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Mother day email template

Get Inspired by These 10 Heart-Touching Mother’s Day Email Templates!

Run out of ideas for this Mother’s Day? Take a guided tour through our expert-curated Mother’s Day email templates to kickstart your campaign. ...

Do your seasonal marketing campaigns feel repetitive? If yes, we feel you! Customers are bombarded with similar messages every year, making it difficult for brands to stand out. This is especially true for long-standing traditions, such as April Fools’, Easter, etc. 

But no so with Mother’s Day. Research shows that the definition of “motherhood” continues to evolve. There are working mothers, would-be mothers, and pet parents. Also foster mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, adoptive mothers, etc. In fact, Mother Nature counts too. 

This broadens the scope of email marketing. You can send highly-targeted emails to so many different segments in your audience. 

That’s how we’d build these campaigns. And we encourage you to do the same this Mother’s Day. Want to give yourself a head start? Then save these Mother’s Day email templates! 

1. Design for The Mother Figure 

Baby Gold Mother’s Day Email Template

Source: Milled

Baby Gold capitalizes on the ubiquitous “mother figure.” So this email is all-relevant. But it also mentions grandmas and pregnant women in particular.  

The email is light and warm, without being sentimental. It is consistent with the brand’s official palette. The template has this airy feel, thanks to the use of white space. The “open” feel nicely balances out the GIFs around the hero banner. 

2. Be Simple, But Not Simplistic 

Mother’s Day Email Example

Source: Milled

Ferns N Petals’ email celebrates Mother’s Day with a winning GIF. Just the hero banner is enough to hook the viewer in. It’s beautiful, respectful, and meaningful. 

So much of this email owes its charm to what it does not contain. The designer could have added so many things to prettify the template. But it’s so simple it’s sophisticated. 

One might ask, Why a GIF? Why not a static image? It would’ve done the job just as well. Actually, no. The GIF illustrates the fleeting nature of our realization of who a mother is. 

3. Use Bull’s Eye-Specific GIFs

It’s always a good practice to limit the number of GIFs in an email. From the designer’s point of view, the fewer the GIFs, the greater the focus on their placement. And placement is the ultimate test of a GIF. You can never be too fussy about it. 

GIF content is next. Below is another of FNP’s Mother’s Day email examples. The content leverages the fluid definition of motherhood. How better to illustrate the ever-evolving role of the mother than through a GIF like this? It’s so spot-on!

Heart Warming FNP Mother’s Day Template

Source: Milled

4. Optimize for More Information 

Lush's Mother’s Day Email Template

Source: Lush

Lush’s Mother’s Day email template is colorful, breathable, and informative. The sans-serif font contributes to the ease of the overall look.

So if you want to add extensive information in your email, three tips for you:

  • Spatial chunking: Start with the skeleton of your proposed template on a blank canvas. Decide how many content blocks you need to spread out the email.
  • Chromatic chunking: According to your preferences, fill in the blocks of your email.
  • Textual chunking: Use bullet points, headings and subheadings, and short paragraphs. 

This way, you’ll prevent an info-rich email from appearing cluttered. And white space is the obvious tactic. 

5. Share A True, Heartfelt Story

Mount Sapo’s Mother’s Day Example

Source: Mount Sap

If you want to connect, you connect. It comes straight from your heart. Mount Sapo’s Mother’s Day email is soulfully penned. The founder has added pics from her own life to the hero banner. It’s moving, heartfelt, and creates an instant connection with the audience.

6. Maintain Campaign Consistency

Campaign consistency is the icing on the brand consistency cake. The point of both is to deliver consistent customer experiences. Don’t let your audience zone out. Keep them engaged throughout a campaign. 

Take a look at these two Mother’s Day emails from V Perfumes. In both emails, the content is different. The offers are also different. But both of them use watercolor hero images. 

Mother’s Day Emails from V Perfumes

Source: Milled

Mother’s Day Emails from V Perfumes

Source: Milled

This is campaign consistency. And these emails were sent within 24 hours of each other.

7. Start A Mother’s-Day Series

Melanie Casey Mother’s Day Email Template

Source: Milled

Melanie Casey has come up with a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Every day, the brand will highlight their favorite mother stories.

It’s a great way to use customer testimonials without being salesy. Also, since these emails will be more textual, the design is straightforward. Plus, there are so many ways to introduce contrasts to an otherwise lightish template. In this case, the product images do the job. 

8. Experiment with Shapes, Mix Things Up 

Mother’s Day Email Template Example

Source: Milled


In their Mother’s Day email, Marrow Fine introduces the template with an arched gateway for the hero image. It’s a quite popular way of headlining emails. 

Next, the square captures the Every Mother Counts aspect of their campaign. The email then splits into two columns for product showcasing. Suddenly, it’s a round-edged parallelogram. This section is for those who need help with urgent orders. The designs change with the content. 

The shapes keep up with the content of each block. It’s a great way to break the potential monotony of viewing. It also draws our focus where needed, and in the exact way needed. 

9. Talk about One of Your Own

Mother’s Day Email Newsletter Template

Source: Really Good Emails

If you want to drive engagement, bring your people to the forefront and share their story. Show how committed you are to what you’re doing. If something affects you deeply and you share it, it is bound to resonate with your audience. 

St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a cancer research charity, celebrates Mother’s Day by gifting an ecard designed by a cancer-stricken child. She is introduced in the hero image. The candy-pink above the fold captures the spirit of the message as well as the day. The pointers beside each CTA give an additional directional emphasis. 

Plus: if you think your brand is tying you down in terms of design choices, you can exchange brand consistency for valuable, content-driven design. Just keep your logo and font intact. 

10. Make Use of Angular Design

Happy Mother’s Day Template

Source: Really Good Emails

The angular arrangement of Apple’s products in the hero image of this email narrows the viewer’s focus to the content in the middle. That’s where the Mother’s Day message is, along with the CTA buttons. 

The rest of the email has the classic zig-zag layout for improved functionality and readability.

Get Ready for Mother’s Day Campaign!

Building an email campaign takes time. But if you want well-performing seasonal campaigns, you need to jump to your feet. If you want to start a dedicated Mother’s Day email sequence, the time to act is now. You have a host of ideas to springboard off from, and you’re good to go. 

If not, you can always get in touch with our team. Already have a design? Just share your design files with us, and we will convert them into responsive email templates within 8 hours. 

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