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8 Email Tips to Help You Fuel St. Patrick’s Day Sales (With Examples)

Have you planned your St. Patrick's Day email for 2021? Here are some tips to help you out. ...

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish festival in which people decorate their homes with leprechauns, pots of gold, and green clovers. It has become a commercial celebration to endorse Irish heritage and parties across the United Kingdom and the United States. 

According to an estimate, $5.9 billion are being spent on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. National Retail Federation reported that in the year 2020, more than 50% of adults plan to celebrate the Day and total spending reached a record of $6.16 billion. 

Based on all these facts and figures, we can conveniently assume that email marketers can make the most of this opportunity by wishing their subscribers and sending out exciting offers. 

Let’s take a look at some tips (with awesome email examples) for St. Patrick’s Day emails that will help you boost your bottom line. 

1. Draft an interesting subject line.

Subject lines are the most important part of your emails since they decide whether your subscribers will open your email or not. This becomes all the more important during the Holidays as almost all brands are sending out emails related to the occasion. 

Make your subject lines attractive by including St. Patrick’s Day puns and try to pique their curiosity. 

You can even include emojis like the four leaf clover or shamrock, beer mug, clinking beer mugs, rainbow emoji, or green heart. 

Just bear in mind that you test your emails and preview the subject lines before hitting the “Send” button. Sometimes, email clients do not show the emojis and it will appear like this: “

Some  st patrick’s day email subject lines examples: 

  1. Have a Shamrocking St. Patrick’s Day! — Template Monster
  2. ENDS TOMORROW | Draw a Lucky Clover and Save! – gravitypope
  3. Lucky Leprechaun Loot! Ties Start at Just $17 — Beau Ties
  4. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the clover! – Packers Pro Shop
  5. don’t drink guinness in pants — Chubbies Shorts

2. Let your subscribers dive into the discounts galore.

Holidays give you the perfect excuse to offer bargains to the customers. Even your customers are waiting for such occasions to save a buck and shop. 

Keeping up with this spirit, give your subscribers attractive offers that they cannot deny.

Here’s an example from Medix CBD in which they have offered 50% off to the subscribers. Email marketing for CBD is a very important channel, but can do with a smile. Their hero image animation with a leprechaun showering the green and yellowish golden clovers perfectly creates the Holiday vibe.     

3. Add visual effects to make the message more impactful.

Did you see how the animation in the previous example took the email experience to a whole new level? That’s the power of using the right visuals. The best part of St. Patrick’s Day is that you can experiment with various different combinations of elements. 

Take a look at this example by Newverest LLC. They have tried to draw the subscriber’s attention to the “last chance to save” with a leprechaun, shamrock, and pot of gold in action. 

They have added a countdown timer to drive impulsive purchases, inspired by Fear of Missing Out. 

Besides, they have added an animated CTA. Now, that’s something totally out-of-the-box.

I’ve hardly seen any brand doing this. You can also try something innovative like this. 

4. Promote last-minute sales for the big day. 

Many of your prospective customers will wait until the last minute to make the purchase. Thanks to procrastination and the busy schedules!

To help such customers, you must send out an email to remind them that your sale and free shipping won’t last long. 

Check out this email by Loft. The email just focuses on a simple message that would entice the subscriber to “click quick”. The animation is pretty subtle but it effectively serves the purpose. That’s what I call a functionally aesthetic email design. 

Urban Outfitters has also followed the same trick to advertise for their 17% off. 

5. Craft an email that would intrigue the subscribers and make them click.

Just like your email subject line must engage the reader’s attention, the copy of your email must also be intriguing enough. 

In this email by Seshday, they have called attention to their mystery sale. On clicking the CTA, they will be redirected to a relevant landing page that will reveal the discount.   

They have also promoted their referral marketing strategy that will help them acquire new customers, retain the existing ones, and yield a higher ROI. 

Sand and Sky has also sent out a mystery gift in their email to woo customers and encourage them to shop from them. 

6. Showcase the products on sale.

“Show, don’t tell” is the most important tip for effective marketing. When you promote your sale, you must also showcase the products on which the subscribers will be able to avail the discount. 

Filippo Loreti has used a GIF email to display their stylish green watches that are at a 10% discount. Such emails will facilitate the subscriber’s decision making as they will not need to check the landing page for the products on sale.  

7. Follow the latest email design trends.

Your emails must be in line with what the subscribers want to see. They must be innovative so that they stand out in the inbox. Whether it is Dark Mode compatibility, interactivity, gradients, or monochrome designs, you must put to test these contemporary ideas and see how it works for you. 

Look at this email example by Decor Planet and see how they have used a textured pattern in their hero image and gradient in the CTA. It is in total sync with the vibes of St. Patrick’s Day with the unerring combination of green and yellow. 

8. Do not shy away from sending an email even after the occasion.

There will be subscribers who will be looking forward to shopping even after the Holiday ends. Do not disappoint such prospects and send out an email after the D-day has passed. 

Caswell-Massey understands this scenario and sends out an email on 19th March, two days after St. Patrick’s Day. 

They have used a great amalgamation of visuals, relevant copy, and click-worthy CTA to get people to make the purchase. 

Bonus Tip:

Since St. Patrick’s Day falls in March, you can use this chance to promote your Pre-Easter sale and entice those early birds to shop from you.

Wrapping Up

Have you thought about your Patrick’s Day email campaign yet?

If not, these tips and tricks will surely come in handy to you. 

Still unable to make up your mind on an impressive email design?

Get in touch with us and we will design and code a stunning email for you. 

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