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Why you should outsource your next landing page requirement

Every day, there are millions of new possibilities and technological developments in the marketing industry. An organization, no matter how small or b...

Every day, there are millions of new possibilities and technological developments in the marketing industry. An organization, no matter how small or big, always has some core functions which are more important than others and the need for resources respectively.

A good website is an inevitable need in today’s world irrespective of what business you do. When you invest your personal team on core competencies and leave the least of your worries to be outsourced, for instance, the landing page of your website, you not only have time for focusing on the moneymaking functions of your business but also give your website a fresh perspective.

Someone who has tried making a website on their own, would already know the complications involved in creating a landing page that converts and would vouch for a good agency to outsource the task. Still not sure? Read on to find out why outsourcing your next landing page requirement is actually a good idea.  

Better Skill Set

You will find better analytical skillsets when you outsource for two main reasons. One is that you have access to an adept team of web developers who have created landing pages for several clients. The remote team will help you avoid the mistakes that your in-house team would have made and invested time in R&D.

The second reason is that hiring, training a team and then delivering a landing page would require a lot of investment in terms of time and capital. By outsourcing, you not only pay incredibly less money for the same amount of work but you also don’t have to spend on other expenditures expected for employees on a payroll. This brings us to the second point. 

Lesser Expenditure, Greater Sales

You will be saving big time by hiring an outsourced team. You might only need the team on a contractual basis or just for one campaign. In this case, there’s no point in hiring an in-house team. Plus, when you compare the salaries of various countries, outsourcing might prove to be quite cost-efficient because of the variations in economies.

Lesser Expenditure, Greater Sales
Source: Daxx

A common myth is that when you outsource, you’ll be settling for something poor in quality. The truth is quite the opposite. Despite unsteady trends for the outsourcing industry since 2015, the global demand for outsourcing services is still generating rocketing revenue.

Lesser Expenditure, Sales
Trends in outsourcing over the years

Goal-Oriented Approach

An outsourced team gets you to your unique goal as they don’t have a particular style and only work according to the design and delivery requirements of your landing page. An in-house team might become monotonous in style and might stick to a single workflow.

An outsourced team on the other hand will be more experimental as each and every client they have worked with would have demanded something new for their landing pages.

Other than that, you might get access to better connections through this team and explore territories that you never discussed in your strategy meetings earlier. You can get scoops on market needs and trends and implement that in your landing page. 

Well-versed with the latest trends

An outsourced team will be better acquainted with the latest tools and technology, as they have to deal with a much more competitive industry. They are always on a lookout to improve and be up-to-date with the developments in the industry. This way you neither have to actually buy expensive software or invest in technology for creating your landing pages nor compromise on the results. You get the best of both worlds!

Points to remember while outsourcing your Landing Page


News about system breaches, user passwords and identity information theft is not new to us. At the end of the day, data security should be your top priority. So, make sure you know how the company you outsource your work to handles security and what data they would be accessing.


Always give a reference to the idea you have put forth. For e.g. if you want a humorous landing page, then share a link of a similar page, the version of humor might be different for each person. By doing this you not only make sure that you are on the same page, but also avoid the trouble of re-designing, which may delay the delivery time. Half of the success of your outsourced landing page lies in the process of briefing your brand values, colors and other elements that should be consistent.


Copywriters for your landing page should have a personal idea about your organization and how to write along your brand’s message to reach your goals. While hiring a copywriter for your landing page, make sure your talent has had close ties to writing marketing content like advertisements, brochures, websites and so on, as these copies have engaging and interactive content in contrast to informative copies.


Follow up regularly on the outsourced landing page to monitor and comment on changes instead of altering the design once the final product is made. Remember, the first step to maintaining a good relationship is communicating your needs and understanding the outsourced team’s delivery capacity. The quality of content the outsourced team will deliver and in what time are the two main important factors you should have clarity about. Don’t forget to ask for their work portfolios or previous client reviews.

Wrap Up

You might have had bittersweet experiences with outsourcing before, but you cannot deny that an outsourced team is way more flexible, experienced and cost-effective than an in-house team. With a clear marketing plan and clarity about how you want your landing page to generate traffic, engagement and sales, you can collaborate with an outsourced team and create landing pages that actually convert.

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