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mother's day email template

Mother’s Day Email Template Inspirations and Tips to Woo Your Subscribers

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it is time to make your mom and maternal figures feel special. While the classic gift cards and a bunch of flowers or a nice breakfast in bed are always there for a backup plan, people have begun hunting gifts for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a huge revenue opportunity for businesses. It is time for brands to plan out their email marketing strategies and evoke great sales by sending heart-warming emails to their subscribers and customers.

Reports of National Retail Federation had postulated that total Mother’s Day spending would reach $23.1 billion in the year 2018,and 31% of the customers will prefer to shop online.

NRF graph - mother's day email template

To make the most of this opportunity, brands need to work on their email marketing strategy. They will have to go out of their league to design and code emails to attain a winning score in their subscribers’ cluttered inbox.

Email Uplers came across some awesome Mother’s Day email templates with up-to-the-mark designs and copies, which can be of great inspiration for your brand to get started. Have a look!


Subject Line: Mother’s Day Gifts. Thank us later.

It is a minimalistic email with an engaging headline that clearly conveys the purpose of the email. The GIF in the CTA is sure to draw the subscribers’ attention and compel them to click-through.

What needs to be improved?

As the most important message of the email and CTA are placed in the image itself, it might not be a pleasant experience for the subscribers who have images blocked on their email clients. It is recommended to have a plain text CTA button or create a button by HTML and CSS for best renderability.

mother's day email template


Subject Line: Roses, Lilies or Tulips? Mums, You Decide!

The GIF in the hero image matches Mother’s Day vibes and highlights the offer for the subscribers. The entire email is rich with attractive visuals and relevant CTAs in each section. The email ends with a boomerang and entices the subscriber to check their Instagram handle, thereby imparting an omnichannel experience.

What needs to be improved

The email is quite heavy to load because of so many visuals. It may be a problem with slow internet users and for users who have images turned off in their email client. The email could have been shorter to retain the subscriber’s interest.

mother's day email template


Subject Line: Happy Mother’s Day

Shoetique sends out a pretty email with a countdown to garner more conversions by tapping on the FOMO instinct of the subscribers. The creative typography works as a cherry on the cake.

What needs to be improved

It would be a good idea to include the offer in the subject line or preheader text to get more open rate.

Cadbury Gifts Direct

Subject Line: Kevin, Treat Mum with 10% off chocolate gifts and hampers

This colorful email from Cadbury shows personalized gift products for Mother’s Day. The cool fonts used for the text and the background color add to the appealing look of the email. There is a countdown timer which evokes urgency, followed by the offer code and CTA. The use of proper typography and color combination makes it an attractive Mother’s Day email.

What needs to be improved?

The countdown timer and the CTA should be placed in the first fold to be noticed in one go. The email also lacks social sharing options and proper alt text for the images.

Cadbury Gifts Direct_Mother's Day Email


Subject Line: Mother’s Day Floral Faves

Sugarfina’s Mother’s Day email showcases their special candy flower bouquets in attractive images. The copy and CTA are enticing, the design is clean with the optimum use of white space and the CTAs are highlighted in different colors. It also has an interactive GIF animation that keeps the subscribers engaged. The brand promotes a giveaway contest for Mother’s Day in the email, which can help increase the click rates and engagement.

What needs to be improved?

The email does not have a view online link and proper alt-text. Moreover, the email does not follow a proper text-to-image ratio as the entire content is included in one single image.

Sugarfina_Mother's Day Email

Personal Creations

Subject Line: Cheers Valued Customer! Wine a Little, Save a Lot.

A simple yet eye-catchy email template from Personal Creations that promotes Mother’s Day offers. The offer is mentioned right at the top, followed by a striking headline and a bold CTA that supports the offer. The GIF animation and images of custom products add to the appealing look of the email. The offer is repeated at the end along with a menu for bestselling categories which makes shopping an easy experience for the subscribers.

What needs to be improved?

The offer should be mentioned in the subject line, pre-header text or the alt-text to make it evident even if the images fail to render.

Mother's Day Email template - Personal Creations

Thea Jewelry

Subject Line: ❤️ LAST CHANCE to be on time for Mother’s Day ????

The brand Thea Jewelry uses a creative and compelling copy for this Mother’s Day email. They have made use of their products to add to the charm of the copy. This is an innovative way to showcase the products. The remaining part of the email is simple and uses the idle white and pink theme.

What needs to be improved?

A proper pre-header text and view online link is missing in this email. Also, the offer is only mentioned in the alt-text, which has chances to go unnoticed.

Thea Jewelry_Mother's Day Email

Playa Hotels & Resorts

Subject Line: ❌???? Skip the Flowers This Mother’s Day & Splurge on an All-Inclusive Vacay!

This perfect email by Playa Hotels and Resorts uses a clean layout with the right balance of text and images to promote their Mother’s Day offer. With proper use of white space and right color contrast, the email design is accessible for all. Moreover, all the major details of the offer are included in the simple text, which can be easily read by screen readers and other devices, even if the images are turned off. The CTAs are highlighted in bold colors that make them stand out.

What needs to be improved?

The only thing lacking in this email is a proper pre-header text and view in browser link. The subject line is very long, the second part of the subject line can be included in the email’s pre-header text.

Playa Hotels & Resorts - Mother's Day Email template


Subject Line: $200 worth of beauty products!

A heart-warming Mother’s Day email from Glossybox promotes amazing offers for the day. The title and copy are enticing and the combination of pink and black adds a warm touch to the email. The CTA is prominent and targeted.

What needs to be improved?

The subject line can be more compelling and can include little details of the offer to improve open rates.

mother's day email

If you are looking for more design inspirations and want us to design and code emails for your Mother’s Day offers, get in touch with Email Uplers.

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