There is no clutter of unnecessary information, rather the focus is solely on the discount and CTA. If you want to drive sales this Mother’s Day, this might be the perfect inspiration for you. 

13: Apple 

Subject: There’s still time to get 2-hour delivery for Mom’s day 

This is an excellent example of creating a sense of urgency to encourage your subscribers to take action. The bright pink background grabs attention, and the straightforward, bold typography adds to the charm giving the email a charming feel. The purpose of this design is to remind the readers that even if they fail to determine their Mother’s Day gifts, there is still time to get them delivered or that it can be picked up from the nearest Apple store. This email also offers an intelligent angle of convenience to the subscribers who are busy shoppers and might look for quick and easy gifting options. Try this campaign if you want to create a sense of urgency and offer a solution that speaks directly to the needs of your users. 

Wrapping Up on a High 

As I traverse through some of the most creative and heartwarming Mother’s Day email campaigns, I can’t help but feel a sense of deep gratitude in my heart. No matter what we do for our mothers, it will always fall short of their devotion, selflessness, and constant support. 

Let these emails serve as reminders of the warmth and love of motherhood in our lives. We hope you can take inspiration from these and craft a perfect Mother’s Day email marketing campaign for your brand. Because at the end of the day, only love can outdo love. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women out there! 

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