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How To Win The Mother’s Day Email Game

Have you started planning Mother's Day email campaign yet? If not, here are some inspirations to help you out...

Your inbox will soon be flooded with Mother’s Day gifting ideas, recommendations, vouchers, hampers, etc. You will probably ignore some, and act on some; or none. There is no dearth of brands screaming “Make your mom feel special”. Whether you are a mother yourself or someone tasked with the huge responsibility of gifting a mother, there’s more than necessary help available in your inbox.

Just like any other occasion, Mother’s Day is an exciting and opportune time for email marketers to grow revenue. At the same time, marketers are creative professionals who thrive on the challenge of standing out amongst hundreds of other brands trying to woo customers with the same premise. 

Pulling off a successful Mother’s Day email campaign is a function of artful selling and artful engagement. To set both your brains working and strategic ideas flowing, here are some inspirational Mother’s Day emails from different brands around the world. 

11 Mother’s Day email inspirations

Here are our personal favorites, with specific reasons for each. Try to derive insights and create your own magic with these ideas.

1. St. Baldrick’s Foundation

St.Baldrick’s Foundation, a charitable foundation for children with cancer, has aced merging social responsibility with an occasion through this email. It is giving the audience an option to gift something sweet and handmade to their mothers, while also contributing to the cause with no extra efforts. 

Including a picture of the innocent beneficiaries of the act, introducing you to the specific child who has designed the card you’re about to gift; are smart personalization nuances. They have also added a Mother’s Day blog at the bottom to make the email a lot more about mothers and children and a lot less about gathering money. 

What you can take away from this mail is the art of being sensitive while furthering your own cause, whether it’s seeking donations for a charity or selling handbags.

2. Apple

Apple has always been known as the international leader in marketing. They have nailed it once again with this simple yet effective Mother’s Day email. Firstly, the headline copy leads very well into the focus of the emailer, which is devices as gifts that can sustain. Secondly, it has described the customized benefits of these mass devices for mothers in specific.

Thirdly, the design is very clean and allows you to focus on the crisp copy and the highlighted devices without getting distracted. The core inspiration to take from this email is stressing product benefits more than sales while integrating the theme seamlessly.

3. Uncommon goods

Uncommon goods have really upped the game with an extensive early Mother’s Day gift shopping email. Their headline is catchy and cues in early shopping perfectly, with a CTA right below it for quick conversion. For engagement, it has a wide variety of gift suggestions that have elements like GIFs with suave designs. Another plus point is that they have displayed products for all kinds of mother figures.

The line at the end “We’re all out of the ordinary” nicely sums up the quality of the email above. Elaborate without being boring, uncluttered, informative, eye-grabbing, and with effective copy; this email checks all the boxes. If you’re sending out an email right now in early April, this is the perfect inspiration for you.

uncommon goods email

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts, keeping up with its funky and innocent brand image, made a colorful Mother’s Day email that went beyond promoting or even suggesting. They coupled product promotion with a handmade gift sponsored by them.

Imagine giving your Mom one of those cute handmade cards, but only this time, she can exchange it for her favorite donuts. It’s not just the idea, but even the execution that matters here. The email shows no sign of donuts and is focused on the e-cards. Some cards have been displayed for quick action. It’s hard to not go dunkin’ into this email.

5. Jack Spade

This fashion brand has done with its Mother’s Day email what few of the category would have the nerves to do. They have designed a minimalistic, copy-led email with absolutely no pictures of their products. And yet, it works.

It works because of the impactful headline, “You never call anymore.” Even if you receive this email out of the blue, your first memory would be that of your mom complaining you don’t call her enough. It is the right amount of humor and empathy for young, busy folk who want to make it up to their mothers on this special day. 

Jack Spade has, very smartly, put promotion only in the form of one CTA after the line, and lets the line basically take the weight of the entire email strategy. It shows that risks must be taken!

6. The Bouqs Co.

Inspite of opening with a discount offer, The Bouqs Co. has created a strong emotional appeal with the beautiful picture and the copy that goes along with it. Especially the part where they ask mothers to embrace their ‘messier side’. It is unique and it hits the right spot.

Next, they give a wide variety of gifts, which are not just a plain sales brochure but accompanied by touching copy as well. The giveaway at the end completes the sales loop and is another element that blends product promotion perfectly with the reigning emotion. At no point does the email lose its core meaning which is to make the audience emotional about the day and connect it with beautiful flowers.

7. Socksmith

Another brand that pulls at the heartstrings in this list is Socksmith. Through a clean design with just the right amount of color, they have invited audiences to simply share why they think that their Mom is the best. It is something that nobody will find difficult to talk or write about, ensuring maximum participation and engagement.

Once the email has won you over with the touching contest idea and the adorable picture of a little child, it goes on to promote its products in a warm manner. This smoothness is difficult but not impossible to achieve.

8. Jane Win

The winning factor of this email is its unique honesty. Jane Winchester, the owner of Jane Win, a small-time brand, has been deeply candid in the copy below. It is certainly a long copy, yet it works beautifully. The opening images and the ones following it are warm and classy, which makes you scroll.

But what you see next is not what you would expect from a brand email. The way she talks about her own kids, and then about her partnership with Anthropologie makes you empathize and connect with her. She’s indeed holding a conversation with readers. For its sheer heartwarming quality, this might be the winning email on the list.

9. Uplers Email

This email gives a different twist to Mother’s Day. It talks about Mother Earth, with no promotion, CTA, or direct benefit to the brand. Sometimes, pushing brands upon occasions is not a wise idea. If that cannot be done seamlessly, it’s good to just remind audiences that you’re here and you care.

It has smartly made a slightly longer, poetic copy work as well, with the words ‘Love her’ towards the end and a GIF of Mother Earth surrounded by flowers.

10. Allset

This email from Allset addresses the lockdown situation in a very empathetic manner It starts with quite a generic but effective headline. It goes on to give an elaborate suggestion about how to create an experience beyond their products for your mother on her special day.

The core inspiration to take from this email is the focus on an experience for an emotional day with pastel colors and attractive images of products.

11. Waitrose & Partners

This email from Waitrose & Partners has our heart for its sensitivity. It connects with customers on a topic no other brand would touch – the barrage of emails received on an occasion. By giving them the option to opt-out of promotional Mother’s day emails, this email will actually create a memorable imprint upon the audiences’ minds, one like no other. The takeaway from this email is the biggest need of the hour for marketers- sensitivity.

Final thoughts 

Mother’s Day is an occasion with inspirations galore. While you take your worthy inspiration from the Mother’s Day email examples such as these, do not forget the basic rules of email marketing that apply here. These include personalization, segmentation, optimization of the email envelope, and usage of the right amount of eye-catching wit in all your emails.

Experiment with GIFs, videos, interactivity, and all kinds of new email design trends that 2021 has brought forth. 

Need help with creating flawless Mother’s Day emails that will work in your brand’s favor? Let our experts help.

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